Monday, June 17, 2013

Boards Part 1 Request for Accomodations

My disability affects my daily life the following ways:
It takes me longer to do things.  I don't organize things really well.  I tend to be really slow when I have to pack my bag to go home or when I have to clean and organize my apartment.  I love to obsess about things especially anything science related.  It takes me longer to communicate with people.  I decompress by not being around people.  I am more shy around people because I don't know how to act around them especially in groups.  Thus, why I love to observe when I am in labs in school instead of really actively participating.  My communication disorder is noticeable when I try to talk to people with heavy accents or from a different part of the country.  I don't remember what they said because I am trying to figure out what they are taking about.  Thus, I only get about half of what they are saying.  It is especially noticeable when I try to listen to my college professors who were born from a different country and where English is not their first language.  I love my Natural Reader software which reads everything I highlight on my computer including text in PDF format.  This is really useful because I can read much quicker.  Natural Reader keeps my attention when I read along with it.  

My disability affects my education and ability to take standardized WRITTEN examinations in the following ways:
My communication disorder takes me longer to read and comprehend written tests.  I learn by association, so I like to go back and recheck my answers to see if anything else has popped in my memory.  I love being in a quiet room because I am not distracted with people getting up and leaving.