Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Date

This morning I wasted 10 hours on the internet watching videos, mainly SG1. I wish I can go back into time and redo that one because I really needed to study O-chem for my test Tuesday or Wednesday. Tonight, I went on a double date with Mary Lou, Mike, and Joal. We went to a silent movie. We talked throughout the whole thing it was mae in the 1920's and was way melodramatic. It was called the Mark of Zorro. Joul is very nice and different. I like him being different, very refreshing.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stupid Sleep Schedule

Guess What? I wasn't under a stupid fog this morning. That was wonderful because I didn't have to force myself to go to class. So, I was awake for all of my classes. Then, I went home and read this for fun: How to Save New Brain Cells: Scientific American. It was very interesting because I had no idea that the human brain was capable on making new neurons. Then, I explored around Scientific American for a few hours. Then, I researched a little about brain plasticity. When I found this really cool video called Mixed Feelings. Just now, I was exploring videos for wired science. Now, I spend a lot more time researching my interests on the internet instead of doing homework. Of course, all the things that I read and watch about about Autism, chiropractors, health, and the nervous system. It's very interesting to read about all the this. However, I do get into trouble because I need to be spending this time to do homework instead of entertaining my interests.

Anyways, after I researched for three hours, I started my search questions for my BOM class. I couldn't do it on Tuesday night because it was way too late. So, I took a chance where Professor Williams wouldn't take search questions because of application papers. However, I was wrong. He took them because they were done grading the application papers. So, I got a 100% on my application paper. Which is really nice because it's not going to be that easy in my other classes. I hopefully I'll turn in my late search questions, ask him if I can look at the questions I missed on the last test, and ask him about the book we have to read for an assignment. I have two books that I've already read over 200 hundred pages. I just need to get those book approved by him.

Anyways, I went to the review. During it, I started to get really sleepy. I was going to study with a fellow class mate after the review; however, he said that we could study an hour later. So, I waited for a half an hour; but I realized that I needed to go to bed because I knew I couldn't study that tired. So, I left him a note, walked home, went to bed, and slept for seven hours. I was too tired to go to inner tube water polo which I had to pay 20 dollars to play a half a game last time because I'm a part time student. I was planning on going but I didn't want to sleep deprive my body. I did need the exercise though. Then, I accidentally missed my visiting teacher which were going to visit teach me at 9:30 P.M. So, my sleeping schedule is messed up again. I haven't had so many problems with it before. I don't like sleeping during the day because I missed things like I just wrote about. It's healthier and more productive to sleep at night and to things during the day. However, I don't like to go to bed on time. What really messed me up was staying up during the weekends. Then, it messes up my weekdays where I have to get up early.

I need to study for my Neuroscience test for tomorrow and my O-chem test that's on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm really nervous for that because it's going to be three hours long and there will be problems that I haven't seen before. We wants us to be exhausted after we take it. That makes me really nervous because I haven't done that much practice problems. Plus, I'm slower than everyone else. I don't want to be there for four hours. That's going to fry my brain. I don't like that feeling.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amost a whole 24 hours

Man, I'm tired. I technically stayed up "all night". Yesterday, I went to bed at three and got up 10. I'm only guessing because I don't remember anymore. So, I stayed up all night researching about chiropractic neurologists and reading a chapter for neuroscience. Then, I put up fliers for our fajita night on Thursday for Enrichment. I couldn't remember which building our ward has for Regency which has three large buildings. So, I thought that we had two buildings and did building number 2. Then, I took a shower and went to three hours of O-chem. At the end of O-chem we had a fire drill. It took me forever to gather my things that a guy told me to leave. It was a good thing, I was about ready to head out. I hate fire alarms because they will cause hearing loss. They are too loud. Then, I watched devotional from by apartment. I learned it's more profitable to give money away because it makes us happier. It releases good and decreases negative neurotransmitters in the brain, thus making us happier. I found out the speaker was Roman Catholic instead of Mormon. I was very surprised because it seemed he was Mormon. He was a very good speaker because he kept me captivated and tuned in. After that, I dinkered more on my laptop until I was falling asleep. So, I set my alarm clock at 3:35. When it went off, Sarah said my name so I could turn it off. My brain didn't want to start. It took shear will power for me to climb out of bed. I had to go to my Neuroscience review for my quiz tomorrow. After that, I finished taping the fliers to the doors at Regency. It turns out that we only have one building and I did the wrong one. I didn't have enough for two, so I went to the other building to see if anybody left theirs up still. However, the first and second floor didn't have any. I noticed there was a message saying to ignore the Fajita night and some to their ward activity instead. I couldn't believe how fast they responded with that. Then, I went to the laundry mat and was there for 2 and a half hours. Then, I went shopping a little because I needed water to last me until tomorrow. These past few days, I haven't had my water. I've been missing it and started drinking the drinks that I have which are usually sweet. Now, I'm not going to do my BOM homework because I'm too tired to. I'm going to have five hours of sleep which isn't a good thing. Hopefully, I won't kill myself tomorrow morning like I did today (my brain not wanting to start and being under a fog). Good night.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Immune Responce

I was looking through the frequently asked questions on the Brain Balance site. This is the question: Do you believe that there is a cure for all learning disorders? This is what he said: "We do believe there is a cure for these disabilities. We have been able to completely recover and or significantly improve the vast majority of children we work with. The exact mechanism as to how this is improving brain functions needs to be studied more before we can say it is a cure. However, there is no doubt that the brain has the ability to repair itself. Through the principles of neuroplasticity the brain has the ability to grow new connections; the brain cells can become larger and more efficient. We can improve the timing and rhythm between the two halves of the brain and make them more coherent. It is even now thought that we might be capable of actually creating new brain cells. This all happens with the proper stimulation of particular circuits in the brain. This is best done with a combination of environmental and cognitive based stimulation directed toward smaller deficient circuits. We also know that many of the children we work with seem to have imbalances in their immune response. Their immune systems are overactive and they appear to be suffering from autoimmune problems. This leads to chronic lifelong inflammation of the body and the brain. We believe this inflammation and autoimmunity also starts in the brain. The brain controls the balance of the immune response. The left hemisphere activates the immune system, the right suppresses it. If the child has decreased activity in the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere is relatively increased we will see this same effect on the immune response. The child will have an overactive immune response and may show signs of autoimmunity. Eliminating foods that the child may be sensitive to can be helpful but this does not correct the problem. If the problem is secondary to a functional imbalance in the brain the only way to correct the immune imbalance is to correct the brain imbalance."

Dr. Clark talked about the overactive immune response in his DVD. I wonder if I have that. I hardly get sick. However, it's really hard for me to lose weight. I don't really know how. I would like to so my stomach and sides won't be so flabby. :) I just eat when I get hungry. Lately, I've been trying to eat foods that don't contain the things that are harmful to my body. It would totally make sense too if my immune system is attacking my brain and making my brain slow. That is a scary thought! That would be so cool if we discovered that adults do make new neurons. Right now, they are saying our brain cannot. However, we still don't know much about the brain. I've realized that more and more when I read from my neuroscience textbook.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My evidence for being treated

A few days ago, I talked to my mom about being treated by Dr. Clark. Now, I've been talking to Rhea, my sister, on Facebook. She's being very closed minded about the whole thing. She's basing her assumptions on my local chiropractor that does many non-scientific things. I know why that my family doesn't believe in him. They need to give him a chance, go to him themselves, and have an open mind. I don't know how to make them understand. I wouldn't have believed what I was saying myself until I experienced it. I know his adjustments work because EVERY TIME my balance has gotten a little better. My dad says that anyone could have worked on my balance. Then, why didn't they take me to anyone that could have fixed it???? Well, they didn't. So, I found my chiropractor who made my balance much better. I believe that only he can fix it because I know that just through traditional medicine, it wouldn't have worked. I've put so much research about what my chiropractor has told me. Every thing makes sense. I know that my chiropractor isn't a scam artist. I haven't seen any warning flags when I went to his office and talked to him on the phone. In the past, people have betrayed my trust because I ignored warning flags. It's just my family doesn't believe in him.

Now when I say I want to be treated by Dr. Clark, that mistrust is coming up again from Rhea. Dr. Clark is the real deal because he talks about things that makes sense from a normal, medical view. I've put so much research into Chiropractic Neurologists. I know that they can treat people that normal doctors cannot treat. They try to solve the problem instead of trying to cover the symptoms up. I don't trust the Food and Drug Administration because of the research I've done about trans fats in foods, Aspartame, and MSG. If the FDA allows these things in our foods, are vaccines and drugs safe. Probably, not and probably that's why my chiropractor says that drugs cause nerve flow interference. The more and more research I've done about these types of things, the more and more I'm willing to do things the natural way. Here are two things that I just found on the internet about these things. The first one is a news documentary that Fox News has done about Aspartame.

The second one is from a Neurosurgeon. I haven't read this yet, but I'm going to.

Trans Fat


Ok. Here's an article written about Asperger's Syndrome by a Chiropractic Neurologist, "Asperger's Syndrome, a new prospective". I've been on so many Chiropractic Neurologist websites and viewed their patient testimonials. I know that doesn't say much but still!!! There has to be some truth of the matter. After Chiropractic school, they do three more years of schooling to be a Chiropractic Neurologist and have to pass a board exam like normal doctors. Dr. Z. Dr. Brown. I found a really good paper about "All about Functional Disconnection Syndrome" which Chiropractic Neurologists are trained to solve. I want to read this later "Neurological Development for Learning". Dr. Kuhn. Dr. Gross. Dr. Keri Chiappino. Dr. Scopelliti. Dr. Roger Borbon. I could site more and more doctors. However, that's not necessary because I have provided you with enough information to read from. This isn't a scam because there are many chiropractic neurologists across the US. They must work because they would go out of business real fast. This is why I want to be treated. I want to get rid of my Asperger's Syndrome once and for all. I don't care how much it will cost!!! I want to get rid of it and going to a Chiropractic Neurologist is the answer. I don't think that my family has realized how much I've read about them and how they treat these types of disorders. I've researched about Autism and Asperger's Syndrome in general for a couple years now. No one knows how to treat Autism and Asperger's Syndrome except for Chiropractic Neurologists. Now, I just need get my family to read this entry so they can see for themselves why I want to be treated. I've done my research, now you must do yours and discover what I have discovered. Now Read!!!!

Brain Balance. Another on Brain Balance. Another on Dr. Scopelliti. Dr. Goldenberg. Dr. Heimlich. Brain Balance, it's not a duplicate.

Brain Balance on the news.

I finally found one that really makes sense. It's from Brain Balance again and it's about Autism. It makes sense why my skills are uneven. That makes whole lot of sense why I'm slow. I'm slow because my two hemispheres are not communicating with each other. If they are, they are doing it pretty slowly. Thus, I'm a slow learner. That's why I'm having trouble at BYU. I want to take an increased work load but I'm afraid that I'm too slow. Thus, I spend more money going slowly through college instead of keeping up the pace like everyone else. I want to get treated so I don't have to worry about this anymore.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Worst Movie Ever!!!

Elizabeth walked out Fired Up last night. WARNING!! LDS, DO NOT SEE THAT MOVIE!!! One of the worst movies I've seen. It totally drove the Spirit away. It was horrible!! Katrina, Sarah, and I were going to see a movie at the dollar theater. However, it was almost sold out so we wouldn't have sat together. So, we went to a regular theater. I let them pick the movie. It was a movie that was just about to start we we arrived. So, we wouldn't have to wait. It was the worst movie ever because it was all about these two high school football players wanting to go to cheerleading camp so they can try out the "new produce." This movie treated girls and women as objects. There was a whole bunch of swearing and sexual innuendos. I would have left earlier, but Katrina and Sarah wasn't saying anything. From the start of the movie, it started to offend me. I think I watched 45 minutes to an hour until I got up and left. I just couldn't take it any more. Those type of movies create monsters like my Uncle Rich. As I waited for Sarah and Katrina, I started crying a little. When they came out, I apologized that I walked out. They didn't mind because they knew it was the right thing to do. I asked them if they wanted to leave too. Katrina said that she did and Sarah said that she was used to those types of movies because she's a convert. I just felt horrible because of the movie. So, we went to Cold Stone and ate ice cream. Next time, we are going to research and see what the critics say about it because I don't want to waste my money again. I looked at the reviews for it and not a lot of people liked it. It should have been rated R instead of PG-13.

A thing just popped up for Avast. It the anti-virus program that I use for my laptop. It has 75 million users. That's a whole lot of people. No wonder, one can waste so much time on the internet.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

E-mailing Dr. Clark Part 3

Your information packet is on the way. I, too, want you to feel "normal." That's what all of my patients want. I can tell you that the single biggest indicator of whether or not you get better is if you do what I tell you to do. It's that simple. I haven't had an Asperger's case yet that hasn't improved dramatically in terms of speed, focus, attention, understanding inferences & implications and social skills & social anxiety.

I totally understand that you would like me to promise you results. But there are no promises. I can't promise you anything because I have no control over what my patients do outside of my office. What I can promise you is that I will use all of my experience, intelligence and energy to help you. I recommend that you watch the DVD first, then ask your parents to do the same. It will make the best argument for our approach.

Your examination will be $650 and take about 2 hours. What specialized lab testing you need depends on what I find during your exam and what I see in your case review and case history forms (in the packet being sent to you.) Take it one step at a time--DVD and packet first. Complete the forms. Have your parents watch the DVD. Send all your forms back to us and call to make an appointment.

Hi Dr Clark,
I just watched your DVD and all of it made sense, scientifically of course. Now, I really want to be treated by you. My parents were against my chiropractor because none of the things he said made sense scientifically. He likes to fix things by using very nonscientific things like Applied Kinesiology, meridians, and tuning forks. However, yours are all scientific so hopefully my parents will jump on board with me when they watch the DVD. Can you send my parents the information packet with the DVD? That would be easier for me so I don't have to send the copy you sent to me to them. If you could do this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I know if I get treated my him, it's going to be really expensive. I'd be willing to put my education on hold for the summer so I could and move back to Spokane just to get treatment. I have a feeling when my parents see as I do, they'd be willing to pay for the treatment. I just really hope the DVD works. I wish that I could put it on this blog. However, I'd have to upload it on the web, which I don't know how to do. Probably, it's copyrighted anyway. Plus, it's an hour and half DVD. It didn't seem that long when I watched it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Quiz Review and the Mail

I actually worked on O-chem in the organic chemistry tutor lab today. I went to the quiz review today. I felt that I needed to go over more problems. So, I went to the lab because there were review questions on the board that had an answer key. Hopefully, I'll do better on the quiz tomorrow than last week. I spent more time studying this week than last week. My professor has a tendency to not provide answer keys for practice problems, which makes things a little hard. I like to check to see if my answers are right. I'm really hoping that information packet and the DVD from Dr. Clark comes in the mail tomorrow. I've been checking the mailbox a lot the past two day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Migrains and chiropractors

I really need to learn how to balance my time. It's just hard when I get distracted with things that really grab my attention. I hyper-focus on things. Today, I was looking on a website that my chiropractor suggested that I should look at because I asked him about high fructose corn syrup. I called him last night which was a Tuesday night because I had a headache. I went to bed at 11:00 A.M. and woke up with the headache around 6:50 P.M. So, I called him because I knew I wasn't dehydrated (lately I've been trying to drink a gallon a day again) and I wasn't tired. I already slept for seven hours at that time. So, he gave me a free adjustment over the phone because this was a new thing for me (being in pain). Then, he said I should walk around a 15 to 20 minutes outside. I followed his instructions and went to bed. Then, twice I got up and my headache was even worse. I noticed that it felt better if I stayed in bed. Any physical activity made my head pound and that's really painful. So, twice I went to bed with my head pounding. It got so bad that I had to put my hand on my forehead, so it wouldn't hurt as I was trying to fall asleep.

At 1:00 A.M., I got tired of playing with the headache. I was waiting for my adjustment to get rid of the headache or itself to go away. However, it never did. So, I ate a peanut butter sandwich because Mary Lou (one of my housemates) said that it get rid of headaches. I was desperate. I wasn't tired anymore and didn't want to fall asleep. I took an Excedrin and prayed to Heavenly Father that my headache will go away. I try to stay away from taking any conventional medicine because it causes nerve flow interference. I need to ask him to be more specific about that now since I'm learning about neurons. I went to bed and fell asleep. Thirty to forty minutes later I woke up and it was finally gone. I was so happy.

As I talked to Sarah (my roommate) about getting headaches and Excedrin, I questioned if my headache was a migraine since Excedrin is a migraine medicine. So, I researched about it and found out that I do get migraines. I thought that they were really bad headaches that force me to go to sleep if I haven't had enough. So, I had that headache for seven hours. I slept a good solid 13 hours. So, now I wonder if I need adjustment again. I have to ask if he found lots of problems when he adjusted me. Probably, it would really help if I went to bed the same time every night. When school started, I was fine. However, I would stay up really late during the weekends. Then, my sleep schedule would get screwed up. Lately, I've been sleeping after my classes. That's why I went to bed at 11 A.M. Now, I'm really screwed up. I have two quiz review sessions to go tomorrow. So, I'll get less than four hours of sleep. I'm screwed up because I took a four hour nap today.

If I had all the money in the world, I would get new glasses, be adjusted by my chiropractor, buy nutrient supplements, and get treated be a chiropractic neurologist in Dallas, Texas. I just want my Asperger's Syndrome to go away. I'm just really worried about increasing my workload and not doing well in my classes. I want to be faster in general and especially, learn faster. I'm just really worried about chiropractic school because of the insane workload. So, I really want to convince my parents to let me get treated by a chiropractic neurologist so I don't have to always worry about school and work. It's really expensive and he's all the way in Dallas, Texas. They are already paying for my education and everything else right now.

I'm afraid that it will get in the way if I want to get a job like it has in the past. I'm hoping that my parents will hear me out and not reject the whole thing like what they are doing to my chiropractor. I just want to be normal. I don't want to get distracted and be hyper-focused on something all the time. I've had a problem with that since I was a kid. Probably, that's why they stuck me on Ritalin. I want to learn subjects like calculus and organic chemistry faster. I wish my family would read my blog. I'm sorry, I'm voicing all my needs and wants right now. Sarah said I need to remember that everything will work out in the end.

Monday, February 16, 2009

E-mailing Dr. Clark Part 2

I need to go to this Chiropractic Neurologist because it took me five hours where it was suppose to take me just one minute to a half hour for me to start writing. I wanted to go to bed six hours ago. I had the chance on going to bed on time tonight. But I blew it because I got distracted on the internet. Oh, I just want to become normal. I got on my laptop again because I wanted to write in my blog and study my scriptures first. First, I started watching video game reviews on a website called Then, I checked my e-mail and read more about Dr. Clark. I researched a little around brain-based learning. I wanted to find out what that was. Then, I found this site. I haven't finished reading it yet. Then, I wanted to e-mail Dr. Clark again. Here's the e-mail that he sent me:

I can't give you any "advice" specific to your situation until you've been assessed by us. I think I should send you a DVD about our treatment program so you can decide if you'd like to come to Dallas to have that done (a one-day process).
A few points:
--There is no single cause of Autistic Spectrum Conditions and no single treatment. That means mercury may be a factor, but its certainly not THE factor. (the DVD will talk about this)
--"Cure" is an interesting word. I prefer to say that "recovery" is possible. Absolutely possible.
Dr. David Clark

Then, here's the e-mail I sent back:

Hi Dr. Clark,
Thanks for e-mailing me back. I looked through your website a little more and found why your approach is different. I knew why already, but now I know why you would like me to come to Dallas for a day. I will look at your DVD too. If I come to Dallas, that would display tons of trust and confidence in you on my behalf. I'm a poor college student. I don't have the money to come to Dallas for a day. So, I would have to convince my parents to give me money just to get there. Then, I don't know how much the testing would even cost. Right now, I have health insurance through Brigham Young University, so I doubt it will cover anything. Thus, you need to promise me that I will see improvement in my Asperger's Syndrome. So, do you think I can start learning faster with different subjects if I get treated by you? Will school become easier? Will I have less problems of being distracted all the time? Will I be able to explain things easier? When I went on a seven week mission, I was able to explain things better with the amount of practice that I had by talking to tons of people. Will I get faster in general? Will I be able to get implied meanings in conversations without people saying it banging the meaning over my head? After I'm done with treatment, will a normal psychiatrist say I still have Asperger's Syndrome? I'm asking you all of these questions because I'll have to present a pretty strong case to my parents. They are paying for my education already. I'll have to present some pretty strong evidence that your treatments will help because probably they are expensive. When I went to my local chiropractor, I had to pay all of it by myself because they thought that just anyone could help my balance. They don't believe in expensive nutrient supplementation, which come from plants, that the body actually picks up and uses. They believe in the cheap supplementation that you get at the grocery stores, which come from inorganic compounds like rocks, that the body doesn't recognize and use. If you help me present a good strong case that make sense to my parents, I would be most grateful. I would give anything in the world to become normal like everyone else. Please, I just want to trust you; but I have to become really wary when it comes with money.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

E-mailing Dr. Clark

Hi Dr Clark,

I've been following your blog for a couple months now. I found it because I want to be a chiropractic neurologist. I'm emailing you because I want some suggestions that can help me through school. When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with ADD. I was put on Ritalin and was on it off and on all the way through high school. I used it my first year of college. After that, I got off of it because I didn't like how it changed my personality by making me quieter. When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. A few months ago that diagnosis changed into Asperger's Syndrome.

I can read faces and somewhat with body language. However, I know that some people are way better at reading body language than me. I do very well socially because I like and enjoy being around and communicating with people. I do get lonely if I don't talk to people for long periods of time. I like to be blunt and direct about things. I have been known to be too trusting with people. Sometimes, I tend to take things literally. My senses aren't whacked out like other Aspies. I'm picky about clothes and how comfortable they are. I love playing with things that are in my hands. I cannot sit still because I always have to be moving some part of my body. Music helps me to concentrate especially with homework. I have obsessions that can get me in trouble by distracting me from my homework.

One thing that I really don't like about myself is that I'm really, really slow. I've always been slow since I was a little kid. I would like some suggestions to help speed up my mental processing. Right now, I’m taking Organic Chemistry. I'm pretty slow at it because I'm not good with abstract things. Math and chemistry are my hardest subjects for me to grasp. I think in pictures and words. Sometimes, I have trouble explaining things because I'm seeing the picture or concept in my head and have trouble describing in words. I definitely think by associations. I have a really high reading comprehension and good memory. It just takes me forever to comprehend subjects like O-chem. Once I understand it, I remember it and do well on tests.

When I went to a community college, I took a lesser workload so I can get better grades. It was based on quarters so I took 10 credits while the majority of students took 15. Now, I'm going to Brigham Young University which is much harder than the community college. Now, I'm technically a part time student but I feel like a full time student because of O-chem. I'm majoring in Neuroscience because I want to be a chiropractic neurologist and it will be very applicable. I want to be one because I want to help people like me with Asperger's and ADD while helping myself too. I know that conventional medicine doesn't always work. Many people say that Autism cannot be cured. I thought that too. I still don't know if I can be cured. However, with the help of my Brimhall certified chiropractor, my balanced and coordination improved. I never thought that my balance would improve at all because of the hours I have put into karate which have kicks in the training.

I know that there are theories that mercury causes Autism. My chiropractor does nutritional assessments and said that the mercury in my body is part of the cause of my acne breakouts. So, right now I'm taking a HomeoPathic Combination of Total Mercury so I can get it out of my system. Hopefully, that will speed up my brain. I've been avoiding anything hydrogenated and that has MSG in it. What do you think about High Fructose Corn Syrup? Anyway, I still have a little hydrogenated foods everyday because my roommates like to give me food that tastes good. I just don't buy anything that's hydrogenated and has MSG. I've been taking other nutritional supplements that my chiropractor has suggested that I should take to strengthen certain organs in my body.

It would be really nice to go to a chiropractic neurologist that treats Asperger's Syndrome, however; I don't think there's anyone near Provo, Utah. So, you are the best next option because you seem really open for people to e-mail you on your blog. I would just like to do better in school so I can take an increased workload while getting A's or at least B's. I just want to be prepared for chiropractic school too because the workload is intense. I would like to be able to handle it with out my grades dropping.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stupid Spastic Program

I'm back!!!! I know that no one reads this because I'm so off and on about blogging. I really need to blog every day. I'm going to try this week because of a religion assignment. I just stinks that I have no time to do homework sometimes. I wanted to today, but needed to go to the Salt Lake City airport to give my dad my old laptop. He gave me a new, nice case for my new laptop. I didn't want to put mine in my backpack unprotected because it would get beat up like my old one. I almost didn't get to see him because I was twenty minutes late. I was suppose to be at the airport at 4. So, he called me and I told him where I was. He said that I wouldn't be able to make it because he had to get on his plane. He thought that he could have trusted me to be on time with the laptop. I was late because a spastic program which I never seen before kept on popping up where it wasn't suppose to. I tried to find it on the laptop to delete it, but couldn't find it anywhere. I thought I had time to be late. However, that wasn't the case. Dad really wanted my laptop.