Monday, December 22, 2008

Looking for a laptop all day

Hi. I haven't been writing the last few days because I've been so involved about finding a laptop for me for Christmas. I've been on my laptop searching and reading all day/night. I want to get the best deal for my money, so that requires lots of time. I didn't plan on getting a laptop a Christmas because I thought my parents would pay for it as a graduation present when I graduated from high school. So, they still owe me a graduation present. I shouldn't complain because they are going to pay for food and rent at BYU. I'm going to work for Securitas over there, but it's going to be part time again. Ugg. I don't like receiving 220 dollars every two weeks. That's not enough for me. I want to take care of my body by buying these Dietary Supplements. However, they are really expensive. I still need new glasses. I want to get the plastic kind that Rhea has because my metal ones short circuit both of my hemispheres. Plus, I'd look more stylish, hip, and modern. Anyways, hopefully I can pull off working more hours at BYU and still getting good grades. I don't need to worry so much about them anymore because I want to be a chiropractor now. I'm thinking as the years go by, chiropractic schools will become more competitive like medical and veterinarian schools. I've been reading the they are becoming more popular and accepted with the general public. I acquired this quote from about chiropractors: As a testament to their practice, the majority of chiropractors remain in their profession until retirement. Exceptional job growth, lifelong learning opportunities and the chance to help people heal every day—chiropractic medicine promises a long-term career filled with exceptional professional and personal rewards. Earning your credentials and building your chiropractic practice will take dedication and commitment, but if the statistics hold true, you will never have to look for another job again.


Hi. I haven't been writing the last few days because I've been so involved about finding a laptop for me for Christmas. I've been on my laptop searching and reading all day/night. I want to get the best deal for my money, so that requires lots of time. I didn't plan on getting a laptop a Christmas because I thought my parents would pay for it as a graduation present when I graduated from high school. So, they still me a graduation present. However, I shouldn't complain because they are going to pay for food and rent at BYU. I'm going to work for Securitas over there, but it's going to be part time again. Ugg. I don't like receiving 220 dollars every two weeks. That's not enough for me. I want to take care of my body by buying these Dietary Supplements. However, they are really expensive. I still need new glasses. I want to get the plastic kind that Rhea has because my metal ones short circuit both of my hemispheres. Plus, I'd look more stylish, hip, and modern. Anyways, hopefully I can pull off working more hours at BYU and still getting good grades. I don't need to worry so much about them anymore because I want to be a chiropractor now. I'm thinking as the years go by, chiropractic schools will become more competitive like medical and veterinarian schools. I've been reading the they are becoming more popular and accepted with the general public.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mixing up laptops

I need to go to bed. I don't want to be falling asleep at work tomorrow. (I mean today.) I'm looking around for new laptops. I found Acer Aspire One and the Asus 900HA. I'm really comfortable with the Acer after seeing a video review on Now, I have to look at the Asus. For some reason, I thought the Asus was the Acer until I got back to MyEbay. Good thing I checked. It would be really nice to have an extra portable laptop for school with a big hard drive for my music. I'm going to see my chiropractor tomorrow. I'm going to tell him that my balance is crap when I close my eyes. I can't even balance. It's like when I started with him with my eyes are open. Plus, I'm going to ask about the antibiotics because my face is getting worse. I bought Sister Vergara, Rhea, Evan, and Mom their presents today. All of them were on the internet except Evan's. Night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love Brother Adams!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth was looking for scholarships. School is expensive. Dad was stressing me out today because it will cost around two thousand dollars to get me to BYU. Geeze. That sounds about right though with food, tuition, and rent. So, I looked for more scholarships.

Brother Adams taught me something yesterday. In 1 Corinthians, it says that women shouldn't speak in the church. I've always wondered about that because once Sabine got really upset when she read it. People speak in tongues (babble gibberish) in the Pentecostal churches. Women converts were bringing that tradition into the church. So, Paul said that the women shouldn't do that because that wasn't speaking in tongues. They had the same gifts of the Spirit that we have today. The gift of tongues was used during the day of Pentecost because many people of many different languages understood the Elders of the church. So, many misunderstand the Bible nowadays. People think that the wine that Jesus and the Apostles drank was alcoholic, but it wasn't.

When we sang the songs during sacrament, I started crying because my families' ward reminded me of the Euphrata 2nd ward. I remembered the love I felt in that ward. There were so many good saints that helped and served us. I just feel bad for Sister Vergara because she has to go down the hill and walk in the snow. We lived on top of the tallest hill in Euphrata. Hopefully, members are giving her and her new companion rides when they don't have the car.

After sacrament, I introduced my parents and Rhea to Brother Adams. I started crying again because I love Brother Adams so much. So, I didn't speak at for a few minutes when they first met. I got to tell Brother Adams that I loved him during our institute activity on Friday. We were in the kitchen together. He was washing frosting off his pant leg when he tried to put tin foil over the Cinnamon rolls over me. He said something that made me smile. So I said, "Brother Adams, I love you." He said, "Well thanks Lizzie. I love you too." As he went out the kitchen, I said, "Thanks." I'm so glad that I told him I loved him in person because he has literally changed my life for the best. Plus, I won't be here in Spokane much longer.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I really need to go to bed. I'm really, really bad. I went to bed at three thirty last night and got up 7:20 to go to church with my family. So, I was really tired in some parts of the day, especially when it was time for me to go to my ward. I didn't not want to go at all. So, I was late for Gospel Principles, the class I was going to teach. I did pretty well. (I went to bed a little before 3:30 last night. I felt bad because I just wasted time before then. I played pokemon on facebook and watched three episodes of ER. I should have wrote in my journal and went to bed. I don't have very good self discipline if I don't have a set time where I have to get up the next morning.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ward Christmas dinner

Elizabeth was supposed to be the musical chair champion of the world; but AnnMarie stole her chair and her spot. Thus, I'm second in command. I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still Saturday night. Tonight we had the annual ward Christmas dinner. The white elephant gift exchange was fun and funny. AnnMarie joked a lot about the anti-wrinkle cream that I gave as a gift. Then, Michelle stole it from her because she wanted it. I was surprised that someone stole the woppie cushion and the can of beans that I gave too. I got these gifts from the white elephant gift exchange from last night's Institute activity. Last night was more fun. I'm sort of sad that we didn't go around again like last night so every one can stay with their present or exchange with another. Last time, I got nice decorative hanging bird cages and a picture frame. I was lucky because I was one of the first people that got up to pick. I could have stole anything; however, there was nothing that caught my interest except a five dollar bill. That came in a tithing envelop and grabbed the other one. However, it just contained a two dollar bill. That's why I wanted a second round. Afterwards, we played musical chairs. I did really well and got second place. AnnMarie got first place. That was lots of fun.

Rhea thinks that me wearing a magnet is a load of garbage. I told her about it because I forgot to wear it today. She couldn't believe how much money that my dietary supplements cost me ($118). She said it's more important to take care of external than internal things. I've been spending my money on my chiropractor and the supplements. The last supplement was called Total-Liver detox. It and my magnet helped clear up little things throughout my body when we compared last week's total nutritional scan (TNS) to a couple months ago. Now, I bought Total Leaky Gut and Total Arginine. I'm really hoping that Total Leaky Gut will take me off antibiotics because it's introducing the good type of bacteria in my colon instead of the bad kind. Right when I got it, I stopped taking my Ampicillin because I don't want to kill the good kind of bacteria. So, I'm really hoping the my acne will hold and eventually be gone when I run out. That would be a total miracle to me because I've been battling acne since I was 12 years old, about half my life. A few years ago, I went to a dermatologist to get my acne under control. I went through quite a few antibiotics until we found that Ampicillin worked. First, I took 500mg twice a day. After six months, it dropped to once a day. After another six months, it went down 250mg a day. When I dropped down to that dosage, my face got worse and started getting those huge, deep heads that hurt. The last few months, I haven't gotten them because it's probably because I took it everyday. It's easy to forget to take it because I have to have an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. When I was on my mission, I would drink quite a bit of water with my fishy pill (Liver Detox) right before I went to bed. Then during the night, I would get up to go to the bathroom and take the Ampicillin. Oh, I wish I could write more.

I really need to go to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow morning. I want to listen to Brother Adams speak in my families' home ward tomorrow morning. I don't think they have met him yet. CRAP!!! I forgot all about preparing my lesson for tomorrow in gospel principles. I still want to listen to Brother Adams tomorrow. Maybe, I'll just go to sacrament, go home to prepare my lesson, then go to my singles ward. I may have to skip sacrament meeting though.

P.S. Before I forget, Sister Vergara didn't know what a white elephant gift exchange was. That topic came up when I was talking to a member because we were talking about the white elephant store here in Spokane.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Researching about chiropractor neurologists

This is going to be short again. It seems like when I get on the computer, I can't get off of it because there is so much information I can research and read about. I can be on the computer all day watching and reading things. It doesn't bother me because I don't need to be around people all day to be happy. For me to be happy, I want my mind to be stimulated and challenged. That's why I thing my job for example, is very boring. It's not challenging at all!!! All I do is sit there either listen to my music and cross-stitch or listen to audio books. Thankfully, I walk around the site twice a shift. Plus, I check semi-trucks and their trailers for damage and talk to their drivers.

Anyways, five hours ago I was meaning to write in this blog. However, I was sidetracked and started reading the blogs I was following. Then, I wanted to know if any chiropractic neurologists kept any blogs of their own on blogger and searched for them. I wasn't that successful and started reading anti-chiro. One of the blogs, had a link to this video "Adjusting the Joints" which is anti-chiro saying that it's dangerous and not effective. Then, I started watching more videos on that site. After a few hours, I wanted to see if there were any chiropractic neurology videos on youtube. Then, I found Dr. Clark (a chiropractic neurologist) interview a mother that had a son with PDD-NOS. I went on his website and found a video about autism and his blog. Now I want to email him for his advise for how to become like him and how to get better with my Asperger's Syndrome. I've been thinking about going to one to fix my problems; however, I don't think that there's any in Spokane or Provo that can help me. Plus, probably it's expensive. So, I want his advice. Now, I'm here in the wee hours of the morning, 6 AM, typing and telling myself I have to go to bed. If I was on my mission, I'd be getting up now. I sleep schedule is all screwed up because I don't like to go to bed. I don't have a set time where I have to get up in the morning, so I stay up late. It's been getting later and later since I got off my mission. I love this blog because I can write about my day without it looking sloppy and in a time efficient manner.

Friday, December 12, 2008

100th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish that I could make this post special. However, I'm tired and need to go to bed. I volunteered to work a twelve hour shift today because the night guy, Brian, wasn't feeling so good. So, I left work at 3:16 A.M. When I got home, ER was done downloading and watched two episodes. I gave in and downloaded two seasons. I have very bad self discipline. I'll talk more about it later. I want to begin to blog daily again. My enthusiasm convinced me that I should start again. When I was on my mission, I tried so hard to write in my journal. I did a pretty good job. However, I used part of my study time to write in it. I stopped writing in it at the end because I wanted more time to study the scriptures. It's nearly impossible to write in it at the end of the day because we normally get planning done around 10. That gives us a half an hour to get ready for bed. If it wasn't for Sister Vergara, I would have never gone to bed on time! She was all about strict obedience.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello there

Hi. It's been quite awhile that I have written in this blog. :( Many things has happened that has changed my direction in life. Before my mission, I wanted to go on a 18 month mission and be a doctor. Now, I feel that Heavenly Father wants me to go to BYU now and then, to chiropractic school. I found that there is such as thing called a chiropractic neurologist. That's what I want to be. Of course it's going to take awhile because chiropractic school can be three and a half to five years of schooling depending on what school I go to. If I want to become a chiropractic neurologist, I will in school for another three years. However, that's probably not going to happen when I first graduate because I will have to start paying back my loans in six months instead of five years like MD's.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Energy blast

Elizabeth is leaving. This may be my last entry in seven weeks. I'm excited. I'm going to miss the internet and reading the status updates. Have fun everyone. Bye! Oh, I wish that I started blogging every single day sooner. I wish that I had time to write everything that happened to me today. Since I love my chiropractor, I'll write about him. I was treated today. This was different because he brought glitches on my computer screen my thumping my sternum, moving my head in a different spot, and making me follow his hand with my eyes. I also did that while lying down. He moved his hand to the edge of my vision. Then, he adjusted my back. Jeeze, I need to start icing my back more and not cracking my neck at all. I mean after my adjustment, I could feel my lower back. I haven't been icing my back that much because it hasn't been bothering me. Then, knocked some tuning forks a little a ways from my chest. He said this and the laser will delete all of the glitches that came up on my computer screen. Then, he put the laser on my chest and neck. Then, he said "OH!" I asked him what happened. He said that I just released lots of energy. I think I blasted him and the room with it. He lasered around the room to clean up the energy. I asked him why I couldn't feel it. He said I'm not in tune to it. A little later, I ask him how can one can be in tune to it. He said that he'll tell me tomorrow. I know what he is doing works because my balance was a three on my left foot today and a two on my right. My left was pretty unstable today. Afterwards, my left was a two and my right was a 1.8. So, my balance improved a little after the treatment. Probably, that's insignificant for all of you. However, my balance always improves after a treatment. So, I believe in chi. I think that the knockout punches work on only the students is because they are in tune to it. Regular people aren't like me. I know that all of this sounds crazy. However, I trust my chiropractor and I'm not seeing anything screwy.

Good night. Wish me luck on my mission. Hopefully, I can write a little when I'm on it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So much laundry...

Elizabeth has been and still doing laundry all day. I even went to the laundry mat to wash my comforters. I haven't been inside of a laundry mat since I was a kid! This is the most loads of laundry I have done in my entire life. I'm preparing to leave on Wednesday. Lots to do... I mean probably I'm going to go to bed a four in the morning. I don't know how I'm going to wake up at 6 to 6:30 in the morning on Thursday. I'm going to bed so late because I got home at 9:20. I was wandering around Northtown mall for nearly three hours. Then, I've been doing laundry and working on one of my essays. I thought I was finished with it; however, Brother Adams said that I can't sound wishy washy. So, I rewrote the first and half of the second paragraphs. Of course that took forever. I'm going to really miss the internet and my laptop. ;(

Here's the parts that I took out of my essay.
Like all young adults, my decision about a career has been changing and evolving. When I was a junior in high school, I volunteered at a veterinarian clinic and thus decided to become one. For five years, I readied myself to become a veterinarian by keeping my grades high and preparing to transfer over to Washington State University. When I graduated from a community college, I changed my mind to become a doctor instead. However, I have been also thinking about being a chiropractor because I like their philosophy much better than doctors. Doctors do not solve the source of the problem; they just mask the symptoms by prescribing medication.

Monday, September 29, 2008

This Wednesday or next Monday?

Elizabeth is conflicted. I really want to start my mission on Wednesday; however I told Securitas that I'd work Wednesday and Thursday. I need to call Aaron, my boss. However, I don't know if Securitas will provide someone to cover my shift. Ack!! I sort of feel bad for the whole thing because Securitas doesn't even want to provide someone for the six weeks. That leaves Aaron and Brian to cover my shift. Brian doesn't even want to do it because he says it's not even worth it.

President Clark should have called me back today. When I called him, I said I was still debating about it because I still have to tune my bike up. He said that we can ditch the bike to get me started faster. My parents don't think I'd be ready by Wednesday. Dad thinks I'll wait until the last minute. He thinks that because I'm pretty slow at packing my things for trips. I just want to go now. I'm pretty nervous though.

Here are the things that I want to get: feminine hygiene, hair spray, hair cream, my pick back (accidentally left it at the dojo), a pair of comfortable dress shoes, nylons or kneehighs, a long skirt (maybe), another bottle of Ampicillin, a supplement from my chiropractor, batteries (for my automatic toothbrush), and a new Book of Mormon combination. I want to bring my cookbook because it's cheaper to cook things instead of buying pre-made things. I still have have to wash all of my clothes that are in my hamper and my bed sheets. I have to go to a laundry mat to wash my comforters because our washing machine is too small. I have to figure out what bag to put my comforters in because they take up lots of space. You know what, I'm just only going to take my main comforter and my knitted blanket that I got from my Nana. That will save room. I'm thinking that I should bring my cross-stitch just in case I get bored. I don't know if I can though. However, I hear it's easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.

Here's an essay that I wrote for BYU. However, I didn't use it because a biographical essay is suppose to be about what make me tick instead of where I lived.

On August 9th, 1986, I was born in Spokane Washington. I remember Pop-Pop bouncing me on his knee when I was a toddler. When I was about 2 years old, we moved to Salt Lake City for about a year. When watching Sesame Street one day, I some how pulled the TV down and have it hit my head. For a couple days, I looked like a raccoon. Then, we moved back to Spokane. For two summers, I went to California to live and vacation with my Mom’s side of the family. In 1992, we moved to Federal Way, WA. In 1993, we moved to Belgrade, MT. One winter Sunday, my family went sledding. As I was going down the hill, my head hit a girl’s knee. I ended up having a blowout fracture that caught my left eye muscles. Thus, I had one surgery to fix the bone and another to snip the muscles that made me see double vision for a year.

In 1994, we moved to Three Forks, MT for four years that had a population of 1,200 people. During the second summer and fall, we lived in a big, old camper trailer so my parents can save money. Late that fall, we moved into a little farm house that was 15 miles outside of town. I loved looking at the night sky full of stars. Then, we moved in Anaconda, MT. I went and graduated from high school there. I learned how to sing when I was in two advanced choirs called Choirleers and Bluebells. I improved my coordination and balance by throwing the discus for four years. Then, we moved back to Spokane. I went to a community college and took my generals. Spokane is where I learned the responsibilities and obligations of being an adult.

This is a start of another essay. However, I started fresh and didn't use this.

For as long as I could remember, I have been interested in science, especially in the medical field and in animals. Most of my school reports were about mammals like the great apes and the giant panda. When I was a junior in high school, I volunteered at a vet clinic. That is when I decided to be a veterinarian. Now, I want to be a doctor. First, the job opportunities were better because in 2006, 633,000 doctors worked in the US vs. 62,000 veterinarians. If I my plans work out, I will go to the University of Utah Medical School. By attending BYU, I will save money in medical school because I will be already a resident of Utah,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dim Mak Book

Elizabeth is wondering if a DO can do all the things that a chiropractor can do. is researching about Dim Mak. finally finished her essays!! should have filled out FAFSA.

Since last night, I've been researching about no touch knockouts, the death touch, and Dim Mak. Dim Mak is a martial art that uses pressure points to knock out or even kill someone. I found a really good book that talks how the Chinese meridians equals the nervous system. I would like to buy it; however, I'm trying to save money. I just want to learn and understand more about how my chiropractor treats me. He can heal people without touching them. He can definitely figure out what's wrong without touching them. I know all of this sounds crazy. I would have believed myself if I wrote to myself in the past before I met my chiropractor. I have read about chi and watched a little about no touch KO's and thought it was bunch of baloney. I know some of it is true. I still don't know about no touch KO's though. I don't think it's a fraud. It still might be the power of Satan though because it's using Chi in a bad way.

I finally finished writing my scholarship essays. Hurray!! I sent them off to Brother Adams so he can proofread them. I was all worried about the application because I didn't know how much was after those essays. The next page was financial information. I should have filled out a FAFSA a couple weeks ago so they can have it by the deadline. However, I didn't look at the requirements for the scholarship and completely missed it. That's alright. I doubt that they will give me any money out of financial need because my parents make too much money.

President Clark called and asked if I could start this Wednesday. I don't know because I haven't even started preparing. However, I'm not taking that much with me. Mom and Dad says I won't even be ready because three days isn't enough time. I just have lots of things to do.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pool Shark

Elizabeth realized that she's a pool shark today. I was playing with Brother Skidmore, who was giving me very good tips, at the institute building. We had dinner and were going to play Mission Impossible; however, we had 20 people instead of 30. So, I played pool instead. Brother Skidmore was teaching me how to hit the balls. Plus, it's all in the wrist instead of the arm. The arm has too much movement. When I tried the wrist, I sunk three in a row. That was cool because I thought that I still stunk at pool.

Since I wrote this for my application for BYU, I would like to post this on my blog. I had to limit this essay to 300 words. What sets you apart from other applicants, based on unique educational or life experiences, personal or family circumstances, obstacles overcome and/or achievements?

When I was young, I was a developmentally delayed baby and toddler. That presented some challenges because I could not even crawl when I was a year old. Doctors told my parents that I would never walk because my muscle tone and my fine and gross motor skills were so poor. Therefore, I walked on my knees for about a year. Then, I went to “play therapy” at two years old and started walking within a couple of months.

At three years old, I was enrolled into a special preschool to work on my motor skills and speech development. I took occupational therapy until I was in second grade and speech therapy until I was in seventh grade. At seven years old, doctors diagnosed me with Attention Deficit Disorder. In fourth grade, the work load was too much for me and had to be cut in half. In fifth grade, I was still struggling with school and was testing too high for resource classes. Therefore, I went to a neuropsychologist to be tested and was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.

It’s a challenge to have Autism. Once people know I have it, they have a tendency to prematurely set limits. For example, I took a standard intelligence test from a psychologist when I graduated from high school. The psychologist said that I would not do well in math and in college in general. He wanted me to enroll into a certificate program instead of majoring in chemistry. However at Spokane Community College, I took calculus for a quarter and advanced chemistry for a year. I graduated with my Associates of Arts degree with a 3.76 GPA. I have learned by overcoming my handicaps, I feel that I am prepared to overcome any challenges that life might bring.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Stand

Elizabeth finished listening to "The Stand" by Stephen King at work. It's pretty good. However, it's Rated R book because of the swearing and some graphic scenes. Latter Day Saints (Mormons) shouldn't read it. It was just as bad or even worse than the book "Hitman". I almost didn't finish Hitman because of the sexual scenes. I don't think I would have finished "The Stand" if I read it because of the swearing. There were some foreplay sex scenes that I didn't like. I didn't like how people just slept with each other. I did like the plot and the variety of characters. The whole book took up 46 CD's. It didn't help that the segments were a little more 40 min each. So, the CD's were a little more than half full. I-Tunes didn't split any of the segments so I could use the whole CD. I listen to books on CD because I just sit there waiting for Food Service of America's (FSA) trucks to come in so I can check for damage. I'm suppose to stop anyone that I don't know before they come in the site. However, I don't worry about it because I can't really stop them. They just go past me and it's too late. FSA employees don't even have little stickers or permits on their cars that tell us whether they are employees or not. FSA doesn't even care about security because if they did, it could be a closed site meaning that they would have to have a pass to get inside the premises. That would be a pain though for the long haul truckers. Plus, FSA has their drivers to leave the keys inside their unlocked trucks on the site. Anyone can waltz in there and steal a truck and/or a big trailer full of food.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ringing and Reflexes

Elizabeth is really needs to write her essays for BYU scholarships. They are due in a week. I want to do them tonight or tomorrow so I don't have to worry about them. It won't be tonight because I have to go to bed. I have a chiropractor treatment tomorrow morning at 9:00. I have to ask him what's my nervous system doing when I hear ringing in one of my ears. It goes away after a couple seconds. But today, I could still hear it ringing very softly when I plugged my ear. I thought I felt a little pressure in the ringing ear too. I tested my balance when I ear was ringing, it wasn't that good. When it stopped, my balance became better. I just wanted to say that when my chiropractor examined my reflexes after my treatment, for some reason they weren't working. He had to check if anything was wrong with them by checking telepathically. He didn't find anything. So, he had to hit them a good amount of times for them to actually reflex. He said that my nervous system was overloaded and that it didn't want to be bothered. It's like getting a slow connection on the internet. I thought that was really cool. My body has never done that before.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Driver's licence

Elizabeth is really thankful that she can still work for Securitas when she gets back from her trial mission. I need my medical insurance for my chiropractor.

Gerr. I need to go to bed. However, I want to ice my lower back before I go to bed. I didn't ice it yesterday or today, just once tonight. I need to go to bed because I want to get up early to go to institute at 10:30. I work tomorrow too. So, I have to have extra time to make lunch and drive Evan to school. Ha, Ha, me leaving on my trial mission will make Evan to get his drivers license. Hurray!!! Because when I get home, I won't have to drive Evan anymore. He's been meaning to get since spring.

Now, a few people has read this blog since I've been reading others and commenting on them. However, no one is following it yet. So, I can still write anything I want to a degree.

I went to institute today. I loved class because Brother Adams shared two stories with us. One that just happened to his son, Brian, who's on a mission in Korea and a story that happened on his own mission. I would write about them, but like I said I need to go to bed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My little magnet

Elizabeth bought a bipolar magnet for $20 from her chiropractor to protect her from electronic devises (EMF) that create nerve flow interference. I'm going to quote a paper that my chiropractor gave me to understand the causes of nerve flow interference. EMF is one out of six. It's (Electromagnetic Sensitivities) is number 2 on the priory list for my body. "Electromotive forces from devices like computer screens, hair dryers, cell phones, TV's ect act upon some people in a way that causes NFI to show up in their nerve system. As an analogy, the body "talks" back and forth between the brain and its' body cells sing energy that is like electricity, but electrical devices also emit energy that can "talk" to the human body. Like two people trying to talk to each other at the same time, interruption and confusion results. NFI results." I need to ask how the little, flat magnet protects my whole body. If I didn't know what it was, I would probably throw it away or think it's worth about one to five dollars. I always have to keep it on me, even when I'm sleeping. Right now, I have it on my hip underneath my underpants. The receptionist keeps hers in a zipped locked baggy on her side under her bra.

My chiropractor did some muscle testing to see where my balance and coordination on the scale from 1 to 1000 today. When I first started seeing him, it was around 490. Now it's at 778. I've been going to my chiropractor for almost a month now. When muscle testing, he asked me if I had me cell phone on me when he pushed down on my arm. I had to take it off because it makes me weaker. Then, he thumped my chest to reset my meridian system. He told my system to forget all of the substance sensitivities that I have experienced the last 12 months. Then, he cold lasered all over my body including the top and bottom of my feet and hands. I told him about me leaving in two weeks. He congratulated me and said that my balance might improve while on my mission. The told the story of an old guy went on his mission with his wife. Before the mission, he had these cancerous tumors all over his body. When he was getting ready to go, they went away. For two years, they didn't appear at all. When he came back, they came back and he died shortly afterward. From what I'm experiencing from myself, I'm thinking about being a chiropractor now because no doctors could improve my balance and coordination, probably because they don't even know that one can do that.

I posted this comment on Martial Views today. I want to include this post because I wrote a lot and I haven't posted much about karate.

"Karate is simply not about ground techniques and never has been." I totally disagree with that. I know that most karate schools just teach standup fighting and some takedowns. However, the very good karate schools teach their students how to grapple. Most karate schools don't teach what MMA teaches. Most karate (TMA) schools can't defend themselves from street fights because their opponents are too unpredictable. Most karateka who fight in tournaments and people to fight in the ring (UFC) cannot defend themselves because sports teaches them very bad habits and to go by the rules. There are no rules in a street fight. Most karate schools, just focus on kata and bunkai, that’s it. My first school was like that and I knew I couldn't defend myself. Good karate schools have some type of MMA training to teach how to defend themselves from getting attacked on the street.

I train in Goju-Ryu. Every Tuesday night, I go to our sparring and grappling class. We are taught combinations with punching and kicking with standup. We go through drills with our partners, like parrying a jab, stepping in, and jabbing them in the face. Some days, we work on takedowns and throws. Most karateka won't know how to react if someone actually grabs their legs for a takedown. Probably, they won't know how to sprawl right away and keep their weight on their opponent's head and shoulders. No offense, but you would get your butt handed to you if you went down to the ground with a proficient grappler no matter how good you are at standup. Most likely you would be taken to the ground, like that Kung Fu guy. That jujitsu guy was under control of that Kung Fu guy the whole match. He could have ended the match in a minute or two when they went on the ground. However, he wanted to work on the Kung Fu guy for a little while.

I love grappling because it's where I'm not limited to my bad balance and coordination. I can feel the openings instead of seeing them. From learning how to spar and grapple, I’m much better prepared to defend myself from a street fight. With sparring, I learn how to take the punches and kicks without getting overly focused on the pain.

If you were taught how to fight dirty and not tournament fighting, I'm sure that you can defend yourself from the average Joe. I'm sure that you can defend from that big round punch. However, how do you defend yourself from the guy who tries to football tackle you? What if he succeeds to throw you on the ground and get on top on your chest throwing all kinds of punches? How would you defend and get out of that?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Trial Mission

Elizabeth is excited and really nervous about the trial mission. It will be for six weeks and full time. I'll live with one or two sister missionaries. It will start on the 6th. It could be here, Cheney, Sandpoint, or Moscow. President Clark said that Sisters work well the people who to the universities. Two weeks are not far away. I can't wait to tell Brother Adams!! I have to wear nylons or knee highs. Yuck, I hate those things because I feel that they constrict my feet and legs. We have to have mid calf skirts which is OK because I have two already. However, I don't have many shirts that have collars. Then, I have to wear closed toed shoes. I need to get one or two more pairs that are more comfortable than what I have now. Hopefully, I'll find the clothes without too much hassle because I normally just buy that looks good on me. Finding clothes that fit and look good is so hard because I'm six feet tall and weight 195 to 200 pounds. I have a long torso and big thighs. Plus, my feet is a size 11 1/2 to 12. I don't like trying to find nice shoes for me because it's so hard. I'm not the average girl or woman.

I need to tune my bike because I may have to take it. Plus, Evan has to take the hunting tape off of it too. I don't know how well I can ride my bike with a skirt on. I need to take bedding with me, which means I have to go to the Laundry Mat and wash my comforter because I haven't washed it in three years. I think that's what makes my room smell funny. I need to get more suitcases for me because I only have a big, brown, old duffel bag. That would fit my clothes but not my bedding. I can't take any entertainment with me. I have to call and ask if I could take my CD's with me. That would be wonderful because I love my music. I'm going to miss my laptop because I love typing everything. I'd have to write things down which is the slow way. I'd miss my I-Pod because I love all the music I can put on it. If I bring CD's, they'd be 1/100th of my music collection since I have about 4,300 songs. I'd really miss reading the scriptures and the commentary on the internet. However, I will be busy studying the scriptures and learning from Preach My Gospel. If I go on a regular mission, I have to buy Jesus the Christ, Our Search for Happiness, and Our Heritage because I will read all of Preach My Gospel at one point. I found the whole book of Jesus the Christ on the internet.

Hopefully, I can be still employed by Securitas when I get back. During spring quarter I didn't work, so it should be OK. I hope so because I want my medical insurance and don't want to look for a job when I get back.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The body's innate intelligence

Elizabeth is going to talk with the mission president at church today about her trial mission. Yay. Plus, I'm researching about the body's innate intelligence.

I'm trying to understand what my chiropractor is saying when he talks about the body's innate intelligence. I found this good article on the internet called Chiropractic Makes Sense. Then, I found a blog post about it too called Mental Impulses and Innate Intelligence. I think that the body's innate intelligence is your spirit because a dead person and an alive person has the same things; however, the dead one doesn't a spirit or the innate intelligence. They were saying that the innate intelligence controls one's brain or mental impulses. This intelligence's main communication is through the nerve system. If there is nerve interference, it and the body cannot communicate with each other effectively, thus resulting in disease. These supplements that I want to buy will get rid of the nerve interference eventually. I'm just trying to figure out how my chiropractor communicates with it by proxy. Maybe his spirit is communicating with my spirit; however, wouldn't I feel it though because I definitely feel when the Holy Ghost communicates with me. I found another good article that talks about Kinesiology.

I met with Andrey today. We were going to play tennis; however, we talked and went to his apartment. After looking at the games that he likes to play, we went to Jack in the Box to eat. Then, he dropped me off at SCC where my car was parked. When we were sitting there talking, two security came up with two cars. The woman said to get leave right then and there. I didn't like how she handled us security wise because she could have been a lot nicer saying since we were just sitting there in the car, we should leave because we don't have any business being there. Then, they made sure that we left my following our cars. Security doesn't have that much authority. It just irked me of how mean she was when she told us to leave.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creepy Guy

Elizabeth has to go to the George tonight because her Dad's work van broke down. I'm going to be stuck in a car for five to six hours. At least, I'm going to make some money. It took almost seven hours. I stayed up all night. It's a good thing that I took a nap yesterday.

I'm wondering why my check from my work is around $20 less than last time. I need to go to the mailbox to check. I want to get those supplements for by birthday. It was on August 9. However, my dad said I have to wait for awhile because they spent too much money gassing up the boat during the summer. People need to learn how to live within their means! I worry about my Sensei because he's paying himself through credit cards. He says that the tough times always pass and he'll get out of debt again. But, still!! My church has always taught me that one should get a loan for their education, a house, and maybe their first car and that's it. I don't know about a business though because that takes a lot of money to start up.

I think creepy guys are attracted to me. There's this married guy in the Evergreen Ward who's around his 60's. I forget his name. Two years ago, I sang in the ward Christmas Choir and he was in it. He's really nice and sort of reminds me of Jack. The guy called me an angel yesterday. I remember kissing this guy on the cheek once. I have never done that before in my life. He's more of an acquaintance than a friend. However, when he saw me at the Chiropractor yesterday, he came up hugged and kissed me on the lips. That was inappropriate. I told Sister Barber about him when we had lunch together. (I also told her about Uncle Rich, the guy who sexually abused me.) She said to try to avoid him. The guy said that he misses me. However, I hardly know him. So, I have these two huge warning signs that I have take in account. I think that I will avoid him from now on because the last time I didn't really payed attention to the warning signs left me in very hot water.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Elizabeth found a guy on facebook that was born exactly the same day as she. It's very cool because I haven't met or found anyone who was born on the same date as me. I would write more but I'm tired and have a little headache. I'm going to bed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I trust my chiropractor

Sorry, this comment from facebook doesn't really apply to blogger. Elizabeth is wondering why everyone hates the new facebook. I like the setup way better than the old one. Someone please comment and tell me why they don't like it. I've been invited to join two groups to ban the new facebook. People have been commenting that they hate it too in their status updates.

Ack! I'm tired and need to go to bed. However, I still want to comment on Lisa's comment about the Brimhall protocol. I don't think that my chiropractor is in for the money. His office isn't the newest thing in the world. I think it's one of the oldest offices I've ever seen. I know that if I read someone was buying supplements because their chiropractor told them so, I would tell them that you get all of your nutrition in the food we eat. Plus, I would be really against Applied Kinesiology. Just looking at those newsletters would make anyone nervous. However, my chiropractor hasn't really done any of the suggestions in those newsletters from what I've seen. I looked at the main website for Brimhall protocol and how they prevent nerve flow interference from happening again. It's very convincing. I did see the Nutri-West Supplements website. That's where I became more comfortable about them when I looked at their ingredients.

I trust him because of the results I'm seeing in myself. I can balance on my right foot for a 60 seconds. Before I started treatment, it was around five seconds. I'd always lose my balance really quickly. It looks like that it's improving with every treatment. Then, I noticed today that my coordination is better in my legs because I can run easier. I have to test my balance on the treadmill to see if I want to fall off or not. If he can improve my balance and coordination to a normal person, that would be a miracle for me because I have been dealing with them all of my life. It affects my karate, especially kicking. I've noticed that my flexibility has improved in my left leg without any stretching. I noticed that looking way up doesn't bother me any more. I can feel a slight pull in my left eye now, but it doesn't hurt and bother me. When I look way up or down, I see double vision because of a sledding accident. Looking way down used to bother me, but it has gone away over the years. The bump on my foot and the knot in my thigh has decreased a little.

It was very interesting when he said that I have too much Mercury in my body because there are so many people say Mercury causes Autism. Plus, he says that my nerves misfire when I lean my head to the left while balancing on one foot. In high school, when I got excited, I would lean my head to the left and lean towards the person whom I'm talking to. After a treatment, he increased my flexibility in my left leg by having my eyes follow is hand. I'm seeing a lot of improvement without taking any drugs. Plus, it seems like he's not doing that much in my treatments. But whatever he's doing, it's working. So, I trust him about taking the supplements. If they help my balance and coordination even more, clear up my acne, and if getting rid of the Mercury helps me explain things, I'm all for it. Plus, I don't want my liver start causing problems when I get older because of the nerve flow interference.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

YAY!!!!!! A trial mission! Finally!

Elizabeth's prayers were answered. I will serve as a missionary on a trial basis! I'm so happy! I've been trying to do this for 5 1/2 months! It's a very long time to wait. Everything has been clicking together. In about a week, things have been clicking together. First, it was my balance, then BYU, and finally a trial mission. I was all worried about the letter too. All summer, I was in transition. I was sitting and waiting for life to move again. It was really hard on me because I wanted to go on a mission really badly. However, it was just taking forever to get things together and meet with everyone. I'm just very happy that they are giving me a chance.

I don't know what this means about me still working and seeing my chiropractor. I wish that I remembered about that prize sooner. I'm worried because I have health insurance through my work. My treatments are $15 instead of $30. I want my balance to keep improving. Plus, I still want to buy some of those supplements. I just don't want have my liver to go bad on me if I go on a mission. I think I visited with him a good hour about things. After that visit, I trust him and understand how he treats me more. I feel that he has good intentions and a good spirit. I still want to ask him more questions. My mom should see him because of her back. She can't lift things over 25 pounds and plus she has insurance.

Karate was fun tonight. I love to grapple because I don't have to worry about my balance. We worked on back control. We learned a few types of chokes from the back and how to defend from them. My neck popped when he choked me one time. Then, we learned how to escape from mount by rolling over, turtling, and shooting through the arm pit. I was really bad at that because Andrew is somewhat heavier than I. It was nice to work with him because of his weight. Plus, I haven't seen him forever. He goes to the University in Seattle and studying to become an engineer. He still has two more years to go. Anyways, then we worked on some knife defenses. I getting pretty good at pining the arm, pressing my hand on the neck to control him, and running him down on the ground. Levi me yell with pain and made my wrist pop when he locked it. When working with Andrew, somehow he laid on my neck and head and made my tap out. I just wonder what my nervous system feels about this when I beat my body in karate. When I go to BYU, I want to find a school that's MMA real life based. I don't want to just learn how to fight in the ring because it teaches you bad habits. It says that you can't do certain things in the ring like eye gouging and blowing a knee out.

Need more money for supplements

Well, here I go again. I'm going to try to post everyday even it's going to be one sentence. Probably, all my posts are going to start off my status update from facebook. Well, it worth a shot because one sentence each day is pretty easy. So, why not write a paragraph explaining more of what I wrote. Probably, this will be boring for most people. However, it's still good to write everyday. I wonder if Tony still writes in his journal everyday.

Elizabeth wishes that she has more money. It's going to take forever to become a doctor and make the big bucks. I've been going to a Chiropractor. I took a total nutritional scan last week that cost 25 dollars. It ends up the he found nine things which were wrong with me. I'm going to start from the top priority. Liver, stomach, lung (because of strep), colon, ovaries, brain (because of liver), heavy metals (too much Mercury), and parasite. If I want to take care of my liver and stomach, I have to take these dietary supplements that will cost $77. I only work two days a week. So, I really have to watch my spending. So by going to the chiropractor, I haven't gone to karate four times a week. I've been going once a week because of gas. I really need to pay Sensei $100 because I haven't payed him since May. I want to buy and take these supplements because they really sound good for the body. If it was any supplement that one could get at a drug store, I wouldn't buy it because most aren't in the right form to be digested properly. Since my sexual abuse episode, I've been much more cautious about trusting people. I've been researching all about chiropractors, the Brimhall protocol, and Applied Kinesiology to make sure that he's isn't ripping me off. I trust him for now because he's Mormon and my balance is improving. That's saying a lot because I have really bad balance. I know that being Mormon isn't full proof, but it's a lot better than not being one. I want to ask my Bishop about Applied Kinesiology because it's very controversial and not scientific. Plus, he's a chiropractor himself.

Bishop told me that I'd be receiving a letter from President Mott in the mail this week. President Mott was going to give it to me on Sunday at church; however, I was at Eugene Oregon. I was going to call President Mott because he was suppose to call me last week. I don't know if this letter is a good sign because why would he give me a letter? Maybe it's from the guy in Salt Lake City saying there is no way that I could serve a mission. Maybe Heavenly Father doesn't want me to go on one because going to college is more important. I was accepted to BYU just like that and have been trying to go on a mission for five months. Well, institute starts in a week!!! I'm so happy because I loved it during the Spring quarter. I love Brother Adams and Sister Barber.

I like this quote from Ted L. Gibbons. This is about 1-7 of 1 Nephi. "If the Lord knows of our willingness to teach and testify of anything he lets us see and hear, he will let us see and hear many things. Notice as you study this record how often in the Book of Mormon the Lord shows his will and his purposes to his prophets and they immediately begin to share what they have learned with those around them. Of course some spiritual communications are designed for us only, and those we do not share." This is what I want to do on my mission. Since I know the gospel very well, why not share it to the world?

“When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone.” (John 6:15) Jesus knew that the problems of the Jews were not social; they were spiritual, and he refused the throne." I didn't know that the Jews wanted to force Him to be king.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I like these quotes:

"President Kimball taught: “Let us then continue on in this important work of recording the things we do, the things we say, the things we think, to be in accordance with the instructions of the Lord. For those of you who may not have already started your books of remembrance and your records, we would suggest that this very day you begin to write your records quite fully and completely. We hope that you will do this, our brothers and sisters, for this is what the Lord has commanded.” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.349)

"Many times have I wished that my father had kept an account of his life, that I might look over it, and see his by gone days, deed and fortune; and never did he make the scratch of a pen towards it, until he had seen sixty cold winters; and as yet I know but very little of his life, not enough to make any record of, although I have a very short account written, but which is beyond my reach at present, if not forever. Like men in general I presume to suppose, that I shall have a posterity; and that may; like me; wish to know of their father's life, that they might view it, and perhaps profit thereby, or at least, have the satisfaction of knowing it. This is one object that induces me to write; that my nearest kindred, might know of their kinsman. I write also for a satisfaction to myself, to look over my past life, dates and events, and to comply with a requirement, oft repeated by the prophet Joseph Smith, "That every man should keep a daily journal." (Oliver Huntington Autobiography, BYU Special Collections, p.26)

Ever since junior in high school, I've been trying to keep a journal; now I blog. I love blogging because it's so much faster and easier to type then write. About a month ago, I read some of my journals that I wrote in high school. My handwriting is bad! I kept on wishing that it was on the computer so I could read it easier. It didn't help that I wrote with these light colored gel pens that were for dark paper.

Anyways, I've always loved writing about my life and what I think about things. It gives me a concrete perspective and a voice to what's going on in my life. However, like I said in the past, what I write or blog is so small what goes on in my normal life. Probably, it would be boring to most people if one could write or catalog every little thing that happened to him or her each day. I'm reminded of a movie where people in the future can access their loved one's memories when they died. That would be cool. One can know what really happened in a situation that affected both parties. For example, if the loved one lied to them or not. I know that our thoughts and actions are being recorded and will probably be used when we are judged.

When I was in high school, I always tried to write in my journal everyday. Now, it's about once or twice a week between my three blogs. I'm doing better about writing; however, I'm not doing it everyday. I'm trying to update my status everyday on facebook. I just need to put the updates on this blog because I think that they just get deleted after a period of time. Or maybe not this blog because it might be boring who read it. Lately, I've been writing the things that happened to me that were interesting, so I won't bore the reader. However, I don't know if it really matters because no one reads this blog anyway. People did read it when I had problems with my evil dojo.

Hey, I really need to write this down. Two weeks ago, on the first, I went to an audition to be an extra thug in a movie that's shooting in Spokane during the fall. I wasn't expecting to see all of these guys especially Sempai Scott from the evil dojo. I ignored him because he was the head Sempai of the group. He's thrid in command. Only Sensei Mary and Chinen are higher than him. When we were both waiting in line, he recognized me. So, he asked me how was my training going. I said that it was good and I was training at Spokane Family Karate Center. He said that he heard that. I asked how was the dojo. He said that some old timers came back. Then, he asked if I remembered Tracy. Tracy was a white belt who did commercials when I left. He said that Tracy said he should audition here. He said that he's done a commercial or a movie in the past. Then, our conversation when our space grew apart when the line moved. When he was done, he came right up to me. I asked how was it. He said it was alright. Then, he shook my hand and then said, "Good Luck". Then, he left. I was very surprised with his actions. I thought he would have been mean or something like that because of the fallout. Sensei Chinen, Sempai John, and him were the people that I didn't want to speak again to in that dojo.

I'm going to post all the my status updates that I said on facebook. I'm not going to say the dates because that would be too time consuming. Elizabeth either wants to go on a mission, get a better job, or go to BYU. Going on a mission is the one I want the most. If not, I want to go to BYU because I'm bored. Elizabeth went to Steve and Sariah's wedding reception. They had an awesome band!!! Elizabeth needs to write her essays for BYU. (I still need to write the essays for scholarships.) Elizabeth needs to write three more essays for BYU. Elizabeth really wants to go on a mission. It looks like that I have to do a trial mission first. Have to talk to the Stake President first. Elizabeth is went to a chiropractor for the first time in her life. It was very interesting. I had no idea what he was doing. I'll know more on Wednesday. Elizabeth researched about chiropractors. I didn't know the spine related to the wellness of the whole body. I suspect that I have problems in my lower back. Elizabeth is going to Sean's missionary farewell. Elizabeth is learning the correct strategy for Mobwars. Elizabeth is trying to learn what my chiropractor did to me. Elizabeth is really mad at herself that she forgot to go to Jen and Cameron's wedding reception!!! I really wanted to go too!! Ugg. :( Elizabeth is praying that her Stake President and the missionary department would give her chance. I want to prove myself through a trial (service) mission. Elizabeth is waiting for her Stake President to call her about the trial mission. I wouldn't surprise me if I have to call him tomorrow. Elizabeth wandered all over the fair looking for my FHE group. It was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Couldn't find them. I liked wandering by myself though. Elizabeth is very happy. My balance is improving on my right side because of my chiropractic treatments. Plus, I was accepted to BYU-Provo. YAY! Elizabeth is hoping that the credits that she took at SCC will transfer into her Neuroscience major. That what happens when one changes schools and professions. Elizabeth is in Eugene Oregon. Had to deliver a box to my dad for work. Drove all night. Took eight hours. Elizabeth is back in Spokane. I don't like being cramped in a car for eight hours. I get fried! I don't know if I could be a truck driver.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Priest Lake

I haven't wrote that much in any of my blogs this month. I've been sort of busy. The first of the month I went to Priest Lake with my family for a week. That was relaxing because I didn't worry about my mission. We were away from everything. So, I got to read a lot out of The Lord of the Rings. Actually, I read along with a book on CD that I downloaded from the internet. After I read so many chapters, I listened to a corny, British radio adaptation of the Lord of the Rings. I read the first two book when I was a freshman in high school, but didn't read the third because he gets into way too many details about the layout of the land. I'd much rather read about the action and dialogue.

I really like Priest Lake because we get to camp right on the beach. The first day we camped up above the beach in trees because we didn't get there soon enough that Sunday. The next day, we secured a spot and moved all our things. We camp at the Lionhead campground which is on the northern tip of the lake. That campground is pretty rare because it's an actual campground where we get to camp right on the sand. Many campgrounds are just based in the woods somewhere. The portapotty is nice too. It doesn't stink because there is a fan going 24/7.

The first few days we were there, there was no water in the whole campsite. So, we had to drive to Indian Creek, another campsite for trailers and the whole thing is paved, to get water and shower. It also has a little store and a gas station. The gas station wasn't working though because the pump was pumping the gas. It took us a half an hour just to get there because the road is so windy, lots of s curves, and the last part is gravel. It was all wash-board too. That comes with gravel roads though.

We have two boats which my dad bought last year. One's a fast, little performance boat that can go 60 MPH. However, we have the wrong type of prop so it goes 50. It's very good for skiing, but bad for wake boarding and intertubing. It produces hardly any wake. So, wakeboarders are limited with their jumps. With intertubing, it's a less of a wild ride. One thing good about our boat is that it's not a gas hog. Most boats that you see are big and bulky. With ours it's light and has a big outboard engine.

Our other boat is the Hobey Cat. It's a fast sailboat that can hold about two to three people. It's fast because it sits on to pontoons instead of one main one like most sailboats. It's a lot to work to sail though. When I went this time, I had to quickly scutter back and forth under the mast which was low were I was at and try not to get tangled in the ropes in the process. Not that fun.

One night there was a thunderstorm. That was pretty fun because of all the chaos it created. We saw lighting far off the distance. It took a good hour or two to come to us. My parents and sister went to bed. I was hanging out with my brother and his friend Logan watching the lighting on the beach. They were going to sleep out there. As we sat on the Hobey Cat, the wind picked up. Evan tried to get the sail down so it won't tip over again, but the wind was too strong. Evan woke up my dad. Then, I went to the tent to grab the headlamp. When I was going to the tent, I saw the two tarps that was covering the sleeping bags fly off. One didn't fly very far, but the other few quite a ways. While I was walking back to our tent, I heard a branch snap.

The wind was so bad that we couldn't get the sail down. We abandoned the sailboat for a little while because the lighting was above our heads. The waves got so bad that it pulled the three foot stake which anchored boat and sent it on shore. Our neighbors that had lots of teenager boys helped us get the boat all the way on shore the it wouldn't be beat to death by the waves. When the wind died down, we put down the sail so it wouldn't tip over if the wind started blowing again. Next time, if we see a thunderstorm come our way, we'll get our ski boat out of the water like our neighbors and put the sail down. It was pretty exciting though.

I want to comment on somethings that you said Supergroup. First, my diagnosis changed to Asperger's syndrome. I know that I had autism as a child. Now, it just getting less and less. So, I don't know whether it will affect that much on a mission. However, it really looks like I have to go on a local mission first which will be local. Second, all young men should go on a mission for my church because it's their duty. Women don't have to. However, it doesn't matter if a guy or a girl has Asperger's syndrome because we are both treated equal on the decision. It just really depends on the person. Third, the sexual abuse did really affect and upset me. I don't know that it left scars in me; however, I won't look at somethings the same ever again. It did change my life. It made me realize how evil people can be and how they can be so stupid to reject the truth. I do forgive him, but I never want to see or even talk to him again because he's not repenting of what he did to me.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Trying to go on my mission

Hi. I haven't wrote in this blog for a month now. I could have written two weeks ago, however was too busy or getting distracted doing other things. I have three blogs now. One is for me to read, the other is my commentary about the scriptures which I have closed because I wrote some very personal, spiritual experiences, and this one. I been pretty much spending my time reading the commentaries about 1 Nephi. Plus, I have adding comments and quotes from the commentaries that I have already wrote for 1 Nephi Chapters 1-12. Right now, I'm almost done with chapter 9 because I want to write something in it.

I've been doing OK in this time of my life. Spring was a happy time for me because my classes were easy, I was going to Institute (a place where I take religious classes) Monday through Thursday, and I wasn't working. When that was going on, I knew it was a very happy time for me because normally classes are hard and I couldn't go to Institute practically everyday. Plus, I got know and love my Institute teacher, Brother Adams, because I was the pretty much the only one in his class.

These past few summer months has been really hard on me because something really bad happened to me. I was sexually abused and molested by my Uncle. I decided to put this on my regular blog because sexual abuse is really hush, hush in our society. What happened between him and me doesn't really upset me. What upsets me is that now I have to go through more loops to go on my mission. I've talked about going on my mission on this blog last year and how they said "no". I've been talking to people since spring about going on my mission because Brother Adams suggested that I should. I've been talking about it for at for 4 months now. I started talking about it to Brother Adams around the first or second week of April. August will be my fifth month.

I took my time about it in the Spring because I was busy and didn't want to pester President Pitcher. I waited for a month to call me back (I think) about talking to Brother Cabbage. He never did, so I called him back. Everything was looking very good and wonderful because it looked like that I'd be starting my papers for my mission. I talked to Brother Cabbage who's a counselor. He said that he didn't see any problems. Then Uncle Rich had to screw it up for me. I went back to see him again to talk about what had happened. I never would have thought by telling him this, he thought I was too trusting and my social level was at a young teenager's. I knew that wasn't true. I only trusted Uncle Rich because he's my only uncle who's active in the LDS church.

The decision has been bouncing around the people who I've been talking to. At first, it was Brother Cabbage and the Bishop. So, I wanted to talk to Brother Cabbage telling him how I disagreed with him. I called him four times and even sent him an email about it. He never responded back. At this time, I was getting frustrated because I wanted to fix these problems. Now last week, four people got together and decided that I should see a psychiatrist (Dr. Ashby) because they wanted a second opinion. I was thankful for that because I thought he would be neutral about the whole thing. Now, I'm not so sure because after talking to him this week, he warned me about how the church didn't like sending who have Asperger's syndrome because of the hardships. I was a little surprised that he said Asperger's syndrome because I only told them I have High Functioning Autism. However, I've read that HFA (High Functioning Autism) is pretty much the same thing as Asperger's only that HFA has a language delay.

I've been really researching about Asperger's and HFA throughout the year. I know how they think and react to certain situations. I've been listening to people who know me and what they think too. I think that I'm not effected by my autism anymore. OK, maybe a little, but not to the extent that I'm uncomfortable socially. I met a person a guy who had Asperger's. He went on a mission, but he had to fight it by writing to someone in the first presidency. Nicole, a friend of mine, has Asperger's too. I knew she was different but she wasn't socially impaired.

I took two quizzes online to see if I had Asperger's or not. The first one is from Newsweek. I think this is pretty reliable because it's from the researchers at Cambridge's University Autism Research Center. I scored a 14 which is the average for normal people. Women tend to score 15 and men 17. The average is 11-22. They say most people with Asperger's and HFA tend to score about 35. The very high range is 32 to 50 with 50 being the highest score. I found this quiz from reading another blog about Asperger's called Life with Aspergers. He said in one of his posts where I found the quizzes, "I'm always pushing the RDOS aspie quiz because I think that it's the most accurate one out there." I trust this quiz too because of all the thought put into it and plus all the questions. This quiz said I was very likely normal or neurotypical. My autistic score was 41 out of 200 and my neurotypical score was 165 out of 200.

From taking these quizzes, reading lots about it, and listening to myself and others who know me, I don't think I have autism anymore. Now, I just have to really talk to Dr. Ashby about it and hopefully he won't see a problem. I just hope that he has had experience with HFA and Asperger's. However, I heard that there's one doctor in Washington who really knows how to diagnose Asperger's and I think he's in Seattle. I would have seen Dr. Ashby next week; however, I'm going to Priest Lake with my family all next week. So, I have to see him in two weeks. This is taking forever.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Survivor Night

I had so much fun tonight. We had an institute activity called Survivor Night. I’ve been to a Survivor night last year when I took a night class with Brother Manson. I had more fun tonight than last year. It was a really nice reprieve from what happened to me last week a couple hours ago. That just threw me through a loop of emotions. Brother Adams was there. He asked me if I felt better. I said that I feel much better. He said that I looked better too. I’m sure because I talked to him the night after it happened. After it was finished, I thanked him for his counsel. He said that I needed to someone to talk to. I just wanted to talk and take advice from him since he knows me very well. I love him so much.

I haven’t had this much fun at an activity for so long. I mean it was so much better than the SCA event and hanging out with Nicole and Brooke. The spirit was there because we were doing things that weren’t offending him. At the SCA event, there was drinking, swearing, and lots of dirty language about sex. I liked the Survivor Night because it has lots of different games. First, we had to make a banner, a song, and a chant for our tribe. Then, we all had to get in a circle and hold each other’s wrists. Brother Manson put a hula-hoop on my arm. We all had to get through the hula-hoop three times without breaking our grip and sit down. Then, we were asked multiple questions about the scriptures and church history. Then, we all lined up. There were three rows of cones of six rows. So, each of the three teams line up with the line of cones. In each of the cone, there’s a paper with a category on the outside where a person from the group can read it out loud. Then, we have to act it out without speaking. I read reality TV shows and mine was American Gladiator. Amanda Billings guessed mine. I haven’t even seen the show, just the commercials. I don’t watch TV much, just the Simpsons.

Then, we got in a circle again, put our left hands out, grab the person’s across from you, do the same thing with our other hands, then unscramble ourselves so we can be in a circle holding each other’s hands. We figured how to do that in a minute. Then, we did it again. However, we grabbed each other’s hand’s wrong where we couldn’t get out of the knot. After that, we lined up in lines again. We had to stop at certain cones when we did this. One would run and be a tree. Then, another would run around the tree and be a log. Then, another would run around the tree, jump over the log, and be a bridge. The three others had to run around the tree, jump over the log, go under the bridge, and to the finish line. Then, the tree would jump over the log, go under the bridge, and across the finish line. Then, the log and the bridge would do the same thing as the others. The first time, I was a bridge because I was tall. I think I was that last time. Then, we ran through it a second time replacing the three people who just ran through it as a log, a bridge, and a tree. I’m glad that I didn’t receive any huge grass stains when I went under the bridge. I just got little, small stains which are dots. It’s a good thing because I’m wearing nice kakis that go just below my knee. I whooped and hollered at my team when they were running through.

Then, we all put our shoes in a pile and had to pick a shoe. When we returned the shoe or sandal to the original owner, we interviewed them on a questionnaire. After filling the sheet of paper, we got into a circle and sat down. We started with a person sitting in a chair. Then, the person would tell about them who interviewed them. Then, the interviewee would sit in the chair and another person would read the questionnaire to the group. We’d keep on going through people until we ended up with the first person. I interview a guy named Hans which is a German name.

Brother Manson’s two kids helped with organizing and setting up the games. Brother Adams just watched. I’m very glad he came. I love talking with him. I learned that he played professional baseball for a year. His team moved to Mexico. He decided to stay and teach Seminary. He said that we’re going to have this in the fall. I’m definitely going to try to be there. This year, I couldn’t because something came up.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lost almost everything!!!!!

I've been on my laptop all day. It's because I was looking for jobs on and I'm looking for a job because the company that I work for called Securitas has only used me a couple times this quarter. Last quarter, I worked every Saturday at Crescent Court for 11 and a half hours. I made sure no one was destroying the building. In the morning, between 5:30 and 9:00am the building was locked up. The only people that came in were those who worked for Travelers Insurance on the upper floors of the building. I'd sit there on a stone bench that had a good view of the entrance. I would sit and read, mainly Botany. It was really nice because it made to do my homework. When the people came in, they would always pass me and I would say hello. I heard that the reason I was there was to make sure nobody was trying to break in any cars outside. However, the bench was too far away to have a good look outside. I wasn't going to sit on the floor because that's unprofessional. I found no point of getting up to check because no one was out and about early in the morning any way.

I liked it really early in the morning because I can just sit there.

I give up. I'll tell you later. I lost posting because of my stupid laptop. I have been typing for nearly 3 hours. I just lost a lot of information and time. It takes forever just to write about experiences. Then, it's very maddening that you lose it all. I thought it was safe to leave my cursor at the bottom, so if I highlight and delete anything it wouldn't be a big deal, because I can retype it over. I accidentally highlight because my thumb hits the pad that controls the courser quite a bit. Probably, I accidentally hit that little ball that controls it too. It looks like I have to type in word again and then transfer it to here. It's very maddening to write something for so long and lose it in one second. I didn't want to lose that because I was writing almost everything about my work experiences at Crescent Court, Walmart at Christmas Eve, and Altek. It's so much easier to write about things when they just happened. I still haven't fully written about my SCA event. I need to do that. Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Changing my plans

Well, I changed my mind about becoming a Vet. I wanted to be a vet for five years, so changing my plans is a big thing for me. Now, I want to become a doctor. That's a huge step and a giant leap for me because I don't like changing my plans. Usually, I try to keep to my original plans as close as possible. Through out my schooling, my plans has always been changing. Pretty much, which classes to take and when to take them. I have always tried to plan my classes until I graduate. However, they always kept on changing. At one point, I sort of gave up on trying to plan that far. I'm at a crossroad in my life and chose to be a doctor instead of a vet. I'm graduating from Spokane Community College this month. I'm still planing on hopefully going on a mission this fall. I'm not really betting any money on that because it's still very tentative. My stake president hasn't gotten back to me yet. Hopefully, he will this week. Anyway, I was planning on going to zoo school for a year at Cat Tails up in Mead so I can gain experience with animals. Then, I'd get my BA in Neuroscience at Washington State University. After that, I'd go to vet school there if they would have accepted me. Now, I don't have to worry about paying for WSU because it's 20,000 per year. That's really expensive. I know that vet school is 33,000 a year. From what I'm seeing, med school is cheaper than vet school. After my mission, I will go to Brigham Young University to major in Neuroscience. Then, maybe to the University of Utah for med school. It just all depends on which med school will accept me though. I would write more; however, I spent most of my time watching Rescue 911 again on Youtube.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting Arrested

I was arrested by the police. Err... I mean the Criminal Justice Department at SCC. It was horrible because the handcuffs hurt. In addition, I couldn't communicate with my hands!!!!

Our ASL club, Shut Up and Sign, did awareness of deaf people for our Criminal Justice Program at SCC. Our first scene was a daughter and mother was in an argument because our things were stolen. They were jewelry, keys, and $10,000. They thought I was supposed to deliver the $10,000 dollars because they miss read my writing. I have bad writing and didn't care if they couldn't read it because that would make it more real. The first two were pretty good because they knew what they were doing and how to communicate with us. Then, the second scene was when I found my mom dead and was freaking out about it because I didn't know why she wouldn't wake up. Those two were alright; however, it took forever for information to get across. I had to come up with the idea to communicate with pen and paper because they were looking through a pamphlet trying to figure out what to say. The person who was monitoring told me to get closer to them. When I did, she told me to back off. Obviously, they have a policy of personal space. Plus, they wanted me to sit all the time.

Our third scene was with all of us: Nicole, Tara, and two other girls from Sinay's ASL III class, who were with me from the other scenes. First, we decided that we were having a party and being too loud in general. We were listening to music, the vibrations, and having a good time. The door bell rang and Tara answered the door. She thought that they were part of the party, so she invited them in and continued to dance. That's when they tried to break up the party and tell us to stop dancing. I saw that Nicole was handcuffed and haled away because she attacked Tara. I didn't know where Tara went after that.

So, the two other girls and I were dancing together. At first, we kept on dancing; however, the girls stopped when they turned off the music. I put my headphones on with my I-Pod because I still wanted to dance. Plus, I wanted to act more real because I couldn't hear them with my headphones on. Then, one of us was separated. They kept on telling me to take off the headphones, including the other deaf, red head girl. At one point she physically took off my headphones my knocking them off, which is easy to do because they are so big and heavy. That made me mad. So, I swung and and accidentally hit her with the headphones. At that point, a guy grabbed my arm and tried to put me in a wrist lock. That didn't work because he wasn't doing actually locking my wrist. I could have resisted and gotten out of the lock since it wasn't doing any thing.

I thought that the actual police officer who was supervising the whole situation was telling me not to resist. So, I resisted a fair amount because I wanted it to be hard for them. Since, I’m a purple belt in karate and know how to protect and defend myself. The guy was having trouble with me, so the girl officer got involved. Somehow, both of them knocked me down to the floor. As I went down, my glasses went flying and my pants ripped. I still didn't want to give up and have them handcuff me. So, I put my arms between my chest and the floor my I was lying on my stomach. They were trying to pull my arms back behind me, but that wasn't working because it's harder to pull a limb towards you and it's easier for the other person to keep it close to their body. That's why when I grapple, I try to keep my arms as possible. I don't want to put them in a lock.

Another guy trainee got involved by I think placing his knee on my neck. I remember him talking about my neck, but don't remember feeling any thing directly on it. However, he did do something around that area to help subdue me. They finally forced my arms around my back and handcuffed me because I wasn't stronger than all three of them pulling at my arms. The handcuffs sort of hurt because they were tight. I got up fast when he started tugging at them. When I was handcuffed, the actual police officer asked the other officer if he put them on too tight and he said no. I thought they were tight enough. Then, I was told to sit on the couch. I did what I was told because the tightness of the handcuff subdued me. Plus, I couldn't really see anything because I didn't have my glasses on. I could have tried to run away to make things more difficult; however, those handcuffs were very uncomfortable. I waited for a few more minutes. As I waited the girl officer asked me some yes and no questions while telling me to stay seated all the time. All I did was shake my head yes and no while making pitiful kicks towards the officer. She wasn't even alarmed at all by the kicks.

When the real officer called it off, I was immediately unhandcuffed. I asked where my glasses were because I couldn't see. So, someone gave my glasses. The police officer mentioned that I couldn't see and hear. Then, he called everyone to get in the room to talk about what had happened. I was the first one that spoke. I told them I could have resisted and fought a lot harder. He said that they could have subdued me a lot faster. When they were subduing me, he kept on telling us things. At first, I thought he was telling me not to resist. Then, I realized that he was talking to the trainees. That's when I started to resist a lot more, however; both parties were playing it safe. I didn't resist that much because they probably don't have that much control. They were playing it safe because they didn't want to hurt me. However, the handcuffs did take some skin off on both wrists. I didn't realize that until Tera said I was bleeding a little on my wrist right after I was unhandcuffed. Plus, I have good sized knot on my knee from them knocking me to the ground. A few days later, it turned into a nasty bruise and took a long time for it to heal and go away. I don't mind though because it's all fun and games.

The police officer first told them that at the beginning, they did all right. Then when backup came, their communication fell apart because they tried to talk in ASL to each other. Then, he said that all of their eyes were looking at me when they were trying to subdue me. That's bad because they have to keep their eyes on the deaf people. They could have done something. Then, a girl asked why I had my headphones on. I told her that I was listening and feeling to the vibrations. Later, I thought that I can still hear a little, just enough to dance to if I had my volume all the way up, which would cause damage to normal ears. After that the police officer asked them what they figured out. They said I was on LSD. The red head deaf girl said that she told the trainees that I was on LSD because I was so strong. I think that's very funny. Then, the police officer said that they should have taken the owner out of the house. Then, tell him or her that that they had their music too loud and were breaking a noise ordnance. If they resist, then they can take action. They can take action when I hit the other deaf girl with my headphones because they consider that assault. (Note: all of us actors were hearing.)

I thought resisting arrest was fun. However, I'm sad that my pants ripped. Now, my grandma has to sew them up. Those pants were the ones that I wear all the time too. I only have three pairs of pants that I can now wear. I think it's about time to get me more jeans; however, I don't have the money right now.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Crunch! "Oh Crap!! Dang it!!!!!!!"

Ahhk!!!! I need to go to bed. However, I'm not that tired yet. Probably, it's because I took a 2 hour nap today. However, I'm still probably going to be tired in the morning.

Today, I ran into into my dad's Suburban with my car. For some reason, I thought it wasn't there. Probably, it's because it wasn't there today when I left and came home. So when I back out the drive way, I have to worry about not hitting the tree then, I can start turning the wheel to get turned around. I usually look back. However, this time I didn't. My mind was preoccupied about getting another job. Then, I heard a crunch. I looked back and saw the gray Suburban. I became very upset with myself because I made a huge dent in the passenger door on the driver's side. Thankfully, I didn't hurt my car. However, I would rather have it hurt my car than his car because it's already scratched up and dented on the driver's side from rolling my car on it's side during the winter. When I was freaking out, my neighbor looked what I was doing and saw the door. He said something to me; however, I don't remember what it was. Then, I went inside the house to tell Dad. He didn't yell at me; however, he was upset. Now, I owe him a door which will cost around two to three hundred dollars.

Right now I don't have that kind of money because my work isn't using me. I haven't worked in the last two weeks. I'm afraid that my health insurance will go away because I can't miss the payment two times in a row. So, probably I have to get another job. I like working for Securitas because it's very easy and no one really supervises me. However, they need to give me more hours! I'm not liking this anymore. I want more money. I want to always have at least 500 dollars in my bank account. I don't want all of my money to go away.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Being trapped in my bedroom

Yesterday morning (1:30), I woke up and wanted to go to the bathroom. I tried to do that; however, my door wouldn’t open. The knob from the inside of my bed room doesn’t work anymore. I thought I was trapped because using my Student ID wasn’t working. However, mom woke up from me playing with my knob and let me out. Later that morning when Mom and Evan have gone to work and school, I accidentally closed my door. I knew I wouldn’t be able to open it from the inside. I tried again and then, my attention turned to my window. It ended up that my screen pops in and out fairly easy. So, I jumped out of my window and let myself in through the front door. The jump was a little high though. I was a little nervous about doing it. Thankfully, it’s just dirt that’s beneath it whereas a bush or some flowers. I didn’t like how I landed because I used my feet and wrists. However, I know that one shouldn’t use your hands like that because that a good way to injure them. I used to be OK at rolling; now I forget how to do it.

Last night, I dreamed that I was in a mental institution. It wasn’t really supervised, so a guy took advantage of me. In my dream, I wanted to use institution like a motel where I would spend one night and be on my way. However, they didn’t want to let me go.

We filmed our commercial yesterday. I looked very pretty and professional. Nicole did my eye shadow and lipstick. She have me some tips about make up because she used to be a model. My wallet fell out my pocket while I was changing and didn’t notice. When I got home, security left me a message saying that they have found my wallet. I have to wait until Monday to get it back. I also left my hanger for my skirt in the bathroom.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Talking Stain

I love this commercial. I seen it around 20 times now. The last part gets me every time. It always makes me smile and laugh a little. Nicole, Jeni, and I are going to make a spoof of this for our ASL class. 

Here's the script for my part. Well, you know, I’m an organized person. I’m somebody who does not leave details… out. I’m actually read really good with Bruce… Cooper. I have surpassed all my goals in my previous position, my prior job and your competitor. My personality of me has… surpassed… their own goals.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's been awhile...

Wow. I haven’t written for so long. I’m writing again because Zenhg said to update more often. So, what has happened to me the last six months? Hummmm. I haven’t advanced very far in karate because of work.

I learned what’s working like. My first job was a mold operator. I worked with machines that spit out plastic parts and had to check for defects, snip the extra plastic, place them in plastic bags, and put them into boxes. This was during night shift and when I was fired, I was making 10 dollars an hour. I was fired because I talked to people when I wasn’t suppose to. That job wasn’t stimulating my mind enough. It was very repetitive because I did the same thing all night long. Thankfully, I didn’t do the same thing for every night in a row. However, I hated not working with the machines. If one wasn’t assigned to a machine, one had to housekeeping. I hated being out in Limbo Land because it was so boring. Once, I was out in Limbo Land for all night long, which was for eight hours. It was hard because I couldn’t find anything to clean. I’d much rather work with a machine that kept me busy. However, some of the machines stank because they would spit the parts out too fast. I would get behind on a machine where, the next night, another person would be fine with it. I know that didn’t look good on my part. Plus, I was taking breaks longer than I should have on accident. Once, I thought I was on time, but then realized I wasn’t because I read the clock wrong.

When, I was working there, I killed my Buick Regal. This is what it looked like; however, it was blue and in a little nicer condition. However, the front bumper and grill was white because last January a guy with a Chevy pick up ran right into me. He took out my lights, grill, bumper, and tweaked my hood. I was going to get a ticket for that one because the police officer thought was I backed out in front him. I was completely backed out; however, my power steering fluid was low. So, it took me around five seconds to get my wheels turned where I can go. Just when I looked up to drive off, I saw him coming right toward me. Of course, it was too late and wasn’t able to do anything. When I contested, the teenager said I didn’t back up at all. So, the judge threw it out and I didn’t even have to testify. Anyway, I killed the engine by letting it overheat. One day, it was acting funny. The temperature light came on. I called my dad about it; however, he said it was fine because I still had water and the fan was blowing. Luckily, when I was going to work, my sister and her boyfriend was with me. They were with me because in the morning, my sister was going to pick me up to go to Montana for a white water rafting. While, I was driving on the interstate my care died and wouldn’t start again. (It would start later; however, it barely drove because it kept dying on me.) Rhea’s boyfriend was able to find some of his friends to pick us up, drop me off work, and drop Rhea off at my grandma’s house, so we could use her Subaru Outback for the next day. I ended up giving my car to Pull and Save, a local business where they let people in their yard and yank parts off of cars.

I wasn’t sad that I killed my car because it was really crappy, although I liked my car better than the Suburban and the Mazda MPV. The Suburban is way too big and the Mazda cramped me to much. The steering wheel slipped too. We only bought my car for five hundred dollars, a good buy. However, there were things wrong with it. The power steering leaked like there was no tomorrow. It had a little reservoir for the fluid, so I had to keep on filling it up. The driver’s side window didn’t like to work. It was too small. It had only two doors; however, it did fit five people comfortably. However, I wanted more room to put my school stuff. I did like the electronic speedometer because it was easier to read than the regular ones. I hated the heater because it would take forever for it to heat up the car. It was an old, crappy car.