Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's been awhile...

Wow. I haven’t written for so long. I’m writing again because Zenhg said to update more often. So, what has happened to me the last six months? Hummmm. I haven’t advanced very far in karate because of work.

I learned what’s working like. My first job was a mold operator. I worked with machines that spit out plastic parts and had to check for defects, snip the extra plastic, place them in plastic bags, and put them into boxes. This was during night shift and when I was fired, I was making 10 dollars an hour. I was fired because I talked to people when I wasn’t suppose to. That job wasn’t stimulating my mind enough. It was very repetitive because I did the same thing all night long. Thankfully, I didn’t do the same thing for every night in a row. However, I hated not working with the machines. If one wasn’t assigned to a machine, one had to housekeeping. I hated being out in Limbo Land because it was so boring. Once, I was out in Limbo Land for all night long, which was for eight hours. It was hard because I couldn’t find anything to clean. I’d much rather work with a machine that kept me busy. However, some of the machines stank because they would spit the parts out too fast. I would get behind on a machine where, the next night, another person would be fine with it. I know that didn’t look good on my part. Plus, I was taking breaks longer than I should have on accident. Once, I thought I was on time, but then realized I wasn’t because I read the clock wrong.

When, I was working there, I killed my Buick Regal. This is what it looked like; however, it was blue and in a little nicer condition. However, the front bumper and grill was white because last January a guy with a Chevy pick up ran right into me. He took out my lights, grill, bumper, and tweaked my hood. I was going to get a ticket for that one because the police officer thought was I backed out in front him. I was completely backed out; however, my power steering fluid was low. So, it took me around five seconds to get my wheels turned where I can go. Just when I looked up to drive off, I saw him coming right toward me. Of course, it was too late and wasn’t able to do anything. When I contested, the teenager said I didn’t back up at all. So, the judge threw it out and I didn’t even have to testify. Anyway, I killed the engine by letting it overheat. One day, it was acting funny. The temperature light came on. I called my dad about it; however, he said it was fine because I still had water and the fan was blowing. Luckily, when I was going to work, my sister and her boyfriend was with me. They were with me because in the morning, my sister was going to pick me up to go to Montana for a white water rafting. While, I was driving on the interstate my care died and wouldn’t start again. (It would start later; however, it barely drove because it kept dying on me.) Rhea’s boyfriend was able to find some of his friends to pick us up, drop me off work, and drop Rhea off at my grandma’s house, so we could use her Subaru Outback for the next day. I ended up giving my car to Pull and Save, a local business where they let people in their yard and yank parts off of cars.

I wasn’t sad that I killed my car because it was really crappy, although I liked my car better than the Suburban and the Mazda MPV. The Suburban is way too big and the Mazda cramped me to much. The steering wheel slipped too. We only bought my car for five hundred dollars, a good buy. However, there were things wrong with it. The power steering leaked like there was no tomorrow. It had a little reservoir for the fluid, so I had to keep on filling it up. The driver’s side window didn’t like to work. It was too small. It had only two doors; however, it did fit five people comfortably. However, I wanted more room to put my school stuff. I did like the electronic speedometer because it was easier to read than the regular ones. I hated the heater because it would take forever for it to heat up the car. It was an old, crappy car.