Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Amazing Race and the Stupid Cold

Last night, I participated in BYU's Amazing Race. I thought that it would be like the TV show. Nope, I just 1.5 to two miles all around campus to these "not like the TV show stations." All our hints were just what building to go to next and either wait for 10 minutes while doing some activity or try to accomplish something in the least amount of time. Then, I had to wait for about an hour to see if I got a Tee-shirt. I really wanted it, but didn't get it. The group that got first was a bunch of guys. Figures. They needed to make the groups for fair. Plus, I don't think the routes for every group was fair too. Oh well.

Ack!!! I just spent 45 minutes watching the real Amazing Race. I need to do laundry and go to the temple. Well, I hope that I'll have my own adventure when I go to South Korea this spring and summer. It would be fun to be in the Amazing Race. However, probably it would be really competitive just to be in the show. Plus, probably there would be lots of running. I hated running around all across campus last night. Yuck!!! At least Lilly pushed me. In high school, she was the one that pushed people in the back in cross country. I'm pretty humble, so I didn't mind her pushing me. I actually appreciated it. I could tell that she did it a lot because she was pretty good. I needed some conditioning.

I need to be more prepared for the up coming tournament. It just sucks because I haven't been doing BJJ. Instead, I was taking care of my mental health as well as my spiritual health on top of school. Now, my mental health is pretty much taken care of. My spiritual health is always going to be a work in progress. Now, my physical health isn't letting me do BJJ because I have a blasted cold. Yesterday morning, I had the most painful sore throat I had in years. I remember having a sore throat in high school when singing. This one, everything is going back into my throat. It's coating my voice box which is making my voice really funky. I sound like a guy whose voice is changing. I can't hit any high notes. I wanted to hum along with my I-Pod yesterday. I couldn't hum/sing very well because of this stupid cold. I have never had a cold which affected my voice this this before. It's pretty interesting. However, a lot of more people are saying "What" to me now because of it.