Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

This is going to be a short one because I need to go to school tomorrow. Plus, I'm tired. My vacation was lots of fun. I went to church in Anaconda today. It was really cool because every one came up, hugged me, said hi, and asked about me and my family. I miss getting hugs. I remember getting lots of them in when I lived there. In the singles ward and student ward, no one hugs or shakes hands. We just say hi to each other. The only person that I hug was Stefanie. She was only here for the Spring. I'll write more about Anaconda tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Driving is Boring

I hate driving. I'm in Missoula right now because I wanted to get a skirt for tomorrow. I want to go to church tomorrow in Anaconda. However, it 12 AM and still have two more hours of driving. I hate this. I left pretty early. I don't know where the time went. UGG!!! Plus, hopefully I'll have enough money just to get home. I need to check my bank account tomorrow to look at the balance. This is why I spent a good half an hour just looking for the internet. I didn't mean to take this long though. Well, I need to start driving again. :( Hey, I got a B plus in stats. I thought that's OK. I worked my butt off in it. I wish it was an A- though.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Missing Provo

So, this is really stupid. I found out that I can have the internet at my Grandma's house the last night that I stay here. Of course, I can't be on it for very long because I have to go to bed. I'm going to drive three hours to Priest Lake tomorrow. I hate driving!!!! I'm very tired of driving long distances. After my incident when driving home from Ephrata, I don't feel like driving any more. On Monday, I have to drive with my Dad to Spokane for a eye appointment. At least, I'm getting new glasses. Then, I'll drive back with him. So, I'll be in a car for six hours on Monday. At least, I'm going to read instead of driving. I'm going to let Dad do that.

So, it looks like that I'm going to have a few days of camping instead of a whole week. I'm planning leaving on Thursday, spend the night in Anaconda, leave on Friday, and go to Lagoon on Saturday with Courtney. I might want not want to do that if I love camping too much. I don't know. It's going to take six and a half hours to go to Anaconda from Priest Lake instead of my regular four. That totally sucks!!! Hopefully, dad will fix everything in my car. If he does, I think that I'd be able to listen to my books on CD better. Right now, my car is so noisy when going around 80 miles per hour.

Man, I miss the internet!! I also miss BJJ. I wanted to go to Spokane BJJ today. However, Mom suggested that I shouldn't because we were getting ready to leave today by buying and getting everything out of storage. However, the bottom of my thighs are killing me right now because of the lunges that I did on Thursday night. Two muscles towards the side of each thigh are really sore. It really hurts going down stairs. Plus, they hurt when going up them and transition from standing to sitting. It sucks really bad. I'm not used to my thighs always hurting when I do a certain movement. I just hope that they'll start feeling better. I'm starting to think that I enjoyed myself better at home than this vacation. It's nice seeing the family. However, I really miss the internet, BJJ, having my own space, a bed, and not driving all the time.

It's been really nice seeing Miss Piggy, our cat that lives with Grandma. It turns out that I'm bugging Grandma because I'm get too loud when watching TV. She sleeps upstairs with her door open. I watch TV downstairs. Instead of complaining, she could have shut her door and the door that leads to downstairs. She said that she didn't want to latter door because the cats only has a litter box downstairs. However, she could have made sure there were no cats upstairs. She also could have used ear plugs if she had them. However, she just made comment instead stating she couldn't decide whether she wanted to put me down or Cinder yesterday. Cinder is a dog that she had since I was little. I remember him as a puppy. I think he was almost 15 years old. Miss Piggy is 11. He had to be put down because his hips gave out and has been blind since April. I could take offense of what Grandma said to me today also. I told her that I was sorry that I'm too loud sometimes. Well, tonight is better because I'm not watching TV.

I wrote this to Roberto when I first started and joined his website:

Hey Roberto,

You know me. I had lots of fun tonight. Thanks for saying that I can join for free. I'm really happy because as a college student, I don't have that much money to spend. Thanks alot. I'm just hoping that there is going to be more instruction on Wednesday because tonight there wasn't that much. There was just lots of practicing. I have lots a fun grappling with you. Hey, teach me how to get your arms because I couldn't do anything even though I was in mount. (I still don't know how to yet.)

Oh ya, I wanted to mention about Goju-Ryu, the style that I'm half way towards a black belt in. This is the website of the dojo I trained in: The Family Karate Center. (If the link isn't working, it's . There's lots of links that you can look through to learn more about the art that I trained in. There are a few videos that my Sensei made for the kata I have learned. I have learned all of them expect that last. That's brown belt level. I'm a purple belt.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going through internet withdrawls

I'm going to post what I have written the past few days. I miss the internet badly. I'm always on it all the time. Now these past few days, I haven't been on in it and miss it badly. The internet makes my life easier by having having Google Maps, checking to see how much money I have in my bank account, and seeing the dojos I can go since I'm in Spokane. Without the internet, I feel sad and lost. Being on the internet makes me very happy. This sounds really awful. Last year, I would have to take breaks from the internet because I spent way too much time on it. Now, I can't even take a break from it because I need to use it for valid reasons. Thus, making my life a little difficult.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It’s late and I’m not tired yet. Ugg. Story of my life. I was getting depressed because I didn’t have the internet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I’m going crazy because I don’t have the internet. I need to check my balance in my bank account. I need to print a route to Ephrata so I won’t get lost tomorrow. I’d much rather be writing this on my blog. However, I just sit and get distracted by the TV. Since we don’t have TV, I like to watch it at Grandma’s house. Thus, I waste my vacation time. I’ll try to be better tomorrow.

So, I went to my old dojo today. Today was sparring class. Nothing really happened during it. We stretched without warming up of course. It takes like a half an hour. Then, we did frontward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, wheel barrows, and piggybacks. Mariah just got her Black Belt in June. She was a purple belt when I first started in the dojo. A guy that I worked with tonight was a blue belt now. When I left, he was a white belt. I don’t know his name, but I like working with him.

We learned some combos from the jab and cross. I don’t remember much of them. First, we did a jab, jab, cross, and roundhouse to the leg or body. It depends where we focus the punches. If we focus them on the face, I’ll throw one to the body. If I mix it up with head and body, I can kick to the head. Then, we did a jab, jab, cross, round house, and spinning back kick. We did the back kick because the other guy moved his leg. We worked on a some sweeps. When ever the blue belt swept me, I would most of the time land on my back. Whenever I did that, I would put my knees to my chest to be ready for him to fight back. He really noticed that. He said that I looked ready to defend. In reality, I was because of my training. I was way more comfortable punching at his head now because I’m more aggressive now.

Since I’m getting tired and need to go to bed, I’ll tell you about sparring. We started from our knees. I sparred with the blue belt. Before when working with him, he could tell that I’ve improved. I mounted him, but he threw me off. He armbarred me when he was in his guard. I wanted to go again, however our time was up. Then, I sparred with this white belt that didn’t know anything. So, I worked with him. I could tell he was out of shape because he took a little break when working with him. I wanted to teach him more things, but our time was up again. Then, I went up against Mariah. She kept a good open guard. However, I passed and mounted her. Then, I choked her with my below and above her neck.

The last one was a brown belt. I mounted him really easily. When mounted he kept on trying to throw me off by pushing me with his arms. With him giving me his arms like that, I armbarred him twice. When I beat him the first time, I told him not to expose his arms, but did anyways. I used what Brian taught me by pushing his face with my hand to get my leg around. I really wanted to spar with Levi, but kept on saying no. He said that he’ll only spar with the teens because of his knee. He said it’s a progressive injury. I guess it’s pretty bad. I really wanted to spar with him to see how good he is. Oh well.

I did pretty well. I’m just glad that Levi didn’t make me sit out in one of the rounds like he did with other people. When working with beginners who doesn’t really know about grappling, it makes me feel better about myself because I actually beat people. It’s really cool because I never beat anyone. With the blue belt, I lost partly because he’s stronger than me. So, I’m getting better. I’m just thinking about if I need to really work on striking. I think that any experience that I get with striking and working with other people is good. If I get into MMA, I think that I’ll resort to the ground because I’m more comfortable on the ground. It’s a lot slower on the ground than on the feet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I’m watching more cage fighting on TV. When I first watched UFC on paper view for the first time, I thought it was pretty boring. It’s probably because I didn’t know the fighters. I know if I want to keep a following on the fighters, it’s going to take time which I don’t really have during school. Right now, I’m watching a lot of TV. The last two nights, I watched WEC and the Ultimate Fighter. Earlier today, I watched a show that was all about Chuck Ledell. He’s one of the guys that I watched on UFC 100. I thought that it was pretty interesting. When watching it, I commented when watching the show. Evan knows all the classes between belts. He knows a few things about fighting. He said it’s more interesting that boxing. I agree that boxing is really boring. I think that this type of fighting is the most interesting to watch out of all the martial arts. I mean when I watch the art that Supergroup practices, it doesn’t look that real. I know that they are punching and kicking for real. However, they don’t throw and punch to the face. So, they get all of these body shots. They can kick to the head. I thought that Hapkido looked better.

So, watching these fighters fight was interesting. Most of these fighters protect their heads really well. Sometimes, they get hit in the face, but keep on fighting. Sometimes when getting kicked or punched in the head, they’ll get knocked out. When watching Fighting Science, I learned that’s a severe concussion. I know that’s not good and will catch up to you when one gets older. Muhammad Ali has Parkinson Disease because of his boxing career. It’s the disease where people can’t control their tremors. They slowly get worse while their mind still is sharp. Yuck, I wouldn’t like that. I’d much rather get choked out than knocked out. Getting chocked out is relatively safe and has no lasting damage.

So, when watching these fighters, I could tell that they made some mistakes from my view anyways. One guy had another guy's back. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t choke the guy sooner. Then when a guy was on another guy’s mount, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t armbar the guy because he was really exposing his arms. I heard someone screaming to armbar him many times. He still won because he just ground and pounded him in the face. I’m getting better at seeing things which is good.

Ugg. I need to do something for my training. Today, I haven’t done anything. I just know I’m going to stick with BJJ for a very long time. When I move, I just need to find the right teacher. I’m just thankful that I found Roberto during the my first year of schooling in Provo. I have no clue when I’m going to graduate. However, I’m thankful that I’m going to have sometime to train with Roberto. My quality of training is so much better now than what it was. When being a wheelbarrow last night, I noticed it was easier for me to walk on my hands. Normally, I struggled to walk of them. This time I didn’t which is good.

Well, I’m going to go to Ephrata tomorrow. Evan’s watching TV right now while playing his phone. Right know, it’s almost two thirty in the morning. I need to go to bed because I want to get up at a reasonable time to go to Ephrata. This morning, I got up at 12:30. Mom says that I should get up at 8:00 tomorrow. I know that I won’t do that because probably I have Evan turn off the TV at three. I’m interested in the show that he’s watching anyways. Plus, I’m just a little tired right now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Working with Brian

I'm finally finished with laundry. Now, I need to pack and organize my room before I leave. I'm going to leave tomorrow (actually today) for Anaconda, Montana to visit Karla, a friend from high school that I haven't seen since I graduated. I'm writing now because my sleep schedule is screwed up again. It seems like that I'm always battling with this because I love to stay up late. It's always because I want do something other than going to bed, mostly writing in this. Lately, it's been bad when I go to bed because when I write about BJJ, I get all excited and start thinking about it. Then, I spend a half an hour laying in my bed trying to fall sleep. I had trouble falling asleep when I read Harry Potter or the Tennis Shoe Series books. I learned not to do that. Now, I don't know if I can do that because I love writing in this before and about BJJ before I go to bed.

I think it's sort of cool that a few people visit this blog. Pretty much all the new visitors from Google don't stay for very long. I love writing and telling how my day went or about BJJ. Actually, it's mostly about BJJ because all of the other parts of my life is boring. I don't know how often I can update this in the next two weeks. I'm just totally excited about Priest Lake, being outside of the world, doing nothing, and being with my family. I love camping!!!!

I went to the BJJ BYU club yesterday. I really liked it. We worked on the armbar from guard. Colin was teaching to put my foot on the guy's hip to spin to the other side so I can get my leg past their head and behind their neck. Roberto taught me that I need to my foot on the floor instead of the person's hip because placing a foot on his hip will tell him what I'm doing. (Note: In my blog, I'm referring to a hypothetical training partner as a guy when I try to describe moves because my main training partners are all guys.) He said to work on this one because placing your foot on the floor is trickier. I don't know. To me, it's the same thing. Then, we went through four escapes from side mount. I knew that I couldn't use three of them they weren't fast enough. They had to many steps. One I saw I could use if I learned and memorized the movement. I only went through it four times. The other escapes I went through twice. They didn't make much sense.

I got to spar with Charity, the girl who one the tournament a few weeks ago. She is pretty slippery and squirmy. She's easier than the guys that I spar with at the dojo. She had me on my back a couple times. The first time, I turned over. The second time, I noticed that she locked her feet when on my back. I wasn't really concerned about getting choked. So, I triangled her feet. When sparring, I told her that she's easier than the guys I spar with. She said, "Thanks?" I told her that I was sorry that I was bad at attacking. I had her in mount a few times, but Upaed me the first time. I tried again, but she slithered away. Ya, I'm not very good on mount. She called me a spider when sparring.

Then, I worked with Brian. Actually, I have lots of respect for the guy. I know he's better than Chuck. I think he's even better than Dan. It's hard to tell because they are so much heavier than me. I could tell that Brian is heavier than Dan though. It was really fun to work with him because he told me all the moves I could do from mount, north south, and side. I don't remember all of them. However, I do remember the one in north south. He said to drive towards the leg, grab the calf, turn pull, while still pushing on them. That takes away their base.

Brian said to do the triangle at an angle towards the hand. It's much tighter that way. He said to be always aware of where's your body weight and your limbs on mount. He said that your body is like a table. You can use your head even to balance on one side. He taught me an arm lock from mount which I haven't seen before. While doing it, it seems like you aren't doing anything. However, the guy on the receiving end can feel it.

He said while the person is in the side position, put your foot right next to their stomach so they can't grab it and sweep you. Then, thread your arm through theirs and hook it grab your own gi. He said a good way to prevent anyone from blocking your leg when doing the arm bar is to run your hand across their face to make them look down. Thus, they are blocked from countering me. Brian said that slow is smooth is fast.

When working with him, I could tell that he has tons of experience with BJJ. He can do anything he wants pretty much. He said that he's a purple belt and practiced for 10 years. I don't know how long he took his break from BJJ. It's been quite awhile because he feels like he doesn't know anything. However, I know that Roberto said when you start sparring, you'll remember it just like that. I really liked working with him because it felt like I was being given a private lesson. I was asking him a lot of questions. He kept on answering them and showing all these different moves. I don't remember them all. However, I think my game improved by working with him. He said that most people don't work with him that much because he's really big and tall. He said that people get intimidated by him. I feel really comfortable working with him because I know he won't hurt me. I like working with big guys because I have to really rely on technique.

When working with him, I accidentally kicked him in the groin. He just started laughing. Then, we continued. I felt sort of bad because I kicked Chris a few time there yesterday. Chris did knee me in the groin yesterday. Guys should wear cups. I'm trying to be careful, but I don't want to worry about hitting them either. Oh well. Probably it's just as well because they have to be careful about wear they put their hands on my chest.

So, I got kicked in the face while working with Brian. A girl was thrown and her foot landed on my face. At first, I was OK. Then, I started crying because it hurt and plus, I was hit pretty hard. That concerns me because I thought I was going to get over that. Brian asked me if I was OK twice. I need to learn how to control these emotions. Like I said, it's hard because I cry pretty easily.

Brian agrees with Roberto that BJJ is the best style out there. I thought that was interesting. He said that a his teacher went up against a three hundred pound boxer and won by armbarring him. He said that before the took that long break, he beat a third degree black belt, I think in Kenpo. However, Brian had 10 years experience and the other guy had three. Brian agrees that BJJ is better because it has full resistance. He said that he hates kata. He wanted to learn how to fight instead of dancing. I laughed when he said that. Kata is good. However, one needs to focus more on working with a full resistant person instead of air most of the time. I just thought of something. BJJ is probably different from any other martial art because we don't have to hit people to get them to submit. I'd much rather learn an art where I can use my brain and body without being afraid of getting hit.

I knew I would write a long post. It took two hours to write this. That's why I held out so long. After BJJ, I wanted to write, but watched fight quest. Then, my visiting teachers came by. After that, I wanted to go to bed. However, I made myself to do laundry. I took a nap for three hours. I wanted to sleep more, but my mind woke up and kept on thinking about BJJ. That told me that I should get up and do some more laundry. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to sleep, get ready, organize my room, pack, and leave a reasonable hour. The drive to Anaconda is six hours.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a Girl

Man, I'm tired. BJJ was fun and not that painful. However, I did feel my bruises in on my shins and feet when working with Chris. Both of us were switching back and forth with one is trying to mount the other. First, we used butterfly guard to try to sweep the other to get to mount. The other person is trying to pass the guard and mount them. I liked working with Chris because our skill level and strength level is about the same. He's really skinny and light. So, I have a better chance against him. When working with him, I actually put my knee on his stomach so I can get into mount. I thought that was pretty cool because I haven't done that before. No one has done that to me except Ethan.

I used the scissor sweep against Chris today. It worked; however, he put his knees up so I couldn't flop on him. When I get into side or full mount, I tend to flop on the person. So, I knock the wind out them. :) It's pretty funny actually. When sparing with him, I ended up into his guard. He kept on pulling me down when I tried to pass his guard. Pinky and I kept on telling him that it wasn't doing anything. I knew he was wasting his strength. I was in his guard for quite awhile because I didn't have enough strength to keep him from pulling me down into his chest. I finally passed it, mounted him, and won. I found out that when I get on top of him, he can't really breathe because I'm so heavy. I thought that was interesting.

I sparred with a new guy named Baylin today. He's 21 years old, a student of Chuck's, weighs about 170 pounds, goes to UVU, and taller than me. With every new person, Roberto makes them spar with everyone to see where they are at. So, I was the first person that he sparred. This was the first time I didn't get nervous when sparring with a new person. I did pretty well. I swept him when he mounted me. I love that because being in someone's guard is so much better than being mounted. I'm not very good in guard yet. I lasted quite awhile with him in his guard. I kept on trying to pass it, but couldn't. He finally got me into a triangle and jointed locked my elbow at the same time.

I need to watch more videos about passing someone's guard. It really helped with the scissor sweep. Roberto doesn't get into that much detail when describing a move. I was crappy at butterfly guard because of that. I didn't know how to sweep Chris. I just need to see a move a lot of times so I won't forget it. I don't think I'll forget the scissor sweep anytime soon.

Roberto was pretty impressed because I lasted seven minutes with him. It didn't seem that long. Roberto said it's because time flies when sparring. Baylin beat Chris pretty quickly. I think that Christian lasted longer than me. Pinky and Baylin fought forever. Roberto finally stopped it declaring that they tied. I talked to Roberto about sparring with guys.

Baylin said I'm tough after we sparred. I asked Roberto along the lines of why new guys always think I'm tough. It's because I'm a girl. I'm not as strong or athletic as them. I'm the slowest when we run. He said that when I get to spar with other girls, it will be easier because all I do is spar with guys. I would think that most girls in a dojo would always spar with guys too. However, I noticed that at BYU, girls always like to spar with the other girls. Again, I was brought up sparring and working with guys because they are my size. I'm a lot taller and heavier most girls. I'm just glad that Roberto noticed an improvement today. Yay!! Now, I'll go to the BYU club tomorrow to see how much I've improved. I just hope that there will be people there since finals are over with.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Scissor Sweep

OK. Well, I've been thinking what types of sweeps that I know. So, far only three. Two from guard and one from mount. Here's one of the scissor sweep from guard:

I really like this video because it shows lots of variations. I really like the set ups to armbars and triangles. I have to remember this video when I feel comfortable with those two techniques. I haven't been able to pull them off when sparring. The only armbars that I've done so far is from mount.

I forgot. I know the sit-up sweep from guard too. I didn't know it was called this until the guy in the video above called it that. This is a move that I learned from Coach Pease. We drilled it a lot. The key is to drive your hips into the guy and make sure to catch his arm so he can't block the sweep. I need to remember that he he sits back and doesn't have an arm blocking me, I can sweep him. I don't know if I pulled this off during class at BYU.

I found an article explaining the scissor sweep in detail. It even explains to push knee when he has his base. It's called Stupid Simple Scissors Sweep. I found another article about the basic sweep. I'm reading and watching everything I can about this sweep right now. It seems like that if I have a heavier opponent, I have to really pull on him or just push on his knee.

Now, I'm watching more videos about the sweep. It's another one about changing the sweep into an armbar.

This video reminds me to get on my side:

Scissor sweep from spider guard:

Sit-up sweep to scissor sweep:

David, this is what I was talking about pushing at the knee instead of the whole leg. In this video, he says to push on the knee at an angle instead of straight back.

In the videos I've been watching, one can end with a cross collar choke. This one shows an Americana.

If the guy grabs on to my obi, I can slide my left hand under his, lift to grab his elbow, make a figure four, and then pull to make him lose his grip. I practiced a scissor sweep by myself. At first, I got confused and put the wrong foot down when shrimping. Now, I'm pretty comfortable with it because I watched ten billion times now.

This is the mount sweep I'm talking about. It's called Upa. It's a cool name. I do it when they try to choke me. They do that because I hide my elbows inside their thighs to not expose my arms. If I do that, any one could do an arm bar for me. I don't have the strongest arms.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watching Videos Works

This post is going to be small because I've been goofing around instead of studying for stats. I still have to go through one more lecture and tomorrow I have to take the final. I'll make sure that I'll go through all of it. However, I don't know if I'll go through the practice test.

I'll tell you something, watching the internet does work. First, here's the Aikido rolls which I need to work on. I like this video the best.

This is another move that we have worked on. We don't exactly do that move, however the concept is the same. I just need to remember to slide my leg across his stomach and pull the guy forward. We do the Scissor Sweep when they have a skinny base. If they have a wide base like me, we do all the same motions, but put the foot on the knee and drive it backward to sweep him.

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Scissor Sweep Move from Guard Position -- powered by

I did a variation of this guard pass on Christan today. I saw that he was going to grab one of my feet so I moved them towards the center.

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No Holds Barred Guard Pass -- powered by

I used this counter on Taz today. However, he rolled over instead. It still worked because I got out of the triangle. I watched more of his guy's videos, but all of the were too advanced. So, they don't apply to me.

Ссылка: The Fighter's Arsenal BJJ Jacen Flynn: A-Hole Defense

I'm getting better. I'm pretty much sweeping mostly everyone who mounts me. However, I'm still very rusting in being someone's guard. Good thing that we worked on that a lot today. I was taught another guard pass. However, it was really hard to pass Christian because he kept on wanting to armbar me. I'm not very good defending at that position yet. He armbarred me twice. Once from mount because Roberto was in the way of my sweep and one from being in his guard. I went up against Exzavior (I have no clue how to spell his name) twice. He's eight or ten years old and a yellow belt. He's so small. I know I suck at attacking because I was having trouble submitting him. I'm suppose to submit him a lot faster because I'm much heavier than him. So, I won with an armbar from mount the first time. Then, I tried it again. He got out. So, we did the BJJ circle. I mounted and choked him. Ya, I really suck at attacking.

I cried again today because I was shooting wrong when we were drilling a move. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. Roberto made me do twenty push ups. I almost got upset about that, however just focused on using all of my arms when doing knee push-ups. When I get tired and want to stop, I have a tendency to use my thighs when I want to rest a little when I come up from the push-up. I know that doesn't help me any. So, I did a little more than 20 push-ups. Then, I had watch Christan shoot while Taz did the takedown defense. I got upset because Roberto didn't tell me what I was doing wrong and give me a second chance. So, I started crying. Roberto asked me what was wrong a couple times. I didn't speak because I knew what I was crying about was stupid. I knew that if I would speak, I would have cried harder. So, it was easier to just leave it alone. My feelings just got hurt.

I was kicked in the groin today. This was a first for me. Taz was doing a simple sweep that we learned today. I was standing and he was on the ground. Instead of putting his foot on my stomach, he put it in my groin. So, I yelled out in pain and went down. Roberto asked me why I yelled. I motioned towards my groin and he understood what happened. Good thing there wasn't any pain after it happened. Good thing I'm not a guy either because I'm sure it would have hurt worse.

I knew this wouldn't be small. It took me two hours to find the videos and write this. Ugg. I wanted to go to bed at 12. I was thinking about not posting anything. However, I know a few people read this now. So, I started writing. It's hard to stop when it's about something that you love. I'm just glad that today wasn't as painful or frustrating as Monday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rolling, Pain, and Emotions

Gerr. I hate this. I want to write so bad right now. However, I ran out of time. I read all of David's posts that he wrote today. Then, I watched two UFC fights. UFC is kind of boring. Maybe I'll appreciate more when I get farther into BJJ. Anyways, I had fun today at BJJ. However, I was depressed after I left because I got frustrated with forward rolls. I though that I was doing them right. However, Dan and Cory corrected me. I have a wrong foot forward when rolling. So, I have to start kneeling and work myself upwards because we do lots of rolling in the beginning of class. Now, I believe Dan because I watched a few Akido videos about rolling. I remember that when I went to the Akido dojo in Spokane, the Sensei there taught me to how roll correctly. Then, when I started at Sensei Villa's dojo, I didn't really roll that often. So, I pretty much forgot how to roll and made up my own way. Dan says that my rolls don't look very good.

Dan also says that I get too emotional when I spar. He said that when he spars, there's no emotion on his face. I don't think I can do that because I love sparring. It really saddens me that I have to stop and wait for my turn again. No one picks me. However, Roberto picked me today which made me really happy. I just love sparring aka grappling. I can spar time after time after time. I think it's so much fun. Dan keeps on saying try to think three moves ahead. My brain doesn't think that fast yet. I have to get comfortable in a position first like being mounted. I know what to do more on my back because I'm constantly on it.

Roberto says that I have to learn how to defend myself. Then, when I really good at that, I'll learn finishing moves. I just want to learn how to defend myself more quickly. However, I need to be more patient with myself. It's just so frustrating that everyone beats me all the time. However, Dan said we can't think about that. It doesn't matter if we lose or not, it matters that we get better and learn BJJ. Well, one day I'll be able to hold off all the orange belt. One day. All I'm doing is defending. We learn how to attack from the guard. However, I'm someone is never in my guard. I'm always in theirs trying to defend these blasted triangles and armbars.

Oh ya, Roberto did notice that I did cry a little when finished sparring with Cory on Saturday. He told a new guy about it. When grappling, I don't think I can hide my emotions. I have never been good that that for my entire life. I can't hide when it that I'm almost wanting to cry. Over the years, I've tried to hold my emotions in until I get away from public. I either let it come out or it goes away eventually. I noticed that if I let it come out, I feel better afterwards. I know that I always smile when sparring. I love it!!! I was grunting and somewhat yelling when Dan went on top of me. He's so heavy that he just squishes me. Well, soon I'll be able to beat guys who are stronger than me with technique. Probably, all girls has this problem when grappling with guys. I know girls are easier to beat because I'm stronger and heavier than them.

Today, Roberto told me to stop always asking him if I'm improving. I never asked Sensei Villa that. However, I always asked Mr. Merhns that when I threw in high school. I really appreciated when he encouraged all the time. I just need to remind myself that it just takes practice and patience. I was such a crappy discus thrower in seventh grade. I remember not being able to bowl with it, let alone throw the darn thing. I liked shot put better. However, as time went on, I started to like disk better and better. That was all I focused on when I was a senior. I almost made it to state. Mr. Merhns said that I threw 100 feet when I practiced. I know that I threw above 90 feet during divisional. Maybe, I'm just missing the competitive aspect of things. I mean I can be really competitive by doing BJJ because I can go to tournaments.

Well, I thought I was going to stop myself from writing this much because I have school in the morning. Gerr. I need to do stats. I need to suck it up and catch up. I've been thinking what David has posted. I like some parts of what he said. I don't have time looking through what he exactly said though. It's more like that we use a style or multiple ones to develop our own style because we use what works. We do that in BJJ. Geeze, there are thousands of submissions and counters in BJJ. I just need to pick what works for me. I'm just on the fence over who is right, David or Roberto. I don't know.

All I know is that my training is far better now than what it was Sensei Villa's. I'm not saying that the quality is better because Sensei Villa is a way far better than Sensei Chinen. It's just I enjoy this type of training better. It's a lot more painful though. Probably, it's more painful than Chinen's training too. Those knuckle push ups hurt. I'm thankful that I don't have to do them. When I was shrimping in the beginning of class today, I yelled because almost was kicked in the head. I told Roberto why I yelled. He said to stop complaining because he's training us to become fighters and sometimes we will be kicked in the head. I gave him a thumbs up and smiled. I know that I accidentally elbowed Dan in the face today. He told me to clip my finger nails while sparring. I scratched Dan and Pinky today. However, they aren't that long. I'll ask Roberto about it on Wednesday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Today

Well, it's my birthday today. Ugg, I have a tired headache. My head wants to go to bed. Today was nice because Sarah baked me two cakes even though I'm not really big on cakes. I'd much rather have ice cream. At least she enjoyed baking. I'm going to take the cakes to FHE tomorrow. I know that I usually don't go because I miss it. Tomorrow it's going to start a eight. So, I'll be a half an hour late. They are going to have dinner for an hour and watch the videos that the FHE groups made. So, I'm glad that I'll be able to join.

Six or seven girls came over for cake and to wish me a happy birthday. I was sang to twice which I thought was cool. One set sang and left. Then, another set came and sang to me. Lots of people on Facebook wished me a happy birthday. I remember just joining before my birthday last year, so not many people wished me a great day. I told everyone thanks and asked them how they were. Kristi responded and asked how I was. This is what I said: "Good. This week is finals, then I'll have two weeks off. Next week, I'm going to Montana to visit a friend that I haven't seen for years. Then, I'll be in Spokane for a few days. After that, I'll camp in Priest Lake for a week. On the 29th, I'll go to Lagoon with Courtney. (She's from Spokane and going to BYU like me.) I'm totally excited for my vacation!!!"

Chris Heimerdinger created a new blog today. He hasn't updated on his other blog for six months. Hopefully, he'll start writing in this one more. This is what I said on it: "Thanks so much for updating us. Ever since your website shut down, I periodically wondered about my favorite author. I meant to comment on your other blog, but somehow it forgot. I sort of think it as a gift for my birthday because it's my birthday today.

I would like to tell you that I love all of your books. I think that the Tennis Shoe Series are just as good as the Harry Potter Series. I couldn't put them down when I started reading them. I love those books because they have a lot of action, adventure, and humor.
I'm just thankful that I was able to read your website when it existed. I didn't really care about the forum. However, I did love the questions and answers part. I remember asking you about coffee inside of ice cream. You said that one should have that type of ice cream. Thus, I haven't had Mocha Almond Fudge ever since. That was at least five years ago. Those questions and answers strengthened my testimony when I was a teenager.

I'm sorry that it had to go and very sorry about the divorce. That really stinks. I'm glad that you remarried though. You should come to BYU and give a firesite for the student wards one of these days. That would be so cool. You are probably right that there are more bloggers than readers. I would read books more, but the internet loves to take all of my spare time.

I liked Passage of Zarahemla. To be honest, if I wasn't a fan, I would not liked it because of some of the cheesy parts and low production value. Since I read the book, I liked it. One part really reminded me of the Tennis Shoe Series which I enjoyed. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't profitable."

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I got scared

I just realized that tomorrow is my birthday. I knew it was on Sunday during the week, but then forgot about it. I'm going to turn 23 years old. That's still pretty young. However, it hit me how old I'm getting because that's close to 25. In a singles ward that's pretty old. At least it's not as bad as 30. I've only had one boyfriend in my life. That's Andrey. We are still good friends and still wear his ring that he gave to me towards the beginning of our relationship. I always play with it. It's a wonder that I haven't lost it for good. However, there has been some close calls. We dated for five months. I want to find a guy who's has that much in common with me. I haven't found a person like him guy or girl.

So, I've decided to put a social life to the side. Sarah has been wanting me to get on for a long time. I did pretty well in the winter. However, I didn't put 100 percent in my school work. I haven't been that social in the ward because of BJJ. She wanted me to get invite people from the ward to do things with. She said I can do that through texting. She wanted me to get a set of friends other than my roommates because talking to them doesn't count. I thought a lot about it. I'm deeply committed to school and BJJ. Having a social life would just distract from school. I want and have been 100 percent into school this term. My grades has showed it. Getting good grades make me so happy even though school is boring. I feel bad when I get average or bad grades. BJJ makes me so happy too. I'm in love with it. :) I skipped the ward camp out because I wanted to go to BJJ on Friday and today. Plus, I'm going to leave in a week and be gone for two weeks. So, I needed to go to BJJ. I wanted to get more homework done. However, I haven't yet. I need to cover three lectures today to catch up.

Today, we practiced MMA. So, we worked on our kicks. We lined up and kicked different types of kicks into a big pad which a person can hold. When kicking, Roberto said not to chamber when kicking the roundhouse. He said to try to go through and spin around. I did OK when kicking the air. However, I was horrible at the bag because I wouldn't kick high enough. Then we worked on knees. We had to do this flying knee which I haven't done before. Then, we did these flying double knees. When I held the bag for that, I was questioning it because no one really had any power behind it. Plus, we grabbed the person on each shoulders instead of one. Afterwards, Roberto said those knees are for when a person decides to shoot on you. That makes a ton more sense because one doesn't have to have a lot of power to knee someone in the head while they are shooting. Roberto needs to buy more pads so we don't have to stand in a line like that.

Then, I sparred with Cory. Cory hit me pretty hard. I got scared because I knew that he was going to hit me. I'm not used to being hit that hard in the butt, legs, and head. I don't like it. However, I know it's good for me because in real life, no one is going to hold back and have gloves on. It's going to hurt. I still got scared. I'm pretty sure that everyone saw because I didn't want to come in and attack. While watching people kicking the bag, Cory had the most power. So, I was at the receiving end of that power. It just scared me because those kicks hurt. Plus, I don't like being rocked when punched in the head. Plus, I was beginning to close my eyes which was even worse. Roberto said that I could quit, but I said no. I tried, but I shutdown in a way. When Cory took me down and sat on me, I wanted to tap out because I couldn't breathe. My fighting spirit wasn't even there. I went on my side so I could breathe and that exposed my arm. So, he armbarred me.

Afterwards, I felt like crying. Roberto asked me if I was alright and told me to get a drink of water. I talked to Cory and Roberto about being scared. Roberto said it just takes practice. He said I need to learn how to control my emotions. Cory said that when he started, he got scared too. He even turned to protect his head. He said that one gets scared, they've already lost. One gets so distracted about getting hit, that it doesn't allow them to achieve their goal. Even "Mom" said she got scared when she first started. Instead of getting into fight mode, I responded by wanting to flee from the hard hits.

I remember getting scared a little while sparring in my old dojo. However, no one hit me that hard before. I remember trying to turn away when sparring with Levi. He said that I couldn't do that because it makes it easier to get hit. I was thinking why I wanted to cry afterwards. Probably, that's natural because little kids start crying after they get scared. I'm not used to that emotion because I never get scared. Well that's not true. When I first started in Roberto's dojo, I remember getting scared a few times when rolling with a new person.

David's Comment and the Thread

I have lots to write about. I wish that I just had more time to write. Maybe, I should write about what's currently on my mind. I didn't write last night because I got distracted watching some how to videos on BJJ. I used something that I saw in the video that surprised Taz which was pretty cool. Instead of being on bottom in north south position, I went onto my back instead.

To response to David's comment two posts below, I asked Roberto about how one can be a better practitioner than a better style. I always thought that when I was in Goju-Ryu. I even asked him about kata. He doesn't not believe in kata. He said that David should go to a BJJ school in Spokane, ask for a match, and then see who wins. I know anyone who practices BJJ will in anyone who does karate or any other striking art. Sooner or later, the BJJ person will take them down and submit them. I asked Roberto why they teach it if it's a lesser art. He said just to make money. I realize that any average karateka can take on the average Joe on the street if they trained correctly. Most TMA schools don't teach self-defense anyways because of crappy teachers.

I agree that most fights will end up on the ground. Karateka just has to learn how to get up on their feet. Roberto said that BJJ is older than any other martial arts. I told him that I heard that it's a relatively young art. He said that the Samurai used Jiu-Jitsu when he and his opponent didn't have weapons. I asked him about how one has to worry about people's buddies on the street. He said that Samurai used Akido when when their opponent had a weapon and he didn't. Roberto said that he could take them down, break their arm, then worry about the other guy. I can see that because a few weeks ago when we were sparring, Roberto caught my hand, forced me down to the ground by wrist lock, and armbarred me very quickly. He probably knows other ways how to break someone's arm in that position.

In that thread that I talked about two posts below, someone mentioned that the average Joe could have some wrestling or football skills. Both are trained to take someone down. Most people aren't trained how to fight standing up. BJJ can be more applicable in the street than karate. I was thinking about how a woman can get attacked verses a guy. It seems like most guys end up fighting when they are in a bar or any type of drug is involved especially alcohol. Thus, they start in a standup position. Anyone could be mugged in the street. However, it's so much easier to give what they want than to fight for the money or jewelery. BJJ is very applicable to women because lots of men like to rape women. In those type of situations, it's necessary to learn how to learn how to fight on the ground. Roberto said that one doesn't have to learn how to strike to defend oneself.

Now about the thread. I can see why that David would say he doesn't like MMA'ers have big egos and think that they are better than everyone else. I see that lots of UFC guys has really big egos and talk smack all the time. I don't like that. People should love, be kind, and considerate to other people. I just much rather have a fighter be confident in their abilities, but not talk bad about other people. They could say that one is better fighter than the other I guess, but not in a derogatory way. Of course that offended the owner of the school which David commented about. He said that his fighters can defend themselves better than David and his students. I pretty much agree with him because cage fighting makes them well rounded fighters. However, I don't know if they know how to punch correctly without any gloves.

I agree with the owner that it's better to learn how to fight than not do it at all. He certainly impressed me when he said that his teacher is Royce Gracie. If that's he's real teacher, he knows what he's talking about. I disagree how the owner and another person handled David. They though David was lying when he punched Levi in the groin when Levi jumped into guard from standing position. I can see how that happen if Levi didn't hold on and David didn't fall with Levi. However, they just dismissed the whole idea saying it's impossible. I disagree with David when he said that Levi is a pretty credible grappler.

OK, OK. I agree that at some point experience does count with the person who does BJJ. One has to be taught effective ground techniques to win against anyone. I know that I'm much better ground fighter than standup. I may be able to take any one down and submit them if they didn't have any ground experience with a few months of training. It probably wouldn't matter if they had a black belt in karate if I got him or her on the ground. I just don't know how I would get them there because I suck at takedowns. I would just have to attack and commit 100 percent on the takedown and not fear getting hit. It's a lot less intimidating when one has a helmet on, so I don't have to worry about getting hit in the face.

I have to see Levi's grappling skills to make a full assessment. I didn't have anything to judge from when he taught us. I know that he was into more MMA style of grappling than BJJ. Hopefully, I can spar with him when I get into Spokane during the break. That would be so cool!!! It would be really nice to see everyone in the old dojo again. I forget where Levi learned how to grapple. I'm pretty sure that someone else other than Sensei Villa taught Levi. I was under the impression that Levi taught Sensei Villa and others how to grapple. Sensei Villa learned Judo as a kid, then was taught Goju-Ryu probably as a teen. I know that he was really good at tournaments as a young adult. I didn't hear him training in any kind of Jiu-Jistu.

I totally agree with Matt W who posted on this thread. "But it doesn’t change the fact that the sport training methodology, which is developed around principles of resistance, dynamic movement (compare focus mitt work with kata) and hard sparring tends to produce good fighters (in their respective ranges). Such training develops fighting fundamentals such as timing, movement, distancing, positional dominance in grappling, the ability to hit hard and take hard hits, etc. And those fighting fundamentals are just as applicable on the street as on the mat. And (I imagine here is where we are really going to disagree!) I don’t think those fundamentals can be developed without hard sparring and fully resistant training."

I love this quote from a guy who commented on this thread. I thought it was pretty funny. "Maybe all MMA fighters should bow to each other, yell loudly, and bounce around like kangaroos as they throw their straight punches and try to use the death touch on each other...." After these quotes, TMA and MMA started insulting each other especially David and the owner of the school. Finally, David apologized at the end of the thread, but the owner never apologized back. I don't want to post on that thread because of the insults and somewhat heated debating.

This post's point is to discuss how BJJ is better than karate at self defense and fighting. I somewhat don't like saying that because it says that I know all about Karate and BJJ. I'm not saying that I'm better or know more than others either. All I know is my experience with BJJ and Goju-Ryu and how they compare against each other. I'm willing to trust Roberto on this one too. I was thinking about the dirty tricks that a karateka can do during a street fight. One who does BJJ can do those tricks too, probably just as well as a karateka. I don't say it's better for personal enjoyment. I know that Supergroup loves Kata. I know that David loves to theorize and philosophize about it. He loves to post about abstract things which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It seems like karate is more of a religion to him.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm totally ecstatic right now because I got a 97% percent on the Scantron portion on the test!!!!! I didn't find out until tonight because the scores wasn't being posted on the TV like usual inside the Testing Center. I started yelling. When I walked out of my room to tell everyone, Sarah said that I couldn't to that because it was almost 10 P.M. Then, I told Rebeka and Preston. They were really happy for me. I'm so happy because have never got such a high grade on a test even at SCC. I give this high score to the TA's because they told me what I needed to know for the test. I love TA's!!! They make my life so much easier. They helped me so much during O-chem in the winter too. I survived and passed because of them. They help so much because they explain it where I can understand it. Plus, they emphasize what I really need to know for the test. It's pretty hard to pick out what one needs to know through the lectures and the book.

I'm so happy that I took it today because I would have ran out of time yesterday. They said it will take two to two and a half hours. I normally wait until the last second to take the test. I took the test for three hours and ten minutes. I don't usually like taking tests on the days I have BJJ. I missed two hours of it. That was a blessing though because I'd rather be late for BJJ than miss points on my test because I ran out of time. I took my time and checked all of my answers. I was thinking about not doing that because I wanted to get to BJJ as fast as possible. This kind of score makes me so happy. I'd rather do well in school and have fun with BJJ than have a social life any day that's for sure. I feel really bad when I get bad grades. I honestly hate it.

I'm so glad that I went to BJJ today even though I had 50 minutes of training. Roberto made me run around 10 times. I did my twenty push-ups and thought I was done. However, I was wrong because he said I needed to do 80 more. I had to do 100 push-ups total. Then, I did sit-ups/crunches for two minutes. When I first started, I did sit-ups until my abs couldn't take it anymore. Then, I did crunches for the rest of the time. Then, I sparred against everyone because loser stayed in. I managed a sweep when Pinky was on my mount. I defended better when I was in his guard too. I had a water break when Chris beat me. Then, I had to defend myself because Pinky and Taz went up against me at the same time. I just when into side position until they got me onto my back. Then, Taz armbarred me. I was so glad that Roberto worked me really hard for that short amount of time. I love sparring. I think it's because of the physical contact and stimulation. I just love rolling all over the place and going hard.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

BJJ VS Other Styles

I'm hungry and should be asleep already. I love being on the computer checking my email, facebook, and blogger. That's what I mainly spend my free time on. So, I went through all the lectures today. However, I skipped lab because of Sarah and Rebecka. I talked to them three to four hours last night. So, I fell asleep at four in the morning. That's why I didn't write. Sorry. However, I did read my scriptures which was good.

Ya, I figured that my sleep was more important than trying to stay away during lab. Now, I have to go through the practice test. I'm going to take the test tomorrow, so it's a late day. It's still Tuesday. I have to pay five dollars to take the test. I want to take the practice test during lecture because I always sleep during it. It's funny that I always sit the front row, right in front of the professor. One would think he'd get upset or some thing, but he doesn't. I'm glad that he doesn't care. I've only missed lecture and lab once so far. So, I'm doing pretty good. I'm still nervous for this test because it's going to be harder than the other two. Then, I'm going have to catch up for the yesterday's and tomorrow's lectures.

I was bad today and read most of a really long thread on Spokane Martial Arts Forum. It's 10 pages long, so I skimmed through to see what I liked. I can see both point a views. It's funny that it was started than none other than my good internet buddy David. He's the one who went to Sensei Chinen's dojo for a month. He created a huge debate about how MMA'ers have bad attitude by promoting their style is the best. It was pretty much TMA vs MMA. I was very interested in reading it because I'm having this debate with in myself. I mean Karate vs BJJ.

I know that my Sensei, Roberto, thinks that BJJ is the best style out there. He says that it can beat any other style. He even posted Youtube videos about it on his website. He's probably going to change those video's because he's has been constantly changing them. I don't really feel like posting them on my blog because they're old and don't reveal that much. The videos has a really good point though, styles that focus on striking are screwed if they fight against a person on the ground. The guy said that fights start first with striking, a clinch, then the ground. I keeping hearing that 90 to 95 percent of fights end up on the ground. I'm pretty sure that if I fought, I'd end up on the ground every time because of my bad balance. My standup sucks anyways. I just don't know how reliable that percentage is though. I've been thinking it's more to 75 to 80. So when I have more time, I'm going to read all of the and give more commentary about it. Probably, I'll post on that thread too.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

I Would Have Won :(

Sorry that I didn't write last night. I wanted to but went to bed because I got into one of my moods that I couldn't get out of. The only cure of that mood is sleeping. I was all nervous because I still really need to go though the lectures for stats. Which means that I need to do homework today. I really don't like doing homework on Sundays because they are the days to do other things. Plus, Heavenly Father likes it when we keep the Sabbath Day holy. I would wait until Monday, but I would get even more behind and wouldn't be enough time. I think that Heavenly Father would be disappointed in me. However, I really try and avoid doing homework on Sundays. I rarely do it. Rhea and Evan do it all the time.

Anyways, I found out that Chuck lost. He posted two videos of the (I think) the same fight. When I was watching it, I was glad that went camping instead. The fights are nothing like UFC, but that's because in UFC, they're professionals. I still think it would be cool to fight like that. However, one has to be able to withstand the pain. I wonder if it's really easy to get injured when fighting like that. My big toe knuckle is getting better. It's tight when I walk on it. It still hurts when I touch it. If I do fight, it would be a long ways away from me. I'm just glad that I have my Goju-Ryu training.

So, a girl posted some pictures of the Throwdown Tournament on Facebook. I turns out that I could have won if I went. I would have gotten a belt or a least a wooden sword. Vanessa wasn't even there. Rachel and Colman got wooden swords. Now, I really wish that I could have went. That would have so cool to be a winner of a tournament. However, I'm keeping telling myself that I needed to go to that Enrichment activity. I haven't seen people in the ward that much because of BJJ. On Friday night, we had a firesite where many girls asked the bishop multiple questions about dating and marriage. Through that, my testimony increased and received an answer about dating. I just need not to worry about it so much. The right man will come into my life that the right time. I know I'm not ready to get married yet and especially have kids. I'm happy at this stage of my life. I still working on things like time management and organization. I'm not ready for a guy to come into my life and distract me from school and BJJ. Right now, I'm already really busy.

It turns out that I'm going to miss BJJ training on Friday again because of an overnighter and boating activity with the ward. I feel bad that I haven't exercised since Wednesday night. I've been too busy with school, being with Mom, and camping. It has allowed my body to rest especially my big toe knuckle.


I took a two hour nap and cleaned up my room. Never mind about doing my homework on Sunday. I didn't have time to do it.

I had another BJJ dream this morning. I was dreaming that a guy really wanted my laptop. He tried to grab it, but I yanked it out of his hands. So, I grappled with him to defend it and myself. I remember that this guy had a cohort with him, but I don't know where he went. He was pretty good. I remember that I kept on moving it when fighting. I think it turned into some papers because it was easy to move. Then, I ended up killing the guy by choking him to death. I had this intense feeling that I usually feel when I think about my death. Then, he turned into this dead stuffed animal with it's long tongue hanging out. I didn't want to throw it away because I didn't want it to come to back to life and take it's revenge. I remember stretching it and feeling it had bones, a brain, and a heart. So, I cut it open to make sure it won't come back to life. By this time, it was more like a rat.

Chuck posted for videos of his fight. Ya, the other guy dominated the match. Chuck kept on being shoved into the wall. I noticed that when I spar with Chuck, he's pretty slow. Cory is better than him at BJJ. I last with Chuck a lot sooner that I do with Cory. I'm just wondering if I'd love fighting because I love sparring. I pretty much know how to strike. I just would be pretty nervous about being hit in the face. That's hurts. I get rocked and I'd be open for a takedown. I just wonder how people take the pain when fighting. I'm just worried that I'd concentrate on the pain instead of fighting.

I was looking through those Throwdown pictures on Facebook. The girl who posted them has short hair. It's making me wish that I had short hair. I've been thinking about it for a couple weeks now because of BJJ. Right now, I divide up my hair in three buns for BJJ. It still get pulled, but not all the way out which is nice. However if I have my hair short, I wouldn't have to worry about doing it all the time. Having short hair isn't that socially accepted. Lots of guys prefer girls with long hair. It's somewhat nice doing it on Sundays because one can look different depending on how one does their hair. I don't know though. Sarah and Rebecka says that I shouldn't.