Thursday, April 30, 2009

Journal writing and grades

I'm so glad that my roommate reads her scriptures, writes in her journal, and prays everyday. It makes me want to do the same. If I see someone else writing in their journal, I want to do it too. That's why I wrote for a long time when I saw Tony's journal. He wrote in it every day. They were short entries. When I write, they tend to be long because I want to write about everything. Probably, these entries are going to be boring for people because my life isn't that exciting. Oh, well such is life.

Well, I do have some exciting news. I got a B+ in my Book of Mormon Class, and two B- in my neurobiology and O-chem classes. I was expecting a C in O-chem so I'm happy. I'm all right about my neurobiology because it was really boring and the final went horrible. I studied eleven hours for that thing and when I took it, it seemed like I didn't even study. I guessed on a lot of them. I was really freaking out during that final. Actually, I was freaking out about grades when I started getting a little below average on O-chem and neurobiology tests. Then, I stepped it up and still seemed like I was going nowhere. So, probably I'm going to get lower grades this term because I'm full time instead of part time. We'll see though because in the middle of last semester, I got a little lazy. Plus, I felt that I could have had one more class anyway. So, I'm just praying that this term will go well especially O-chem.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogs, Scriptures, and Classes

Ok. I need to get in the habit again of reading my scriptures and writing in my journal (my blogs) every night. When I was in high school, I'd start getting ready for bed around 10 to 10:30 P.M. I wrote a page and read my scriptures for an hour. I miss really studying the scriptures. Right now, I'm just reading random scriptures or quotes by the general authorities. I want to get back what I was doing before my mission and school.

Classes started today. It took me forever to decide what to take this spring, summer, and fall. I didn't want to have an overload with classes because BYU is really, really hard. I wish they'd hurry up and post my grades for last semester. I want to call Brother Adams and tell him how I did.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ratings for my winter professors

I had my last class yesterday in school. Now I'm giving rating for all of my classes. This is to Dr. Savage, my O-chem professor" "I liked your class. This is one of the hardest classes I've ever taken in my life. It's tied with Calculus. I sort of wish that you weren't such a hard grader. I've come across instructors who grade as hard as you. However, I do like the professors that give partial credit and the benefit of the doubt. However, probably that doesn't matter in your class because we are graded based on class ranking. You should put that on your syllabus so we know that everyone is competing against each other. I really like how you lecture, teach, and how you let people ask questions inside of class. You are kind of intimidating though. Thanks for picking very good TA's. I love them because they have me helped so much. They are wonderful because I learn just as much from them as I do with your lectures. I would have liked it if we started with a prayer at the beginning of class. We learn better if we invite the Spirit."

This is to Dr. Lephart, my neurobiology professor. I just realized that his first name is Edwin. One of my ancestor's name was Edwin. "I liked your class. I would have liked it better if we started with a prayer when we started class. I liked that Dave always started class with a prayer when he taught us. We learn better by inviting the Spirit. Thanks for picking Amy as a TA. I like going to the review sessions so I can understand the material better."

This is to Brother Williams: "I'm very happy with this class because this was my easiest class by far. I wish all classes were as easy as yours. I would be less stressed about grades. Thanks for teaching about the Book of Mormon and teaching by the Spirit." He received the highest ratings from me and Dr. Savage received the lowest.