Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chinen's dojo

I just read David’s most current posting that’s about my former dojo and teacher. It makes sense that a guy’s family was really concerned with him because my family was concerned with me too, especially my mom. She knew something was screwed up when my car broke down. I remember fiddling with my phone when I trying to call her or she was calling me. I think she was calling me because Captain David told to turn it off and hushed me. Because I was fiddling with my phone, I hushed him back on accident. That made him mad and told me to not to hush him. When my mom called me the first time, I told her that I couldn't talk because we were going into Sensei Mary's condo. When, I told her that and hung up, she got very upset and started crying because she didn't know where I was at. When I called her back, I had to stand outside of the condo on the landing, so I wouldn't disturb them. Then, my mom wanted me to go into the condo so she could get the address and pick me up. However, I didn't want to because I was afraid that I would get into trouble for disturbing them and bringing an active cell phone in the condo. Before my mom called me, my Sempai were keeping telling me that I needed to put my cell phone on silence, so it wouldn't go off the her condo when my mom called me. When I was talking to my mom, Sempai Amy came out and asked me what the matter was. I got really upset and had her talk to my mom on the phone. Then, Sempai Linda talked with her too and it ended up that Sempai Kurk gave me a ride home.

I've seen what Sensei Chinen did to the children too. One time, I remember to boys doing push-ups while kiaing for quite awhile when the adult class started. I think that they were going that because they didn't kiai when they were suppose to. I could tell that they were struggling with the push-ups. When ever they went down, they had to kai together. Then, when they were done they got into more trouble and had to do some more push-ups.

During Youth Gasshuku, I remember a boy crying for some reason. When Sensei saw that, he told him not to cry. That is so stereotypical for boys and men not to cry which is very old fashioned and out dated. Another time during Youth Gasshuku, I remember a boy's knuckles were really bandaged up. Sensei asked I think Sempai Scott if they were that banged up to have them bandaged up like that. I know that he had to have them less bandaged or not covered at all the following day.

I too believe that we should do something to prevent people from getting mistreated, hurt, and abused in that dojo. I just don’t know what to do about it. Obviously, Sensei Chinen and the Sempai are not getting any disciplinary action for what they are doing to the students. I know that Sensei is losing money and his good reputation, but that’s it. I don’t know what else that could be done make them realize that they cannot control every aspect of a person’s life and treat people like that.