Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The right decision. :)

Wow.  I just read some of my old entries.  I found out that half my body has been tingling for two years.  Plus, the inside of my cheeks have been bothering for two years too.  However, the weakness on one side and the cheeks has only happened during the summer.  My Dad always attributed to stress.  However, I knew it wasn't.  I am right because my body is fighting again.  I am not in school or stressed.

So, I have been volunteering at a local hospital in Spokane.  I will not say the name because I want still want to volunteer there.  I love working there because I can pretty much do whatever I want that's in the duties of an ER volunteer.  It took forever for me to start working there because of work.  For almost a year, I didn't really look at any of my textbooks from chiropractic school.  It was really painful for me to leave Parker.  I thought I destroyed my life.  I was questioning if I actually made the right decision.  Now, I am pretty sure that I made the right choice.  I am actually seeing that I am becoming more right than wrong.  In my last post, I had really good questions.  No one answered them when I was at chiropractic school.  I think I was the only one who actually noticed the fighting especially on tests.  It has made me question if people actually forget what they learned in our schooling.  There were so many smart people at Parker.  However, I was pretty much the only one who actually wanted to become an MD because of what I learned at Parker.