Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gene Villa Dojo

Wow. Sorry that I haven't updated for a long time. I was busy with school and then I started looking for a new dojo. I've been to Villa Sensei's dojo twice now. It made me miss my old dojo. I wanted more black belts and/or higher belts than me. However, Villa Sensei is very good because he tells us why we do the things we do in karate. He explains much more than Chinen Sensei. I hope that David will be there tomorrow because I would like to meet him in person. I'm excited for finally training in karate again. It showed that I haven't been training because I forgot what the moves after the three beginning sets in Seiunchin. So, a brown belt named Cory led me through part of the kata. I learned a new stance and much more details in Seiunchin. I learned how to do the part correctly that includes bensoku dachi. A black belt asked Villa Sensei what was the purpose for the real life application for bensoku dachi. He said it only for turning and foot work. I would write more; however, I have to go because I stayed to long at Andrey's house.