Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bill Cosby

Hi. I know haven't written for awhile. I want to change that. Probably, people stopped reading my blog because I stopped writing in it. I need to be more persistent with this thing. I need to be more persistent with everything in my life. I realized that today that when I lived at home, I was a follower. Everyone told me what to do and for the most part, I'd do it. It was a much simpler life. It was a life where I didn't have to plan anything and had less responsibilities. Now, I need to discipline myself and make sure act responsible.

On my vacation to California, I learned had an incite about journal writing. This public blog isn't a journal; however, it will still apply. When talking to my Nana and Pop-Pop, I learned that my Pop-Pop kept a long of which he and Nana has done since 1993. I was excited to get my hand on those logs and read them thinking that they were journals. However, they were just logs. It didn't contain his thoughts and feelings. I thought that was kind of sad. A journal is more worthwhile than a log.

This blog is primarily for me and my future children. I don't write it for anyone else. I don't have time reading other people's blogs so they can read mine to comment on them. I like said, I have responsibilities and duties to fulfill. My main goal for this semester is to work on my homework before I play around on the internet. Last night, I didn't do that. Instead, I watched comedy sketches of Bill Cosby. Denists and his story about being in boot camp are really, really funny. I've never laughed so hard because of a comedy sketch. I really like them because he switched off one character to another very well. Plus, their voices and facial expressions are really amazing. I became interested in watching these because during finals week, Rachel played "To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With" when we played Nertz. I love good stories. Watch the first few minutes of the last video.