Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Energy blast

Elizabeth is leaving. This may be my last entry in seven weeks. I'm excited. I'm going to miss the internet and reading the status updates. Have fun everyone. Bye! Oh, I wish that I started blogging every single day sooner. I wish that I had time to write everything that happened to me today. Since I love my chiropractor, I'll write about him. I was treated today. This was different because he brought glitches on my computer screen my thumping my sternum, moving my head in a different spot, and making me follow his hand with my eyes. I also did that while lying down. He moved his hand to the edge of my vision. Then, he adjusted my back. Jeeze, I need to start icing my back more and not cracking my neck at all. I mean after my adjustment, I could feel my lower back. I haven't been icing my back that much because it hasn't been bothering me. Then, knocked some tuning forks a little a ways from my chest. He said this and the laser will delete all of the glitches that came up on my computer screen. Then, he put the laser on my chest and neck. Then, he said "OH!" I asked him what happened. He said that I just released lots of energy. I think I blasted him and the room with it. He lasered around the room to clean up the energy. I asked him why I couldn't feel it. He said I'm not in tune to it. A little later, I ask him how can one can be in tune to it. He said that he'll tell me tomorrow. I know what he is doing works because my balance was a three on my left foot today and a two on my right. My left was pretty unstable today. Afterwards, my left was a two and my right was a 1.8. So, my balance improved a little after the treatment. Probably, that's insignificant for all of you. However, my balance always improves after a treatment. So, I believe in chi. I think that the knockout punches work on only the students is because they are in tune to it. Regular people aren't like me. I know that all of this sounds crazy. However, I trust my chiropractor and I'm not seeing anything screwy.

Good night. Wish me luck on my mission. Hopefully, I can write a little when I'm on it.