Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Parker Seminar 2011 Las Vegas

What does all of these pictures have in common?? You guessed it!! Public Health! That was easy because the sticker was in all three. What else does these pictures have in common?? This one is much harder. Chiropractic!!!! Dr. Scott Phillips is adjusting a Parker Chiropractic College admissions representative. How come giving adjustments is part of public health?? Getting rid of nerve flow interferences allows central nervous system to be in full control of the body. Being in regular chiropractic care, the CNS has the greater capacity to communicate with the rest of the body at a 100 percent. The second picture has to do with sanitation on a chiropractic table. The paper prevents viruses and bacteria to multiply and to be passed on to each person who lays his or her face in that area. The third picture is a device that decompresses the vertebrae and stretches the muscles in the lower back. It can stretch the muscles in the legs too.

This was for my public health 100 class. Everyone had to take a picture, post it on the class's blog, and define what is public health to them. I wanted to post it on Lizzie too. I loved the Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. I need to expose myself to more chiropractic throughout the year. That means I need to visit a whole bunch of chiropractors throughout the area. Good news!!! Sue said that I don't have to drop my profession when I have children. I can still practice chiropractic while still being a parent. I am so happy. She recommends that I keep practicing so I can still be on the top of my game if anything happens to my husband. She said that if I quit when I have children, it would be so much harder to start up again. Plus, I would have to go back to school. She said in today's economy, both parents have to work. Well, I'll see what my husband does for a living.

My parents gave me a camera for Christmas. This is how I took the pictures at the Seminar. The last picture is a picture of me. I don't know why I don't update my profile picture for blogger. I always do for facebook. When I started this blog, I didn't want to post any pictures of me on this blog because of privacy concerns. I don't really care now. My last name isn't still on this blog though. It will never be.