Monday, April 11, 2011

My Honda Passport and Hard Drive Enclosure

Hi. Man, I haven't wrote for a long time. It's because I'm really busy with school. I've had five classes to jungle and contend with. Plus, I applied, was accepted, visited, and prepared to leave to Parker University College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. I've been so busy that I haven't been training in BJJ, haven't gone to the temple since the semester started, and been to institute only once this semester. I'm so happy that I was able to focus on my spiritual life last semester because I really needed to. However, my challenges somewhat came back in intensity after I visited Dallas. I'm trying my hardest to combat them. It's just hard though because there is a still a little part of me that still wants to do the wrong things. However, the majority of myself knows that it would only bring misery and woe.

Well, wish me luck because I still have some essays to write for American Heritage, a test to take in Physics today, and all of my finals to study for. Finals start on Saturday. Next Sunday will be my last Sunday in the BYU 22nd ward. :( I'm going to move sometime next week for Dallas with my parents. They are going to give me the BMW Z3 car because it's too expensive for them to keep. Plus, they can't drive it during the winter. It just spins when there it's icy. I found some pictures on the internet which looks exactly like the Z3 I'm going to get. I feel much better about that because I'm afraid that my Honda Passport is going to die in Dallas. It doesn't like the heat because it has trouble starting when it's hot out. I have to sit there sometimes and turn the key to the on and off position until I get all the lights lit up on the dash board. If that doesn't happen, it will not turn over and start. It also likes to die when going around town. So, I feel better about having the Beamer. I just need to take care of it and make sure I won't hit anything with it. It's an expensive and really nice car. Any sports car is a really nice car for the most part. I just need to learn how to drive stick when I drive to Dallas.

I found some pictures on the internet which just look like my Honda Passport. Mine doesn't have that black trim on the wheel wells. Imagine a whole bunch of sratches on both sides of the car. The black thing that holds the extra tire is somewhat rusted too. Ya, the outside of my car doesn't look too pretty. The inside looks great though. I took pretty good care of that. Everything else works pretty good on that car. We fixed the four wheel drive twice, replaced the driver's side door, front fender, and small window in the back, replaced the insides of the front driver side door and rear passenger side door because the automatic windows wouldn't work, and all of the breaks. We did more things to the front underside when I crashed it. So, it looks pretty good for a rolled car. It just need some body word to be done on it.

Here is a product review which I wrote for my Acomdata USB 2.0 2.5-Inch SATA Hard Disk Enclosure(Black) for "About two months ago, my laptop hard drive died. The operating system was looping, meaning it would restart again and again because it thought it was that last stage of update mode. I called Dell and told them of my problem. They said I had a hard drive that was partially damaged. So, I bought a new one and replaced my old one. In the mean time, I wondered how to get my precious files back which was on my old hard drive. I went to Best Buy figuring that I could get my files back from the courtesy of the Geek Squad. However, that would have cost me 70 dollars. So, I went online to buy an enclosure for my hard drive to see that I could access my files. I decided on a little cheaper one before this and bought it. However, Amazon didn't have it in stock. So, I bought this one instead. It worked wonderfully. So, hopefully I can use my old hard drive as a backup since it worked. I don't want to lose my files again. It was really easy to install the hard drive too. I was very impressed with the quality of the product."

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Emailing Dr. Clark Part 4

Hi Dr. Clark,

I contacted you two years ago. I told you that I have Asperger's Syndrome and was going to BYU. You sent me that DVD and packet. I lost that DVD and threw away part of the packet. I never got back to you because I knew that my parents would never fly me to Dallas to get treated. I knew they would say no because it would be way too expensive. I've never stopped following your blog. I've seen every video which you have put on your blog.

I tried going gluten free for a few months because you said that could help people with Asperger's Syndrome. I didn't notice a difference with me. Most of the gluten free stuff doesn't taste very good. I like rice bread though. Buying gluten free things can be expensive.

Now, I'm moving to Dallas at the end of April to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. I noticed that your office is 25 minutes away from the college. I would still love to get treated because I have some issue other than the Asperger's Syndrome that I would love to get looked at. I have this toenail fungus that I've had for years. It just recently got worse because it spread to all the nails on one foot.

I'm having issues with asthma. I think it's asthma anyways because I get weezy for no reason these last two months. I've always had sports induced asthma, but I never got weezy out of the blue. This started after I had a fevers which lasted for a week and went up to 102.6 degrees. It was very interesting that getting adjusted didn't get rid of my fevers because that that time I went to the Paker Seminar in Vegas. They finally went away when I took some antibiotics. When I was sick, I had these coughing fits which progressively worse. I was coughing and getting stuff out of my lungs. Since I went to the doctor, the cough has gotten less and less. However, it's still a little there because I'd never cough or get weezy out of the blue before I got sick.

I know that you are all about function and don't care what I have. It's so interesting that you are going against what many people are telling their patients. I'm very interested in specializing in your field because it makes the most sense. Do I have to wait to do that until I'm done with chiropractic school?? I want to help people like me. My mom has Bi-Polar. I would love to help her.

Like I said that I'm going to Parker. So, I'm still going to be a poor college student. Six hundred dollars is a whole bunch of money which I certainlly don't have. I think you would be pretty worth it. I'm just wondering if I can have my student loans pay for treatment. I have no idea. I'm not going to work when I'm in chiropractic college. I know that it's important to be under chiropractic care as a student and when I become a doctor myself. I just want to help my body run at a 100 percent because that would really help with chiropractic school.

Do you have any Parker students shadow you to see what you do?? There are so many syles of chiropractic out there.



Monday, February 07, 2011

John's Birthday Party

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Me and My Camera

This is me playing around with my new camera that I got for this Christmas. I love it because I can take pictures and videos. I kept this clip because I think it's funny. I deleted some videos that I made before this because I was seeing how everything works.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Parker Seminar 2011 Las Vegas

What does all of these pictures have in common?? You guessed it!! Public Health! That was easy because the sticker was in all three. What else does these pictures have in common?? This one is much harder. Chiropractic!!!! Dr. Scott Phillips is adjusting a Parker Chiropractic College admissions representative. How come giving adjustments is part of public health?? Getting rid of nerve flow interferences allows central nervous system to be in full control of the body. Being in regular chiropractic care, the CNS has the greater capacity to communicate with the rest of the body at a 100 percent. The second picture has to do with sanitation on a chiropractic table. The paper prevents viruses and bacteria to multiply and to be passed on to each person who lays his or her face in that area. The third picture is a device that decompresses the vertebrae and stretches the muscles in the lower back. It can stretch the muscles in the legs too.

This was for my public health 100 class. Everyone had to take a picture, post it on the class's blog, and define what is public health to them. I wanted to post it on Lizzie too. I loved the Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. I need to expose myself to more chiropractic throughout the year. That means I need to visit a whole bunch of chiropractors throughout the area. Good news!!! Sue said that I don't have to drop my profession when I have children. I can still practice chiropractic while still being a parent. I am so happy. She recommends that I keep practicing so I can still be on the top of my game if anything happens to my husband. She said that if I quit when I have children, it would be so much harder to start up again. Plus, I would have to go back to school. She said in today's economy, both parents have to work. Well, I'll see what my husband does for a living.

My parents gave me a camera for Christmas. This is how I took the pictures at the Seminar. The last picture is a picture of me. I don't know why I don't update my profile picture for blogger. I always do for facebook. When I started this blog, I didn't want to post any pictures of me on this blog because of privacy concerns. I don't really care now. My last name isn't still on this blog though. It will never be.