Thursday, February 08, 2007

Too Easy

I didn't realize that it had a been a month since I have wrote. Last night was the first time going to karate class in two weeks. It was really nice to be back; however, afterwards I was making comparison between it and my old dojo. I really miss the hard coreness of my old dojo. I want a Sensei that will really push my physically and mentally, like my old Sensei. I think that we spend to much time stretching and not enough on kata. Andrew commented that our classes were too easy because more than half the class were teenagers to Sensei Jen. She got a little mad and said that our thighs would burn at the end of class because we were in Zenkutsu dachi. However, my thighs would never burn in Zenkutsu dachi because we don't go to deep. If we were in Shiko dachi, that would be a different story. Sorry that I'm complaining. I just miss that good work out that comes from karate.