Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I finally got to strike!!!

I wish I had more time to write. I need to go to bed on time tonight. I kept on falling asleep in class today. The first hour was worse than the second. I need to get ahead again for stats. So, hopefully I'll do lots of studying tomorrow. It stinks that my headphones finally died on me. Dad says that if I buy something new, always make sure it has a warranty. I didn't know that. I bought these headphones because they were originally really expensive. On EBay they were really cheap. So, I bought them. I guess it sounds about right because they didn't last me for very long.

BJJ class was lots of fun. I'm getting better on defending from being mounted. I rolled with Chuck for a really good amount of time today. So, I wasn't always on the bottom. I got to work on other positions. Then, all of us got to put the mitts on and attack each other. The person with the mitts can only strike and not use BJJ. The other person that to fully attack striking person, take them down, and fully submit them. I submitted Pink, Tazz, and Nick (the little one who's 14 years old). I really tried to get to Chuck and take him down but couldn't. I couldn't hold on to him or get that close. He was keeping me back. He was the last one that I fought too, so I was breathing hard. It was really nice to punch and kick though. I really wanted to kick while I didn't have the mitts on, but Roberto wouldn't let me. I think I'm going to do that Tournament on August 1. I have to ask dad because it will cost 35 dollars.

Roberto started a blog on his website. He didn't write anything. In class, he said for us to comment on it. He needs to write something first, so we can comment on the blog. That's the point of it. This is what I wrote: "Ok. I know in class you said to comment on this. However, you didn't write about anything. What are you going to write about??? That would be cool if you start blogging about BJJ in general. I have my own blog that I write about what happened during class and what's going on in my life. Please change the background or the font because it's putting me off. I have to highlight to read some things. That's really bad!!! It would be easier for everyone to comment on things if you write about something."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jumping on Roberto's Back

Ugg. I'm so obsessed about BJJ. I love it!! I'm always excited about the next class. I want to write about so many thing right now. Most of them are related to BJJ, the Manti Pageant, and headphones. I wish I could just make a vlog so I can tell you everything. I finally put tracker on this blog, so I can see whether if anyone visits or not. I really thinking nobody does because no one comments on it. I do visit some blogs out there, but I don't really comment on them. Hopefully, people are doing the same thing with mine.

Since this is a blog about my obsessions, I should start with BJJ. Saturday's class was wonderful even though it was an hour to an hour and a half. I didn't check how long it was. I arrived early and found Roberto sitting on the couch. The traffic was really good. It moved quickly which I really liked. During the weekdays, the interstate sometimes have some pretty major slowdowns, which never happen in Spokane. So, I arrived 10 minutes early. So, I talked to Roberto while we waited for the other guys. Pablo and Mark, the new guy, were the only people who came. We waited a little more for Cory, but he never showed. This class was for the the people who were testing for their blue belts. They needed to practice taking down people who only strike because that's part of their testing.

The beginning of class, we ran around the dojo, army crawled a little, shrimped, did five push-ups, shrimped some more, did another five push-ups, and ended with more shrimping in that order. Then, Roberto taught Mark the armbar escape we learned on Friday. He worked with Pablo on it. Then, Mark put on the mitts to strike Pablo while Pablo was trying to take him down and submit him. I really wanted to be the person to strike because of my training in karate, but that never happened. So that stunk. I got to try takedown Mark and submit him twice. The first one was OK. The second one was horrible because he kept hitting me in the head. I had a helmet with a plastic cover on it. I really need to work on my takedowns.

Then, I had to try takedown Roberto when he had the mitts. I kept on wanting Mark and Roberto to attack me, but they never did. Twice Roberto put his hands down so I can attack him. Then, I think I tried to attack him but found out that didn't work, so I retreated. Roberto started advancing really fast to attack. It scared me, so I screamed, turned around, and ran. I know that I'm not suppose ever turn my back when sparring at my old dojo because I can't see them. Sensei Levi kept on telling me that. Then, I saw Roberto's back turned against me. So, I ran and jumped on it to choke him out. I didn't have anything setup and he submitted. I was just on his back. We both fell down and I landed on his feet. He started laughing. I got up and kicked his side lightly. I thought it was really cool that I jumped on this back.

Pablo and Mark got to spar against each other. Then, I sparred against Mark. After seeing him perform with Pablo, I knew he wasn't as good as Cory. He ended really high on my chest which is called high mount. Afterwards, I asked Roberto how to get him down and he said to use my arms. Bridging doesn't work because that scoots him more forward. I defended my arms pretty well. It took him forever to submit me. All throughout the class, Roberto was evaluating Mark to see where he was rank wise. Afterwards, he said he could test for a yellow belt. After seeing him work with Pablo and sparring with him, I knew he wasn't as good as Cory. He's more at Nick's and I level. I was a little sad because Roberto focused more on Cory and Pablo. I told myself that I shouldn't be because I got to work with him one on one on Friday night. Plus, this was the first time having class on Saturday which made it even more sweet.

Even though it was for an hour to an 1 1/2 compared to two hours, that was OK because I'd much rather have Roberto teach me any day than Colin and Ethan. Colin is the president of the BYU BJJ club. I think Ethan is the vice president or something like that. They meet every Wednesday and Saturday. I feel bad for the club because both of them are white belts. The purple belt, Eric, who founded the club moved to go to medical school. They are going to Throwdown to be taught BJJ. Ethan want to test under the BJJ teacher there. Colin wants to get his blue belt from Micheal Pease where he has to win fifteen tournament matches. I don't think he counts any more because I learned that he has a black belt in Japanese Jiu-Jistu instead of BJJ. Roberto said that JJJ requires more muscle than BJJ. Probably, Colin will get is blue belt faster if he goes to Roberto instead of Pease.

My testing is going to be two weeks from now, which is July 11. I'm totally excited for it because I haven't tested for quite awhile for anything. So, we are required to bring two people to it. I would bring Sarah and Rebecka, but there's a relief society enrichment activity on that day. I asked my home teachers which are Bryton and Joel if they are willing to come. They said yes. I just need to tell them the time to come and where it is. I told them that there would be free food. Joel said that he's going to wear his dad's old karate gi to it. It wouldn't surprise me because he's really weird.

I knew I would only write about one thing because it always ends up like this. This hasn't happened to me for awhile though. I still need to write about the Manti Pageant though.

I looked up high mount defense on the internet. This is what I came up with:

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Need My Fix!!!

I need to go to bed. However, I still have to do laundry. Ugg, I wish I could do BJJ every day. I want to talk to Roberto how I can improve my game on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are the days which I don't have BJJ. I sort of wish that Coach Pease taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Oh well. I get really excited whenever I think of BJJ. It's the feeling whenever Christmas is really near when I was a kid. I don't have that any more for Christmas because it's nothing special. It's like a drug now because I keeping wanting a "fix". I'm obsessed with BJJ now. However, I haven't really researched it on the internet because I know it's better just to practice it. I really love it because how Roberto runs his classes. Chuck teaches a MMA class every Tuesday and Thursday; however, Roberto said that I can only start that when I'm a blue belt. He said it's easier to concentrate on BJJ when on the ground instead worrying about getting hit. I agree with him. It's hard to train with two conflicting things at the same time. Thus, I'll progress BJJ slower. Roberto has noticed it with Tazz and another kid. He said to lay off MMA so they can do the correct techniques for BJJ.

Roberto said that he'd be willing to work with any of us privately for free. I'll ask him about that because I love working with him. I would like to work with him at least once a week. I really need to work on takedowns and breaking guard. I'm really hoping that Roberto with provide a solution for my "fix" problem. I'm sort of thinking of trying his Taekwondo classes that's every Tuesday and Thursday. I don't know if I'll like it because I'm horrible at kicking. However, it would be nice to work on my stand-up. It's all about the instructor too. But still, I'm horrible at kicking because I was the worse one in my old dojo. I don't have that great of balance. Thus, I have to kick pretty fast so I won't fall over. 70 percent of the time, I'm off balance when I kick. However, Roberto may make it lots of fun. I don't know. That's why I'm thinking about trying it first. Plus, I don't know if I have time to do it every night of the week. I finally did my laundry. I've been meaning to do it since Saturday. Plus, I need to cook again because I don't have anything for dinner.

Good news!! Michael Jackson died of a heart attack today. Now, there's one less child molester in the world.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love Roberto's Dojo!!!!!!!

I Love BJJ!!! Today was an awesome class!!! It was really good because that was the hardest that I have ever worked in my life! I love Roberto because he pushes me so hard in a good way. He wants us to me tired by the end of class. This was the tiredest I have ever been after class. My arms are shot!! I can feel that they don't want to move at all!! My legs are pretty good though. Today, I was huffing and puffing. I ran thirty laps which is front and back across the dojo. I did 100 crunches also. After those crunches, I abs were cramping on me when I ran. I really never did full catch my breath after than when I sparred. At one point, I focused on breathing. A few times after sparring, I had to walk around and hold by breath for two seconds to calm down my breathing. I remember after one match, Roberto said I was dieing on the floor and told me to walk around.

I'm getting better!! I lasted much longer with Tazz. He almost got me in one match a lot of times during one match. I went so long that Roberto had to call it off so other people can spar. Now, my side position is really improving which is really wonderful. I have a pretty good defense with it, which is awesome!! After class, Roberto said that he can see I know what I'm doing. I'm doing a pretty good defense because I'm not exposing my arms. I love this dojo because all we do is spar pretty much. Which is cool because it's so practical. Roberto is all about technique, getting air, and relaxing. He doesn't want us to spend so much energy when we spar. However, we spar so much that we get tired especially after exercising. Hopefully, my heart rate will improve because that was killing me today. I had lots of fun!!

I'm thankful that I know that I can be aggressive. BJJ is an outlet where I can spend my pent-up energy. I know that I can fight hard and be calm at the same time. I just can't lose my head. Oh ya. I'm not the only one that Roberto likes to work one and one. He likes to do that with everyone on his team because he wanted to work with Cory one and one tomorrow. I'm just glad that I can have lots a fun and a person who pushes me hard too. I think that's why I enjoyed my evil dojo so much, I was pushed really hard too. So hopefully, I can get stronger, get a better heart rate, and lose weight over time. I would love to get some strong abs because I know that they are pretty weak right now.

I'm just so happy that he pushes us. I know that Roberto's cares about us too. Today, I about died from a triangle choke that Tazz did to me. I just collapsed on the floor with my arm over my head and in a curled up position. Roberto ran over to see if I was alright. I just told him that I was trying to catch my breath. I think that the harder I work, the more fun I have because it's a challenge instead of something boring. I'm really glad that I found Roberto!! I hope that more classes are like the one I had tonight. I know that I'm learning so much from Roberto than with Pease or Throwdown. We don't have to learn all of these moves. We can just learn how to spar and defend ourselves. I'm thinking that I'm actually doing pretty well with almost two months of training. I've had only had two full weeks with Roberto. I'm defending myself pretty with from Pablo and Cory who are going to test for their blue belts.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Attack!!!

Class was fun today. I want to write about what I talked to Roberto about after class. However, that would take too long because I really need to go to bed in a few minutes. I wanted to write earlier. I couldn't because I had to clean instead because cleaning checks are tomorrow. Plus, I got home late because I went to Walmart and explored a little carnival was on my way home. There wasn't any rides that looked interesting. There was one ride that I remember Evan and Rhea freaking out when we were in Maine. It the ride where we're in a cage. There are four cages to the ride, but we can count them as two because two are connected to each other. The ride sings the passengers, then goes around in a loop eight times. So, each cage is upside down eight times.

So when I was looking for the right type of toilet paper that was a the right price, all of a sudden someone put their arm around my neck. I'm pretty sure that I put my hand or hands on their arms because it felt like the beginnings of a rear naked choke. For those couple seconds, my mind was on high alert trying to figure out who it was. I thought that it may have been someone from the class at BYU. As I spun around to see who attacked me, I discovered it was Roberto. Then, he noticed that I turned bright red. I can feel when my face does that. No one has ever done that to me before. If he was a real attacker who got the choke clamped right away, I would have had five to eight seconds before I would pass out. I couldn't believe how easy he did that. Probably, I should be more aware of my surroundings because it seems like that I love to be in my own little bubble all the time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Comparing Training

I was thinking what I wrote about last night how I hoped that my love for BJJ won't fade like it did with karate. I know that I could have been more committed with Sensei Villa. I think that it's going to last for a long time because I'm blogging about it. I was looking through my blog for any entries about my experiences at Spokane Karate Center. I discovered that there are just a few entries compared to the amount of entries I wrote about my evil dojo. I'm just thinking about what how hard my training was at my evil dojo compared to my old dojo. I remember getting home late at night and being all sweaty. I loved the training because it pushed me hard. With Sensei Villa, we worked more on technique. The only cardio we was when we sparred. We didn't run around in circles like my evil dojo. We didn't to ten million kicks. The Goju-Ryu we practiced in my evil dojo was a lot harder compared to my old dojo. Testing days reminded of the type of training that I did in my evil dojo. I remember that they were always good workouts.

I think this is why I love Roberto's dojo. We get to work on technique and cardio. He intentionally makes us tired so we can use our techniques without much force. The more I think about it, the more I think that I'm attracted to soft arts. I know that Roberto teaches BJJ as a soft art. I think that Micheal Pease teaches harder techniques that use more force. I remember going to Aikido in Spokane and really missing Goju-Ryu. I wasn't attracted to that art at all. However, I'm more attracted to that art then Shotokan. I wouldn't want to learn all of that kata. That's why I like Goju-Ryu. We can concentrate on a few, get really good at them, and understand everything to that kata instead of trying to blow through tons of kata and not understanding any of them.

Like I said, I loved last night's training because it was non-stop. Another thing about Roberto's dojo is that we get to train for three hours instead of an hour and a half. My training time is double from what I got at Spokane Karate Center. I forget how long we trained for at my evil dojo. At BYU, I trained at least two and a half hours. It was mostly three though because I would stay after class and practice. We stretched a lot in my old dojo which took time away from learning. I heard that one stretches easier after one is warmed up. Last night, in Roberto's dojo, we did some hardcore stretching which made us cry with pain. He'd come over to us and push our legs out to stretch them. It really hurt. He always told us to relax because it didn't hurt as bad if we didn't.

Then, we learned practiced more from the side position which I really need to practice on. Then we learned three chokes, two of them which I haven't seen before. For some reason, I tapped out a lot longer than the others. Roberto said it's because I have strong neck muscles. Roberto's way of doing the rear naked choke is a lot easier than Coach Pease's way. Coach Pease taught that we angle the elbow down to the chest while going up. Roberto's way is take a deep breath so one can expand the chest while driving the shoulders back. We got to practice the rear naked choke standing up. Then, we practiced the other choke in mount. Finally, I only watched Roberto only do the third choke.

The last hour, we worked on cardio. We did sit-ups for two minutes without stopping. We have to hold our gi near our neck while doing them. At first, I did that and then, I started grabbing my legs to help me to do the sit up. Roberto said that I need to have my arms near my chest. So, he said that I can do crunches instead. That killed my abs. Then, we did push up for two minutes. I asked him that I could do them on my knees and he said yes. I even had a difficult time doing those. Then, we did a type of exercise that looks like lunging, but we jump instead, switch our feet, and stay in place. Plus, we have to do it while our hands are on the back of our head. Everyone did four sets of 16. I did only 3 sets because I'm horrible at them. It's hard for me to launch for me to jump and then I have to watch my balance when I land to make sure I won't fall over. The last part every one went against everyone one at a time. Roberto took away my glasses and gave them back when we were done. I wanted them because I wanted see more clearly while the others sparred.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm getting better

I'm sorry that I didn't write last night. I was way too distracted with Plants VS. Zombies. It's a strategy video game. The day before yesterday, I downloaded a demo and really liked it. I saw that it only need a key to get the full version of it. So, I was a bad girl and used Utorrent crack the game. Yes, I have Utorrent now on my computer because when I went home a few weeks ago, I made sure I transferred everything from the home computer to mine, including how to work Utorrent on my laptop. This was my first time using it on this computer because I didn't know how to set Utorrent up to get out of the router. Plus, I didn't have WinRar. It's a program that makes files much smaller. Anyways, I started playing Plants VS. Zombies when I got home from the MMA class yesterday. I played until five AM. I know that's really bad because video games are a waste of time. However, I haven't played a video game for a very long time. I beat the adventure and puzzle mode. I'm almost done with the mini-game mode. I'm almost half way done with the survival mode. I'm going to play with it a little more tomorrow and then delete with because I'm getting bored with it. It's a really fun game. However, I'm losing interest because I'm pretty much done with the game. That's pretty normal because one normally goes through a game only once. That's why I say that they are a waste of money too. However, I still keep up with them with gametrailers.com and gamespot.com.

Enough about computer stuff. This is what I said on facebook tonight: "I love BJJ!!! I had so much fun tonight. I really love working out like that. I'm really happy with Roberto's dojo. This was the best class I had so far. I just wish I wasn't a beginner." I totally loved class tonight!! It's because we worked nonstop for three hours. We didn't take any breaks. I just wish that I knew more and had more experience. I got frustrated though because everyone beats me. I still have to remember that they are guys and most of them has more experience than me. I beat the girls and a few of the guys in the BYU class. I'm still a beginner and it's a slow process of learning. I feel one of those white or yellow belts in my old dojo. It stinks because I knew I had far more knowledge of karate than them. So, I can pass on my knowledge to them. I was so used to being one of the advanced students. Now, I'm a lowly beginner again. :( Oh, well. At least, I'm having lots of fun in the process. It's just I never got frustrated with myself in karate. I always when I threw in high school though. I think it's because BJJ is more competitive in nature. I'm comparing myself with the guys. If I do that, I think that I suck. In karate, I really never compared myself with people except when I spared and kicked because I knew that sucked too.

I know that I'm getting better though. Every time I practice and spar, I learn of something new. I try to apply the techniques that I have learned to real sparring. I just have trouble applying them and defending myself at the same time against stronger guys. Roberto says that I'm doing really well. He said to not get frustrated because when I do, I stop learning. The time I got really frustrated almost to the point of crying is when I was in the side position. It's not side mount. I'm on my side trying to defend myself while trying grab Cory's foot to sweep him. It's hard because he was slipping his hand underneath my arm which was the nearest to him. That's really bad because he can do anything to my arm at that point. I was having trouble keeping it tight while trying to grab his foot and scoot my hips back to throw him off balance so I can sweep him. I know that this is a better way to protect my arm if they try to key lock it from mount. I learned another way to defend from it, but it uses a lot of strength. It always doesn't work either. So, I know a better defense sorta. I tried that with Cory but he got my back instead. Ugg. At least, it's lots of fun. I'm having fun writing about it. It reminds me of chess because I'm talking about defense. Probably, being weaker is a good thing because it forces me to do techniques right.

Roberto is all about using soft techniques that don't use a lot of energy. Anyone can use them with a bigger fellow. That's what I like because it makes for sense to conserve energy than waste in a few minutes. Goju-Ryu had a lot of soft techniques that didn't use a lot of force. I forget what they were in particular. This is why I love BJJ. I get to use my the techniques that I have learned in a real live person who's actually trying to defend one's self. I really like that because I'm learning how to use what I learn in a practical sense. All the punching and kicking is good. However, we probably need to spar a lot more to get timing and space at a correct distance. I know that kata teaches us how to moves our bodies in correctly. I know bunkai teaches us how to use the moves that we learn in kata against actual opponents. However, all of that is structured. It's not real time where the other person is trying do defend one's self. However, I do know that Sensei Villa did teach some really good self defense moves though. Probably, one will do well against your average Joe with the correct type of training.

It's going to take forever to get past the beginner stage in this art. One really needs to practice a lot get good at this art. That's the same with anything art, but particularly with this one. At least, I found Roberto which can lead me farther down the path of BJJ. I just really hope that I will keep on loving this art and get really good at it in the coming years. I really mean this because I sort of stop coming to my other dojo regularly this year because I didn't have this fire within me. I know that I had more fun in my evil dojo, but way less understanding. I just really hope this fire stays after I become really familiar to this art. I just want to get a black belt in something. Why not in this art??? That would take a very long time though.

It's like school, I have to take it one step at a time. I have so much to do for school that it can be overwhelming at times. Plus, I have to take it at a slower pace. So, it's going to take me longer to go through school. I have to remember too, that I came a long way coordination and balance wise from when I was a kid. I might be not good at things as other people; however, I have to remember my strengths. I was afraid that I would fail if I went full time in school. I was right. Is the world over? No. I'm just as happy. Now, I know my limitations. I'm just have to go slower through school that's all. I cannot worry and get panicky if I try my best at something especially at school. I cannot worry about the future. I have to take it one step at a time. Right now, I'm having fun in BJJ and taking retaking stats. I was thinking about taking another BOM class this summer, but decided not to because it's summer. Plus, I want to "recover" from spring term. I tried so hard but failed at it. I freaked out and got really depressed because I never failed at school. Now I know not to go as fast. Oh well. I'm still here and the world didn't end. Most of all, Heavenly Father still loves me and will support me if I do all that is in my power.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Contract

This is what I said on facebook for tonight: "I love BJJ. I got to work with Roberto tonight. I loved it!!! I just hope that I made the right choice by signing a year contract. It could be a good thing, so I can be committed to three days a week so I may go far in this art. It may be a bad thing because something may happen where I have to quit. I really hope not. I hope that he's just as good as my last Sensei. I'm little wary because of my first dojo." I wanted to say evil dojo, but people wouldn't understand.

I had so much fun today working with Roberto. I don't know why, but I really like working with him. It's probably it's because he's a black belt. I arrived a little after 6 P.M., so I was late. I had to run ten laps and do fifty sit ups. I was huffing and puffing when running those. Then, I was still huffing and puffing when I did those sit ups. Ack! I don't like sports induced asthma. When I was running laps on Friday, I could feel my chest constrict while I wheeze. It sinks because it forces me to slow down and get more air while I run around. Oh well. At least, it only acts up when I run. I wouldn't like to have my mom's where her's act up when she's around pets.

I learned today that the vice president of the UVU club goes to the dojo. I don't think he's paying for instruction yet because he's been leaving early. I think his name is Cory. He's 195 pounds. It stinks being a girl because pretty much weigh just as much as him. Because he's a guy, he gets to throw me around like nothing and I can't even do anything to him. I was trying to roll him from mount and couldn't. He rolled me pretty easily. When he left, Roberto followed him out and talked with him in his office for a long time. When he did that, all I did was watch these kids "spar". Roberto calls rolling "grappling" sparring. So, I will call that also. I got really bored and wished that Roberto would stop talking to him. I was thinking why would I pay Roberto so I can sit and watch these kids spar. I wanted more structure. However, I did that in my first dojo too.

When he came out and started working with the yellow belt who doesn't know English very well, I became much happier. His name is Pablo. We worked on takedowns. At first I didn't know what to do with him because he's much shorter than me. I didn't know how to use the takedown that I learned in my BYU class. With that one, I have to get under a shoulder, pull the hips in, and trip their foot with one of mine. From that position, we started from a bear hug. I just couldn't get under the shoulder because he's shorter. Plus, he has a long torso and short stubby legs. I couldn't my leg around his leg. So, Roberto taught me how to take him down my reaching my hand over his shoulder where I can grab his belt. With my other hand, I grabbed the middle of his gi. Then, I tripped him over with my leg while pushing his body over my leg. I worked on that for awhile.

When Pablo left, I got to work with Roberto. He taught me go past someone's arm to get their back, and get a choke. I really love working with him because he shows me all kind of things, plus I get to learn how to make things work for me. It's really cool because he doesn't try to take me down and make me submit right away. He lets me try to figure out how to submit him while resisting. If I make a mistake, he'll let me know submitting me. He showed me a really cool trick to do from mount. First, taught me how to get up high so I can key lock the arm pretty easily. He said to hold the arm down with my head. Then, he taught me an easier way to arm bar. Since, I'm on his chest with my knees in his arm pits, in one motion I get my feet to his pits my putting my hands on his chest. Then, I can do an armbar easily from there. I just really hope that I can pull that off when sparring because they just love to roll me when I'm on mount.

To be Continued in "My Life".

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last Class

Ack!!! I meant to write "yesterday" after church because I didn't write last night. Now, I have to go to bed because I have my last BJJ class at BYU tomorrow. We are going to be tested over the basics. I know that they are really simple basics and are a lot more, but that's OK. I would get a stripe too if I went to the tournament. However, I had to go to Evan's graduation instead. I need to fill out the rest of my log sheet so I don't have to do it tomorrow morning. I don't want to rush out of the door and be late. Plus, I'm going to bed really late, so I won't take a shower. This is really nice writing really late on my bed with a light on. Normally, I couldn't do this because Rebecka would be sleeping. Probably, she's with her family right now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Which Way Should I Go??????

Gerr. So, I want to go far in BJJ. Tonight, we rolled around with people. It was lots of fun. Now I noticed that when I roll, Roberto always helps the other guys instead of me. Colin went today. It was really cool because he beat everyone in the little dojo. I talked to Roberto about Colin's performance and he said that all the knows is finishing moves, not much basics. So, I stayed for the 8:00 class and we did some conditioning. It was really good because it got my heart pumping. During the class, Roberto was talking about testing. I asked about it because I would like to go farther in BJJ. I only know how to do that through BYU and Roberto. I could get some stripes from Sensei Pease; however, what's the point in getting some stripes if I can't go far with him. He's only teaching beginners at BYU. He's not teaching anywhere else. The only purpose of going to that class is to get better and to meet guys. However, I'm thinking about time constraints and how this can effect my studying time.

Sorry, after class, I talked to Roberto about joining. He said that it costs $50 a month if I go through him. If I do that, I need to commit at least two hours of training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. I'm so torn about this because of school, institute, and FHE. I love BJJ though. I'm just thinking about what I should do. I was thinking about auditing the martial arts class and get more practice through that. However, what's the point in practicing with people who just started because I'll just get worse. Hmmm. That's a very good point. Probably, Pease is going to teach the same moves over again. I still like Roberto because he is willing for me to get better by working on my technical moves. It seems like that with Roberto, it will be more long term than with Pease, even though I think Pease is a better teacher. I'm just thinking about what's the easiest way to get farther in BJJ while not wasting my time and money. Right now, I need to focus on school too. I just love BJJ right now that I'd do anything for it.

I'm just thinking about when I became really excited about BJJ. It wasn't when I started with Pease, it was when I started with Roberto. Then, everything came into place and I started to love it even more. It's all about the quality of the teacher too. I learned that with my evil dojo compared to my good dojo. I just need a instructor that really knows the art and how to apply it. Every time I talk to Roberto about BJJ, I like his style and teaching more and more. I'm just not used to watching people all the time. I'm used to learning moves and trying to apply them. We never watch people at BYU.

So, what I'm thinking is that I should ditch Pease because the more I think about it, the more I see that I can't get really anywhere with him from what I'm seeing right now. If I ditch Pease, that means that I have more time during the day. I just need to schedule it right and have school and BJJ coincide with one another. I cannot let them get in the way of each other. That means I have to plan out my days better and not slack off. Right now, I felt that I slacked off this afternoon by reading Halo instead of studying for stats.

I just don't want to a wrong path where it doesn't lead me anywhere. I just don't want repeat the same mistake that I made in my evil dojo. I thought that Sensei Chinen one of the best in the nation. However; when I got out, I realized that I was sorely mistaken.

I'm really just conflicted about FHE and Institute though. I believe that everyone should go to that. However, put those first and didn't go very far into Goju-Ryu. FHE isn't that big of a deal because the lesson is for five minutes. However, Institute is different. I loved it in Spokane!! I know that one should to go it if they aren't taking a religion class. However, if things come up it's fine to not go to it. Physical exercise is wonderful too because it releases stress and makes the brain smarter. I'm going to talk to Dad about it and ask Roberto if this is a year contract. I've always read don't sign contracts on the internet. It's good for the business, but bad for the consumer. Well right now, I'm already spending six hours per week with just attending my BJJ class at BYU. Like I said, I would really need to keep on top of things and plan my days out. Sorry about this post. It's just I'm writing everything down which I'm thinking about. I'll know more tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Throwdown the nicest facility I’ve seen for martial arts. I’ve never seen a ring before like that. It’s almost a year old. I went to the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Level 1 class. From the name, I thought there would be striking involved. However, it was just Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without the gi. We first started class by stretching. Then, the instructor told us to pair up to do some drills. At first, I was really intimidated because I was the only girl out of a whole bunch of guys. At first, I didn’t ask any of the guys to roll with me. As time went on, I started asking. At first, we worked on the guy on top submitting and the guy on the bottom working on a better position and submit from there. We worked on a few more things, but I forget. A few times, I stood out because I didn’t know whether anyone wanted to roll with me.

Then, the instructor divided the beginners from the advanced telling them to do 100 submissions. The beginners had to work on getting a better position. I teamed up with a teen. At first, he was in my guard. He just pushed my stomach. So, I swept him. When I was his guard, it was really easy to pass it. I asked him how long he’d been in BJJ. He said that this was his first class. So, I taught him the sweep and guard pass. Then, the instructor said for all of us to do 100 push-ups. I did about 10 because my arms are pretty weak. I did some on my knees too, but stopped doing them because everyone else was doing regular push-ups. I didn’t want to look like a pansy. Then, class was over.

I was going to leave, but the white belt that worked with me invited me to stay for the next class. It was BJJ Level two. I really liked it because we worked from the X guard where I have never seen before. We worked on five sweeps from X guard the whole class. At first, I had no clue what I was doing. Then, X guard became somewhat comfortable with both sides. I have no clue how to use this move when I roll with people, but it was a good practice where I learned a guard that I haven’t seen before. All the different sweeps and throws were for how the person moved relative to your position. It reminded me of bunkai because of all the different variations.

After class, I drilled some more with a different person where I furthered my understanding of those sweeps and throws from X guard in the big ring. Then, I had a match up against the white belt who invited to the class. I got his back really quickly. However, he won because I locked my ankles. So, he did an ankle lock on me. The second time we rolled, I got his back but he got out of it because I couldn’t tighten it. So, we worked on tightening it. He was telling me that I had to tighten that my V that I had around his neck. I couldn’t figure out why nothing was working. Then, I tried leaning back while doing the rear naked choke. That worked!!! Probably, with all the people that I have done the choke sitting down were smaller than me so I didn’t need to lean back.

Afterwards, I watched the boxers. I thought it was really cool because they were really slugging each other in the face. There were a few kicks and take downs. I couldn’t do that because I don’t have the reflexes of a puma. I wanted to stay as long as possible because I knew I wouldn’t be back. I talked to the guy at the front desk. He said for students, the sign up fee is 50 dollars and 1 year contract is 49 dollars a month, two years is 39 dollars, and three years is 34 dollars. It’s the nicest facility I have ever seen in my life; however, I stay away from contracts. I know it’s very good for the company. However, it’s not good for the consumer because what if one decides they don’t like the teacher or the style. What if one gets hurt? Would they care? I wouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t. I’m going to stick with Roberto’s dojo and the BYU class. I found out that Sensei Pease doesn’t even teach in Throwdown. He just runs the tournaments. So, Roberto doesn’t even need to worry about him not liking competition.

Jiu-Jitsu Tigers

On Monday, I went to Roberto Scoca’s school. When we got there, they were talking about how the kids and teens did in the Throwdown tournament. So, I sat there and listened to them talk. Then, Taz and I sparred with one another. I kept on losing. I don’t remember any of the particular submissions that he did. I don’t think that I even won once. So, I rolled with him a good half hour. I’m learning to defend my arms from being taken over by people. Everyone still loves to take them, but I’m getting better. Then, I’m learning how to be low when I’m in their guard. I’m getting better by not letting them take the insides of my arms. If they do, I have to work them free.

After the hour was done, we waited for Roberto for about 15 minutes because he was talking to a student. So, I shadowed boxed in the mirror and punched on the free standing bags. Then, finally Roberto started class again. He had Taz spar continuously with the three of us. I thought that it was weird watching people roll because in the class at BYU, we never watch people roll as a whole class. I asked Roberto why we watch. He said that we learn when we watch. I watched a lot when I was in my very first dojo. We had to stand as straight as boards and don’t move as we watched. There we just sat on the floor and watched. Roberto helped people by pretty much speaking to them in Spanish as they rolled. I sort of wish I knew Spanish so I could understand what he was telling them.

All of us took turns to fight Taz. Then, each of us took turns to be the one who has to fight everyone. I went out pretty fast compared to the guys. I was getting somewhat frustrated because I wasn’t winning. Roberto said that I get too excited and hyperfocus on one thing. I need to be thinking three moves ahead. It finally was my turn. I still didn’t win against anyone them, but I took a lot longer to get beaten. I kept my frustration level down, so I can think more clearly. One time, I got sort of frustrated a guy was try to do an arm bar, but I had my elbow all the way out. Roberto stopped it because he thought that guy had me. I wanted keep on going. I can’t get frustrated like that because there’s no point to it. I’m trying my best and plus, all of them are guys.

After class, Roberto had all of us sit in Seiza and close our eyes (Mukso) so we can meditate. Roberto helped me to get in the proper position. By that time, my ankle really hurt. So, I was breathing pretty fast. He played some cool New Age to help us meditate. Then, we got sit cross legged. My breathing slowed way down because I didn’t hurt anymore. At first, my brain started wandering. I didn’t let it and had it focus on nothing. Then, we bowed out. After class, I told Roberto that my ankle was hurting. I first hurt in the BYU class because it hit the free standing bag with my foot instead of my shin when I threw a roundhouse. He tested which way it hurt while he moved it around. Then, he pulled and jerked it while he was moving it around. Then, my ankle popped. I don't know it helped, but it's not sore now.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Want to start over

Right now, I'm stressing out because of all the things I have to do. I really need to go Sunflower Market and buy yogurt and deodorant. I need to cook things, so I can still keep on eating healthy. Right now, I down to one soup. I really need to study for my stats test. I haven't caught up because I went to Spokane during the weekend. I'm freaking out because I may have spent too much time on BJJ. This was suppose to be an easy class that wouldn't get in the way of things. I have been really enjoying myself; however, I think it's getting in the way of stats. I just want to restart this whole term, stats and O-chem because I'm tired of freaking out about them. I feel stretched thin and overwhelmed. I just don't want to fight stats right now.

I enjoyed Spokane though. It gave me a new perspective about things. I enjoy living in Provo and going to BYU. It's just all term, I've been overwhelmed with school. I feel like running away from stats right now because I'm behind and whenever I think about that, homework, and the test, I get stressed because I'm not doing as well I want.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Really awkward

I'm transferring all of my files from the home computer to my laptop. So, I have a confession. I downloaded Utorrent on my laptop and made sure it's working. I know that I shouldn't have done that because it's illegal downloading music and movies. However, I did it anyway. I haven't downloaded anything. I just wanted to make sure that I have everything set up if I do want to. I doubt that I will have time anyway because right now, I'm busy with school and BJJ. A few days ago, I emailed BJJ Spokane about attending one of their classes on Saturday. Bart who's the instructor said that there's a Woman's class at 10 AM. I drove and arrived on time. However, nobody was there.

I want to tell you what happened to me last night. So, I went to bed around one or so. Around 4:40, my Nana came into my room and got into bed with me. A minute afterward, she got out of my bed, told me to go back to sleep, and shut the door. My bed is a twin. That was really awkward!!! Pop-pop and Nana got drunk last night. Nana was pretty tipsy and way more open than usual. That's probably why she tried to sleep with me. Rhea says it's pretty common with drunk people. I think it's really sad because they're old. They are suppose to take care of their bodies instead of destroying them!! Mom said that Nana did the same thing to her while both were staying at my Aunt Jen's house. Mom says that she gets confused and forgets things.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm in Spokane!!!!!

I'm here in Spokane. I really miss my room and this big house. I know that we are going to get rid of it at the end of the month, but still. I want an apartment this big because it feels like that we are on top of each other all the time. I really miss my room too because I lived in it for three and a half years. I miss my space and being isolated sometimes. However, I do love being in Provo. I love not being so isolated too because I get to talk to people all the time which is really nice. Hopefully, I'll get a bigger apartment next spring that has a dishwasher!!! This is going to be the last time I'll stay in the house. Oh, I'm going to miss it. I miss it already because it's so big. We have to give it up so Dad can pay Evan and I expenses for school. Plus, mom doesn't need a big house anyway. That's why I want an apartment which is nicer and bigger. So, I can have my space and feel what I feel in this house. When I went on my mini-mission, I didn't ever go into a house as nice as ours. We did see a lot of them, but never went inside. The poor are almost always more humble than the rich.

It's nice seeing Nana and Pop-Pop because I haven't seen them for a long time. The plane ride was good. I had a lot more fun as a little kid. I'm so thankful that Sarah came in to help me because I would have been slow and not knowing what I was doing. She told me what to do so I wouldn't be late for the plane. Ya, plane rides were a lot cooler as a little kid or even a teenager than an adult because they pack people in planes like sardines. I was getting cramped when I was reading my book. Probably, that was a smaller plane though, but still. I was glad to be out of there. Good thing the plane ride a little for than a hour long.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Bod Pod

I wasn't expecting this picture to be so huge!!! It looks like some space pod.

It seems like that I'm not dealing with stress that well right now. I was stressing today because I'm still behind in stats. Plus, the study group changed times and couldn't get their questions. I think I could have got them from another girl; however, I decided not to. When, I was stressing and getting depressed, I watched a few videos on gamespot.com. Probably, wasting an hour. I felt better, but didn't get that much done. So, I didn't get that many points on my homework. I have some more homework which is due tomorrow. However, I'm planning on not doing it because I can't. I'm still behind and wouldn't know what to do even if I tried. I have a test coming up next week. I really need to get through those slides and have the tutors help me. I hate being behind!!! I just wish school was easier. However, I'd much rather be here than some another University because I really like it here and don't want to move again. I just really hope that I can do well in stats.

Today, was the first time where I didn't get startled by that notification that happens twice at night. I was very happy. Then as I was making my way towards the building, the library played a Star Wars song, then Swords Dance, a Gladiator song, then another Star Wars song. I tried to find the name of the Gladiator song, but couldn't find it. It might have been The Battle. Another night, they played a song from The Rock. I like soundtrack songs. I wish the radio would play those types of songs. However, instead they play crap with tons of commercials.

Ugg. My shoulder feels like it's growing right now. I know it's not because I done growing. A muscle a little below my arm pit is really tender. At first, I thought it was that muscle. However, I was wrong because I found a muscle which is on the back of my shoulder. This is annoying. Today, I weighed myself and measured my fat content. I have one of those handhelds that tells me how much fat I have on my body. It said I was at 23 percent. I was very happy. I told Sarah about it and she says that they aren't very accurate. They are off by five percent. I told her that my health instructor from SCC said that they are accurate. She says that they don't know anything. I don't know who to trust because Sarah almost graduated from Fresno State and the instructor has higher credentials. I just did some research about the Bod Pod which BYU uses to measure body fat. From all the news videos I have watched, it seems more accurate than the water method. Now I definitely want to get tested because it's only 15 dollars. Many sources on the internet say that 23% is on the fitness level. I just want to see if that's accurate or not. I remember when it said that Rhea was 23 percent. I still don't look like anything like her because I still have this stupid gut.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Not the Only One

I really like blogging because it keeps me informed about what happened to me in the past. I can relive good memories in detail and remember all of those nuances that fade after time. I put some bad experiences on here, but if they are too personal and private, I put them on my life blog.

So, I'm happy that I'm tired right now. The last few nights I've been going to bed late and have been taking awhile to fall asleep. I don't understand why though because I have been going to bed pretty late. However, I haven't been getting up really early except today. I got up at 6:15 and wasn't that tired even though I had three hours of sleep. So, I took a shower and ate breakfast. After an hour and a half of getting ready, my brain started to shut down and got sleepy. So, I wanted to sleep for an hour to so I can attend my O-chem lab and stats labs. However, I don't even remember waking up and turning my alarm off. I know it had to go off, because it was set at the right time and it was on. That has never happened to me before. I know with Evan and Sarah, it always happens with them. Lately, I've been lax with myself because I know that I'm going to retake O-chem. Probably, that's why I've been going to bed late and then, in turn I don't get up and end up missing stats and O-chem because I want to sleep.

I did some stats homework today. However, I only went through a chapter on the internet. I really want to catch up, but it hasn't happened yet. I was in the library for seven hours today. I probably did around five hours of studying. No one showed up to our study group today except Natalie. So, we ended up doing homework together. I found out that she's a worse boat than me because she's failed the first two tests and this is her only class. She said that she's been doing part time ever since she graduated from high school. She went to a Community College first and then, she transferred to BYU. She came to BYU when 24 years old and went to BYU for three and a half years. She only has stats and then she's done with Public Health. However, she's been working too. But still, I feel really thankful that I met her because I felt that I was the only one who have been struggling at BYU. Probably, she has more on her plate because she is paying her schooling by working, but it's taking her longer. Right now, she's 27 years old.

I feel better because everyone else is getting their degrees in four to five years. This is my fourth year and still have a year and a few months if I go really hard. I really doubt that I can do that since I'm failing O-chem right now. I feel bad that I'm going to be taking more of Dad's money because it's more expensive to go slower. However, it's better than failing or getting really bad grades. Dad has been thinking about me going to BYU Idaho because we hear it's easier over there. However, I want to ruff it out and stay here. I really like having Sarah as my roommate because we are a good fit and our personalities don't come into conflict. She has become my best friend since I have been here. I really like this area too because I know it a lot bigger than Rexburg, so there's more things to do here. I hear it's a lot colder over there too. I wouldn't mind it as much as other people because I have lived in Montana for half my life, but still. I'm comfortable living here. I just want to go at a slower pace even though it's going to cost a lot more. Oh well. I just have to talk to Dad about this.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The BJJ Club and Karate

I have to write to half page papers about my experiences with the club on Saturday and tonight with Roberto's dojo. (He's the black belt that I mentioned two posts down.) So, I just signed up to be on his e-mail list. When I wrote a little about myself, I told him how I felt about the class and a little about Goju-Ryu. I went to my dojo's website, Family Karate Center, I found out that they are holding a Gasshuku during the time I'm going to be in Spokane. For me, that's a bad thing because I wanted to go to Sensei Levi's class and learn how to grapple. It wouldn't cost me anything. Now, if I want to go I at least have to pay 35 to 45 dollars. I'm sad because I want to see everyone and say goodbye. I don't think I'm going to be in Spokane because I'm busy with school and we are getting rid of the house this month. :(

My body is complaining right now because I had four and a half BBJ training today. My body is so tired. My body is always tired after my BBJ class at BYU. I pretty much work three hours straight. Now, I'm more tired because I went to Roberto's dojo. I have a really good bruise on my left foot, a few on my for arms, a big bruise and a little one on my right knee, and a blotch of bruises on the inside of my biceps which consists of 23 little bruises all together The blotches look bad; bad because there are so many of them, but don't hurt when I press down on them. The few on my forearms and knee the ones that hurt. The bruise on my foot hurts the most when I press down on it. I'm not complaining. I'm just recording how many bruises I got today. I'm totally used it with being in karate.

Anyways, I need to write about Saturday and tonight since they are still somewhat fresh in my mind. On Saturday, Roberto taught how to defend from the rear naked choke. I defend it by wrapping my arm around the front of my head to defend my neck and having my other hand ready for a hand to go to my side or over my shoulder. If it goes to my side, I grab it, fall to that side, roll over while trying to get my knees and my arm on my opponent's arms to pin it at the same time, and grabbing my opponent's head to get into and break their guard. I tried to do that with Roberto, but that I didn't work. It really worked with Brian, who's 280 pounds. He was lots of fun to work with. I like working with people who's bigger than me because it's harder to win. They have their weight and strength to their advantage. In the BYU class, it seems like most people are smaller than me. There’s a few that a just as big or bigger.

The other defense is to grab the arm that goes over the shoulder, fall to that side, roll to them while sticking your head in the crook of their arm, and get into guard. Probably, I'm missing something because I had a hard time getting that move. Actually before this, we learned to get to from guard to their back. I forget how to do it. I know that one's has to be fast at that technique and so, it wouldn't work for me right now. I worked with Heather on this one. Then, we learned how to do the rear naked choke. I already know how do to that move, so I practiced it twice.

Then, we learned how to defend from it and that's when I started working with Brian. After that, we did some live drills. We started in the back position and someone either choked their opponent or they got into guard. Then, we all just picked a practice partner to roll around with. I got to work with Roberto which was lots of fun. I'm sure he went easy with me. He tried to get me into a whole bunch of arm bars which didn't work because I squirmed out of them. He only beat me by choking me when he was in my guard. If that's the case, I should be able to pull him off of me with my legs. I only beat him with a key lock. When I was his guard, I tried to break it but couldn't because he would always cinch up to my hips when I created space. So, I tried to drive my elbows inside of his legs and groin to break his guard because nothing was working. He started laughing and pulled my arms out of there. I liked working with because I learned a few things.

Then, I rolled with Eric who's a purple belt. I like working with him, but it wasn't as fun as Roberto. Once he had me in a key lock, at first he wasn't doing anything, so I tried to fight it. Then, he finally did it. He said that he didn't do anything at first because he didn't want to hurt me. Roberto said I should have tapped sooner because I couldn't have gotten out of that position. I learned another choke from Roberto, but I can't remember it now.

I should go to bed, but I want to write about my experience I had tonight because it was different too. Probably, I shouldn't write as much because I wrote a whole page that was single spaced. I only have to write a half a page. Actually, I have to go to bed. I haven't done any real homework today. I need to go to my O-chem and stats labs tomorrow because I didn't go to any of my lectures today. I need to do homework for stats, catch up with stats, and do laundry tomorrow. I didn't do any today laundry today because I got my tire fixed right after class and went to Roberto's dojo tonight. Sometime last week, I ran over a screw. So on Saturday, I noticed that my tire was pretty low. Preston said there nail in. It was actually a screw. Today, I went to the repair shop which on the same block and street as I and got it fixed for 10 dollars. I didn't want to go flat on me.

Fixing my blog

Ugg. I hate my emotions right now. I feel a little depressed. Probably, it's because I have so much to do and so little time. Plus, Sarah wants to keep the pillows we had on the couch in the closet. I want at least one of them to say on the couch because I use it all the time. I don't want to put it away every time I leave. I live in the living room because that's the most time I spend my time. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen too. I've been spending more time in the library than last semester because I am more efficient with my study time. When I'm there, I know I have to study, so I don't get distracted by the internet. At home, I feel like that I can play and have fun.

Tomorrow, I have to do laundry because I got distracted yesterday when I was writing in my blog. I meant to write a lot more, but I wanted to see if I wrote about grappling in my dojo in Spokane. Then when I was looking for any entries, I noticed that my labeling wasn't that good two of three of my blogs. So, I went through almost all of my labels and fixed them, so in the future, I can find entries easier. It's hard to generalize what a blog is about. Sometimes, I use a word that I don't use in any of my other posts. So, it takes up space in the labeling column. It's hard to look for entries if I have all of these words that apply to one entry. That took probably around an hour and a half because I had to read the entries and figure out what are better labels. I really liked reading some of the entries because I haven't read them for a long time. Then, I realized that I didn't write that much about my good dojo in Spokane. I wrote a lot about my evil dojo but not my good dojo. Maybe, it's because it was really new and exciting. I know that I would have advanced further if I didn't go to institute and plus, mornings are hard for me to get up because I go to bed late like tonight. I cared more about the church and me learning than karate. I went to institute in the evenings.

Hey, Guess what!!!??? I looked at the institute website for Spokane and it looks like that Brother Manson isn't teaching anymore. He's the first institute that I had. I loved his classes because they were so good and spiritual. That's where I met and got to know Amy. I'm assuming this because his profile isn't there and another guy's profile is in his place. I really need to call Sister Barber to see how she's doing. Plus, I thought I could have lunch with her this Saturday because I'll be in Spokane. I'm so excited because I'm going to Spokane for Evan's graduation. I really want to attend the grappling/sparring class Saturday morning because I want to test my skills with Sensei Levi. I just want to say hi to Sensei Villa and tell him what I'm doing. I want to say hi to Paul to because he's a really nice guy.

I miss my bubble. I've been in it for so long where nothing really bothered me. Now, I'm in Provo living with different people who has different views from me. Like I found out that my roommates don't like my figurines. I really like them because I have collected them all of my life and they remind me of home. I really need to go to bed even though I took a nap today. I would like to go to my classes tomorrow.