Sunday, June 29, 2008

Survivor Night

I had so much fun tonight. We had an institute activity called Survivor Night. I’ve been to a Survivor night last year when I took a night class with Brother Manson. I had more fun tonight than last year. It was a really nice reprieve from what happened to me last week a couple hours ago. That just threw me through a loop of emotions. Brother Adams was there. He asked me if I felt better. I said that I feel much better. He said that I looked better too. I’m sure because I talked to him the night after it happened. After it was finished, I thanked him for his counsel. He said that I needed to someone to talk to. I just wanted to talk and take advice from him since he knows me very well. I love him so much.

I haven’t had this much fun at an activity for so long. I mean it was so much better than the SCA event and hanging out with Nicole and Brooke. The spirit was there because we were doing things that weren’t offending him. At the SCA event, there was drinking, swearing, and lots of dirty language about sex. I liked the Survivor Night because it has lots of different games. First, we had to make a banner, a song, and a chant for our tribe. Then, we all had to get in a circle and hold each other’s wrists. Brother Manson put a hula-hoop on my arm. We all had to get through the hula-hoop three times without breaking our grip and sit down. Then, we were asked multiple questions about the scriptures and church history. Then, we all lined up. There were three rows of cones of six rows. So, each of the three teams line up with the line of cones. In each of the cone, there’s a paper with a category on the outside where a person from the group can read it out loud. Then, we have to act it out without speaking. I read reality TV shows and mine was American Gladiator. Amanda Billings guessed mine. I haven’t even seen the show, just the commercials. I don’t watch TV much, just the Simpsons.

Then, we got in a circle again, put our left hands out, grab the person’s across from you, do the same thing with our other hands, then unscramble ourselves so we can be in a circle holding each other’s hands. We figured how to do that in a minute. Then, we did it again. However, we grabbed each other’s hand’s wrong where we couldn’t get out of the knot. After that, we lined up in lines again. We had to stop at certain cones when we did this. One would run and be a tree. Then, another would run around the tree and be a log. Then, another would run around the tree, jump over the log, and be a bridge. The three others had to run around the tree, jump over the log, go under the bridge, and to the finish line. Then, the tree would jump over the log, go under the bridge, and across the finish line. Then, the log and the bridge would do the same thing as the others. The first time, I was a bridge because I was tall. I think I was that last time. Then, we ran through it a second time replacing the three people who just ran through it as a log, a bridge, and a tree. I’m glad that I didn’t receive any huge grass stains when I went under the bridge. I just got little, small stains which are dots. It’s a good thing because I’m wearing nice kakis that go just below my knee. I whooped and hollered at my team when they were running through.

Then, we all put our shoes in a pile and had to pick a shoe. When we returned the shoe or sandal to the original owner, we interviewed them on a questionnaire. After filling the sheet of paper, we got into a circle and sat down. We started with a person sitting in a chair. Then, the person would tell about them who interviewed them. Then, the interviewee would sit in the chair and another person would read the questionnaire to the group. We’d keep on going through people until we ended up with the first person. I interview a guy named Hans which is a German name.

Brother Manson’s two kids helped with organizing and setting up the games. Brother Adams just watched. I’m very glad he came. I love talking with him. I learned that he played professional baseball for a year. His team moved to Mexico. He decided to stay and teach Seminary. He said that we’re going to have this in the fall. I’m definitely going to try to be there. This year, I couldn’t because something came up.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lost almost everything!!!!!

I've been on my laptop all day. It's because I was looking for jobs on and I'm looking for a job because the company that I work for called Securitas has only used me a couple times this quarter. Last quarter, I worked every Saturday at Crescent Court for 11 and a half hours. I made sure no one was destroying the building. In the morning, between 5:30 and 9:00am the building was locked up. The only people that came in were those who worked for Travelers Insurance on the upper floors of the building. I'd sit there on a stone bench that had a good view of the entrance. I would sit and read, mainly Botany. It was really nice because it made to do my homework. When the people came in, they would always pass me and I would say hello. I heard that the reason I was there was to make sure nobody was trying to break in any cars outside. However, the bench was too far away to have a good look outside. I wasn't going to sit on the floor because that's unprofessional. I found no point of getting up to check because no one was out and about early in the morning any way.

I liked it really early in the morning because I can just sit there.

I give up. I'll tell you later. I lost posting because of my stupid laptop. I have been typing for nearly 3 hours. I just lost a lot of information and time. It takes forever just to write about experiences. Then, it's very maddening that you lose it all. I thought it was safe to leave my cursor at the bottom, so if I highlight and delete anything it wouldn't be a big deal, because I can retype it over. I accidentally highlight because my thumb hits the pad that controls the courser quite a bit. Probably, I accidentally hit that little ball that controls it too. It looks like I have to type in word again and then transfer it to here. It's very maddening to write something for so long and lose it in one second. I didn't want to lose that because I was writing almost everything about my work experiences at Crescent Court, Walmart at Christmas Eve, and Altek. It's so much easier to write about things when they just happened. I still haven't fully written about my SCA event. I need to do that. Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Changing my plans

Well, I changed my mind about becoming a Vet. I wanted to be a vet for five years, so changing my plans is a big thing for me. Now, I want to become a doctor. That's a huge step and a giant leap for me because I don't like changing my plans. Usually, I try to keep to my original plans as close as possible. Through out my schooling, my plans has always been changing. Pretty much, which classes to take and when to take them. I have always tried to plan my classes until I graduate. However, they always kept on changing. At one point, I sort of gave up on trying to plan that far. I'm at a crossroad in my life and chose to be a doctor instead of a vet. I'm graduating from Spokane Community College this month. I'm still planing on hopefully going on a mission this fall. I'm not really betting any money on that because it's still very tentative. My stake president hasn't gotten back to me yet. Hopefully, he will this week. Anyway, I was planning on going to zoo school for a year at Cat Tails up in Mead so I can gain experience with animals. Then, I'd get my BA in Neuroscience at Washington State University. After that, I'd go to vet school there if they would have accepted me. Now, I don't have to worry about paying for WSU because it's 20,000 per year. That's really expensive. I know that vet school is 33,000 a year. From what I'm seeing, med school is cheaper than vet school. After my mission, I will go to Brigham Young University to major in Neuroscience. Then, maybe to the University of Utah for med school. It just all depends on which med school will accept me though. I would write more; however, I spent most of my time watching Rescue 911 again on Youtube.