Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Birthday and an Easter Card

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to write down what I wrote in two cards today.  I know I should be going to bed and sleeping because I have two finals at 7:00 and 11:00 A.M. today.  However, I wanted to write down what I wrote before I sent these cards off in the mail.  

The first one is a birthday card to Frank Ritenour.  He is a veteran who turned 100 years old on the third.  One of my friends in Utah invited me to a Facebook page saying that he wanted birthday cards from all 50 states.  So, I decided to buy him a birthday card.   The actual birthday card reads, "Statistics show that 98 percent of all Americans are guaranteed to 'Get a Little' every birthday!!!"  On the inside it reads, "... a little older, a little grayer, a little slower, a little heavier, a little more tired...  Anyway, Happy Birthday."  I wrote, "Dear Frank, Happy Belated Birthday!!!  You are the first person that I actually bought and sent a birthday card to in my life.  I am 26 years old.  You must be doing something right to be 100 years old!!!  Well, you got a card from Texas.  However, I am a native from Washington and Montana.  Sorry that the card isn't Texan!!  Thanks for serving our country!!  I hope that you will keep this card for years to come.  May you live well and prosper!!! Love, Lizzie."  

The other card is an Easter card to my parents.  I bought this card a day before Easter.  I had practicals all last week, so I didn't get to send it out until today.  The front of the card reads, "OK, you may hear a crack..."  It's a chiropractor palpating an egg who is prone on a table.  The egg looks really worried.  The inside reads, "Hope your Easter is everything it's cracked up to be!!"  I wrote "Dear Mom and Dad, I know that I will see you this Saturday.  I know that this Easter has passed.  However, I still wanted to send this to you because I never send anything.  Plus, It's a chiropractic Easter card!!!  Happy Easter!!  I am writing this on the eve of finals week!  Wish me luck!!  I am totally excited to see my family again.  Thanks for being such a huge support for me while going through school.  My neuroscience professor would be really happy that I wrote and sent you a card!!!  Love, Lizzie (Wiffer J. Biffer)."  

My Clinical Neuroscience professor said it's better for us to write out cards and sent it to people instead of just emailing them.  They can see that we've actually put thoughts behind our words.  I think it's both just like what the brethren say in General Conference.  Sometimes, we use technology too much  where we stop communicating to each other.  For me, technology is a must for me to understand other people.  My computer reads to me all the time.  I love it because I can understand and read much faster otherwise.  Goodnight!!