Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New video of Teruo Chinen

Right now, I'm in my infectious disease class watching a boring video about the man who discovered the vaccine for small pox. I want to write about the tournament; however, I want to post a video about Sensei Chinen's dojo instead because I want to close that window in my internet browser.

I'm posting this because this it a good reminder for me what it was like training in Chinen's dojo. I recognize the participants doing moving attack. I haven't went through that in a few years now. I forget the stance kata, the fukukatas, and moving attack. That's the problem when one doesn't do kata. I hardly practice Gekisai Dai Ichi and Ni, Saifa, and Seiyunchin. I don't want to forget these kata though. I've spent way too much time trying to perfect them especially Saifa. However, I have forgotten a middle part of Saifa.

Chinen's dojo is very, very traditional. One good thing that I learned from that dojo is to bow in and out from the training floor. I also did that in Gene Villa's dojo. I do that sometimes in Paul Tom's dojo too. I've seen a few higher belts do that in his dojo. I only do what others do in different dojos. So, I've gotten out of the habit of bowing in and out.

Chinen doesn't explain very well. He expected us to copy his movement. I love Sensei Villa because he explained why we did things. In Chinen's dojo, whenever we kicked or punched, we would count in Japanese. I still remember how to count to ten. I've realized that I'm not big on watching other people train. I did that a lot in Chinen's and Roberto's dojo. At least, I was able to sit down and move around in Roberto's dojo. Chinen would have had my head cut off if I did that. Ha, ha. I still have those fond memories training in the Chinen's dojo. I loved it.

If I went to that dojo to train with the knowledge I have now, I wouldn't have trained there. He doesn't teach any techniques that could really work on a full resisting partner. I think it's really funny that Sensei Chinen says that he teaches self defense. I knew that was crap even when I was training there. I think its really funny that he says that they are a peaceful people in the video. That makes me laugh because they weren't peaceful at all when I trained. All of the black belts had huge egos especially Sempai John.

Sensei Chinen promotes people to black belt way too fast. I saw Sempai Diana and Sempai Eric have their black belt now. It's really weird seeing that many black belts because there isn't many in BJJ. I also saw Sempai Scott, Sempai Linda, and a few other from different dojos in the video. I'm realizing that it's a very good thing when a dojo kicks me out because both times, I found a place with a much better qualified instructor.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Won First and Second Place!!!

I got first place in my gi division and second place in my no gi division in my Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Tournament!!!!! This was my first time winning first place in any thing. I won a real sword and a little wooden sword. Hopefully, I have time to write about tomorrow or on Monday.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Night Before Tournament

I have a tournament tomorrow. (It's still Friday night.) I would write tons more; however, I need to go to bed because I want to get up at six tomorrow. I'll get five hours of sleep. I think that will be OK, hopefully. I just don't want to be really tired tomorrow. I want my brain to work. I'm really nervous. I hope that I'll place.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laying in Bed and My O-chem Test

Last night, I went to bed at 1:30 because I was reading Brisingr. Actually, it was because I stayed up the night before working on O-chem. My body didn't like six hours of sleep. So, I rebelled at didn't go to stake conference which started at 10. Heavenly Father gave me so many opportunities to get up. I got up and ate breakfast because I didn't want to be late to the conference. However, I was still really tired. So, I went to bed and slept pretty lightly. When I knew that my roommates had gone to conference, I turned off my alarm and slept until 11:30. When I woke up, I felt pretty stupid. My body loves sleep. When I was doing my BOM homework, I became really sleepy during yesterday evening. I think I took a nap for two to three hours. So, I stayed up until 1:30. I laid in bed for an hour and 15 minutes pondering about things. I rarely lie in bed for that long without going to sleep. I could have gotten up to do O-chem. However, I wanted to not get distracted that bad and get a good night's rest. So, I read Eddie Fantastic and went to bed at 4:14.

I got up at 12:12. I was a little late for my O-chem class. Then, I went into one of the rooms down in the basement of the BNSN building. I studied 3:00 to 7:00. I went to the testing center and started my test at 7:30. During the test, I got frustrated and angry because I didn't think I was doing well. However, my emotions somewhat went away towards the end of the test. After the test, I went to see what was my score. I received at 72 percent. I'm OK with that because that seems to be average. Hopefully, my written portion will bring it up. Jason got a 60. Nate got a 76. A few other got some 80's or a little higher like an 85. I'm happy. I can't rest though because I still have lots to do.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Controlling Open Guard

I'm so tired. I had a really productive day today. I went to BJJ at Paul Tom's dojo, which was really good because I got to grapple with Jerry. I did pretty good against him because it took him longer to submit me. I actually mounted a few times. However, he's really good at defending. I controlled his open guard by grabbing on to his gi on the inside of his knees. That was really cool because I never had been able to control an open guard. I went pretty hard with him too. I loved that because it increased my heart rate. I rolled with a kid called Daemon. I went really soft with him, even softer than I go with Rebbecca. Afterwards, I took a normal shower. I love that shower that the dojo because it has really good water pressure. My shower at the apartment sucks because of the water pressure and the head. The morning I got home after Christmas break, I was really disgusted with it.

I went to Sunflower Market and bought a few things. That was the whole reason I went to the dojo. I needed toothpaste. Then, I did O-chem. I still need to do problems on Monday. I just need to make sure that I'm productive and stay on task on Monday so I'll finish those problems before I take the test. I went to stake conference too. I actually did O-chem while listening to conference. It was really good because I practically listened to the whole thing.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Self-Destruct Button

I went to bed at 11:45 last night and got up at 8:50 this morning. I was very happy because I need to work on chapter 25 before class. I started working on it at 11. However, I got sleepy and decided to take a nap. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't sleep for an hour. I had a dream that I slept all the way to Saturday night. Then, I was freaking because I needed to O-chem plus go to the Saturday night session of stake conference. When I woke up, it was 1:56. My O-chem class starts at 2:00. My emotions were a wreck because I knew I'd be late and fail the quiz for chapter 25. I have a note taker for that class. However, I didn't care if I got the notes for this week or not because I never look at the notes anyways. By not going, I didn't not find out when and where Austin is holding the review tomorrow. Austin is my TA for 352 and was my TA for 351 last year. I was pretty much running away from my emotions because I was freaking out about O-chem. I slept until four and did my usual things on the computer until six. I watched all of the Command and Conquer 4 cutscenes. I thought that 3 was much better because I knew what was going on. In four, I'm still somewhat confused.

I realized that I needed to take my infectious disease test today or tomorrow. So, I left the house at 7:25. Then, I worked on the test until closing which is 10. I got an 80 percent. This test was harder than the last test. I just need to see the average for the class. Then, I went to the library to work on O-chem. Now, I need to go to bed. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the mixed martial arts class at Paul Tom's dojo tomorrow. I need toothpaste and a few other things from the store. I would like to visit with Paul Tom too. However, I don't know if he's going to be there because Joe teaches that class. Plus, I should go the adult session of conference tomorrow night. This is why I'm freaking out. I have so much to do tomorrow. After I took my test today, I just felt like dropping everything so I can work on O-chem because I need to do well on that test.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions for Dr. Clark

Hi Dr. Clark,

I watched your video about doing a gluten free diet. I like that I idea because I would like to lose weight. I think I know how to do that; however, I want to see what you suggest.

I contacted you probably about a year ago about having Asperger's Syndrome. You said that I should get treated by you and sent me a packet. I've never responded back because I'm pretty sure that my parents won't let me go to Texas and get treated. I live in Provo, UT. I'm going to BYU. My parents live in Bellingham, WA. They are the source of my money. I have to take a reduced workload because the workload gets too much to handle among trying to live on my own too. I figured that I can deal with my ADD and Asperger's Syndrome until sometime in the future. However, I'm open to suggestions to help me deal with them.

I want to become a Chiropractic Neurologist like yourself. I'm planning on graduating with a Public Health degree. Then, going to a chiropractic college. Which one did you go to?? How did you decide to become one let alone a Neurologist plus your functional training?? I like how you think because you read scientific journals. Many people don't do that. Do you think that normal MD are competent?? It sounds like they aren't with chronic diseases. I know that they didn't help me very much with ADD and Asperger's Syndrome. Actually, they don't even know how to treat Autism.

What about infectious diseases?? I know that you've said that vaccines can cause auto immune disorders. I used to be anti vaccines because of what I was reading on Dr. Mercola's website. However, I'm getting tired of his anti-everything rhetoric like vaccines, cell phones, contacts, and sunglasses, and the US census. Now, I'm for vaccines because I'm taking an infectious disease class. Normal doctors have brought so many diseases out of commission in the US like Malaria, Polio, Mumps, Measles, and etc. They have even eradicated smallpox from the world. Do you think that people should take vaccines???

Dr. Mercola says that drinking raw milk is very good a person because it has live bacteria. However, one can get a food-borne illness from the milk like E-coli and other bacteria that can cause a "stomach flu". Yesterday, I learned that one can potentially get rabies from raw milk. It hasn't been scientifically proven in adults yet. That's because the US doesn't take it's chances with rabies. If a person start's showing symptoms, you are going to die. I didn't mind having the potential for getting the stomach flu, but rabies???? Do you recommend raw milk??

What do you think about applied kinesiology?? I think it works; however, it's pretty unscientific. However, I learned that research in Chiropractic in general is in it's infancy.

I trust your opinion because I think that you are the most centered out of all the resources I'm learning from. You don't seem that extreme or anti like Dr. Mercola.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking a Nap in the Library

I had a productive day today. I went to bed at 12:40 last night and got up at 7:00. I read the Daily Universe during O-chem recitation. Plus, I found out that I have an O-chem test that starts on Friday and lasts until Monday. That really freaks me out because I still have to go through two chapter today. These chapters are notorious for taking a lot longer than I plan for.

After recitation, I went with Jason who's a friend of mine in O-chem to devotional which we sat a room in the back of the library. One gets to this room via the back of the library instead of the front doors. When it first started, my contact started really bugging me. So, I rubbed my eye. Then, it wouldn't come back down. I don't like it when I have a blind eye. So, I went to the bathroom to find it again. Afterwards, I went back to the class room to watch the devotional. However, my contact was really bugging me. I wasn't really surprised because I wanted to switch to new ones this morning because both are over a month old and one was bugging me.

So, I went to the bathroom again to take it out. In the bathroom, I met a sister who was on my mission. She asked about school and whether if I was going to the mission reunion which is going to be in Draper Utah and on the (sixth???). I gave her my phone number because she was willing to give me a ride. Colby might give me a ride too because he's in the same ward as me. He was one of my zone leaders. I thought he was pretty cute when I was serving.

I took it out. However, it didn't want to go back in because it was very dry. So, I spit on it a little because I didn't have any contact solution on me. When I stuck it back in, my eye burned and started watering. So, I took it back out again. Then, I stuck back in again and it only bothered me a little. So, I went back to sit with Jason to finish watching the devotional. Jason was falling asleep because he had five hours of sleep last night. The speaker was talking about gospel gifts that weren't in the usual topic of gifts of the Spirit.

Then, I headed over to the SWKT to study in the computer lab. As I was walking towards the building, I saw Rachel who was in Coach Pease's martial arts class during the spring. We became friends in the that class. I visited with her for 10 to 15 minutes. I learned that she doesn't like to socialize that much. She wants to be either a pharmacist or a anesthesiologist. We parted our ways in the library. I wanted to see if there were any study rooms on the first floor where I could study. I found one where it can't be reserved. Plus, it had a one person desk too. I was happy because people reserve the study rooms and like to kick me out. That's why I haven't studied in the library that much during the fall and winter.

While studying O-chem, I became really sleepy. My body doesn't like six hours of sleep. I tried sleeping on the desk, but kept on waking up. So, I laid on the floor next the the door so people can't see me sleeping if they look in. I used my coat as a pillow and slept on my back. I'm very surprised that I fell fast a sleep and had a dream. I was dreaming that someone else was in that study room while I was studying. He told me to turn down my music. I'm very surprised because the floor isn't very comfortable and it takes awhile for me to fall asleep if I lay on my back and don't have anything covering my face.

I'm almost finished with chapter 24 in O-chem. I worked on a few problems for a good hour or so. When I hit the mechanisms, I just copied them because I was taking way too long and wanted to go to BJJ. Hopefully, I'll finish chapter 24 during lecture tomorrow. It got out of the library at 7:35. I had to really hurry because I wanted to grapple. Open mat is eight to nine. I grappled with John who's part of the BYU BJJ Club. I felt that I did pretty well with him because I mounted him for a bit and had him in closed guard for a good amount of time. He became frustrated because I none of my attacks were working. I guess he didn't being in my closed guard. I only know basic attacks so give me a break if none of them were working in my guard. He wasn't that successful on trying to break my guard either.

After open mat, I talked to Paul Tom more about childhood anger, Peyote, and the LDS church in general. He said that many people don't take Peyote because it makes them pretty sick. He said that a person is screwed in the head if they use peyote for recreational purposes. The Native Americans use it because they think its thins the veil. Paul Tom said it's their sacrament. I really need to go to bed because it's 1:10 A.M. I still need to do my infectious disease quiz that's due tomorrow night.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Palmer Chiropractic Dinner

Last night, I went to bed at 5:40 am and got up at 12:12 pm. I went to bed so late because I read my scriptures, signed in for a BJJ tournament because the price will go up after today, registered for spring and summer, and read Eddie Fantastic. I'm excited because I'm going to do a BJJ tournament in two weeks!!! I haven't gone to a tournament since summer. I should do well because I'm getting better all the time and am bigger than most of the girls.

Well, I did well when rolling in the BJJ club. I've realized that I don't come to the club to learn moves. I just come just to roll. I love Paul Tom because many of the moves that he has shown me works. I did pretty well when rolling with Aaron. I passed his guard twice and got onto mount. I held mount for a good amount of time with him because I knew he'd throw me off if I wasn't careful. I rolled with this skinny guy that I haven't rolled with in a long time. He has improved greatly probably because he's smaller and skinner than most guys. Colin got me into some crazy positions. He's still doing things that I have never seen before.

I'm still really aggressive with the guys though. I was a little snappish with Aaron when he said that I should have gotten on my knees when Colin was trying to armbar me. He wrist locked me instead. Normally, I'm not like that. I asked Colin how I should improve. He said that I should do things unconventional or don't telegraph my moves. I know that's not practical advice because I'm just learning how to pull off basic attacks. He he told me those things, I became upset for a few seconds. He said that I've improved greatly though which is good. I get so wrapped up with grappling. Today was good though because I got a good workout. I'd much rather get a good workout than just learn moves. I did try a move that I learned on Thursday. It didn't work because my feet didn't get underneath Aaron's armpits.

After that, I went to a Palmer College chiropractic dinner that was from 6:00 to 10:00. I got home at 10:40 and talked to Katrina. It was intresting and good. Now, I'm really interested in Palmer at Davenport, Iowa. It sounds like that it's a good balanced college. It teaches the science, the art, and the philosophy. It also teaches businesses development classes too. They say that they are the Harvard of the chiropractic colleges. The graduates that default on loans are less than one percent. The guest faculty member said that the research for chiropractic is still in it's infancy. My classmate from O-chem, who was there, wanted to see more research on chiropractic. He was concerned on how much chiropractic was placebo effect. I know that chiropractic is may more than a placebo because Dr. Cough was the only one that helped me with my balance. The first year of Palmer is really tough because they take 30 credits a trimester. They also cram a five year program into 3 and a half years. However, one can take a reduced workload.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lost and Found

I went to bed at 2:10 last night. I wasn't that tired because I took that nap. I woke up at 6:30 and drank the rest of my gallon of water. I woke up at 9:30 and said my morning prayer. I was going to get up, however, fell asleep again. Then, I got up at 11:15 to get ready for school. I refused to freak out because I didn't have any time to do any O-chem questions before the quiz. I think I got one right. After class, I went to the wilk to get my gloves that I left in the JSB last Friday. I love the Lost and Found because they always have my things that I forget. Last winter, I forgot my $300 jewelery in the RB when I went to a Shotokai practice. During the fall, I forgot my wallet which had all of my ID cards, gift cards, and my debit card. BYU is wonderful because nobody will steal anything of mine if I forget it.

I finally used my BYU Bookstore gift cards. I got them last winter. One was from participating a panel why we didn't use our scholarships. I didn't use mine because I didn't take the required amount of credits. The other was from participating in a research study. Both of them was worth 20 dollars in total. During the summer, I was thinking of buying a cookbook as soon as I was done with mine. However, I stopped cooking because I don't have time to. During the fall, I bought a five dollar BYU football tee-shirt. I spent the rest of the money today by buying Eddie Fantastic by Chris Heimerdinger. I bought it because Chris is one of my favorite authors. I have all of his books except "A Light in the Storm" and "Return to Christmas". My brother has "Passage to Zarahemla". He's been one of my favorite authors since I've been a young teenager. I loved his website because he'd answer young people's questions including mine. A couple years ago, his website vanished and he disappeared. Now, he popped up again by writing a blog which I've been reading since it's creation. I would love to start reading Eddie Fantastic; however, I still need to finish Brisingr.

After that, I went to the SWKT computer lab to study. I checked my email and read yesterday's and today's BYU newspaper. I started my homework at 5:30. Katrina texted me if I wanted to do something with her tonight. I was also planning on going to the temple because I haven't gone for over a month. The computer lab closed at seven. I went to the library and studied in a little room on the first floor. I used that room constantly during spring and summer. It was nice to be back studying in that room. I ended up studying until 11:40. I'm half way though the problems for chapter 24. I'm very happy that I studied for that long. I still need lots of time to study; however, I'm going to be busy tomorrow. The library startled me again twice tonight because of it's PA system. It's so loud. During the summer, I got to a point where it didn't startle me. Now, I've regressed.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Day and Childhood Anger

Like always, I need to go to bed. However, I need to tell you how my day went today. I went to bed at 1:30 last night. I had to finish my BOM biweekly homework which was due today. My alarm went of at 7:30 this morning. I didn't want to get up at all. So, I read three chapters of the BOM to finish my assignment and went back to bed. I slept pretty lightly even though my brain wanted to shut down. Then, Sarah started making noise on the other side of the wall near my head. She uses a little shelf when she gets ready in the morning. The walls are paper thin, so I hear all kind of bumps on the other side of the wall. At 8:20, I got up and took a shower. Then, I really hurried when getting dressed and doing my hair. I was really proud of myself because I did all of that in 30 minutes because I'm usually in the shower for that long of the time. I take forever when I get ready in the morning. It usually takes me an hour and a half. Now, it's taking me longer because I do my hair every morning and put my contacts in.

However, this morning I skipped breakfast because I knew I'd be back an hour later. I didn't want to be late for class because my professor asked all of us in class on time. Some of them repented, but many wasn't on time. We usually start at 9:05. At the beginning of class, we had a girl talk about Russia for a few minutes because my professor likes to have the foreign students talk about their native homelands. I loved it when she said her full name because it was in the Russian language.

I miss hearing Russian. I heard it a lot when I was around Andrey. Now, I'm not around it anymore. It's kind of weird because when I heard it, I wished that I heard English because I wanted to understand what they were saying. Andrey would always talk in Russian to his Mom. It's funny when I watch TV now because many of the Russian accents are pretty fake. They mostly roll their R's. I don't think I've ever met a real Russian/Ukrainian who rolls their R's.

After class, I went home, had breakfast, brushed my teeth, went to Real Foods to buy my Raw Milk, and then arrived that Paul Tom's BJJ Academy. I like the night classes better because they are longer. Plus, I don't have to do my hair afterwards like in the morning. I talked to Paul Tom more about me getting frustrated when grappling. He said that something is triggering my frustration when grappling. He said that trigger is from my past. He saying that most problems are a result of our childhood and it being passed down by our parents. I know that's how family feuds can last generations. However, things triggering frustration sounds like vague theory.

Last night, I rolled with a guy at BYU for 45 minutes. During the last stages of the match, I became frustrated because he kept on escaping all of my attacks. Plus, I was getting tired. I knew that I was going to cry if I'd lose because I was working so hard to submit him. I recognized that I was getting upset when rolling. So, I told myself that I was OK. I finally won by a kimura from mount. Then, I felt relieved and proud that I won.

David says that my childhood anger gets in the way when I roll. I don't know. Maybe, I just get caught up in the moment and get too obsessed about submitting the guy. I didn't get upset while rolling for a long time with Charity because she's a girl. I got a little upset with myself because she won afterwards. However, that was my first time controlling a person on mount for a long time. With the guy, I tried two triangles. I've never tried those before when rolling. Maybe, it's my ego saying that I should beat these people. However, I don't like rolling with really easy people like most girls either. So, I don't know. Maybe, it's childhood anger and maybe, it's me listening to Satan's minions. It's just saying it's childhood anger doesn't sit well with me because I think that one has matured enough to get over their past.

After class, I went to Sunflower Market to get a few things. I was really falling asleep when driving home. Then, I some potato chips and went to bed to take a nap. I wanted to meet with Rebecca so I can work on O-chem. I find it easier to study with someone because it allows me to study for longer periods of time. It makes me realize that I'm not the only one studying for hours. I went to bed at 3:20 and got up at 6:00. I hurried out the door at 6:30 because there was a representative from Palmer college that was speaking at 6:00. That's why I went to BJJ in the morning. Now, I'm really considering Palmer in Iowa. I really liked what I heard from the representative. I would write more about it, but don't have time to.

Then, I came home at nine. I talked with Katrina and Sarah and took out the trash. Then, I went through my emails because I didn't have time to yesterday. I had 41 of them because I added many friends on facebook mainly from the ward. I'm never on facebook. Then, I read a post from David, watched two videos that was posted by Dr. Clark, chatted with Sister Warner on facebook for 40 minutes, and resisted watching another rated M video game review. Then, I've been probably writing in this blog for an hour and a half. It's 1:13 am. I need to go to bed. I haven't worked on O-chem for the last three days. I have a quiz tomorrow. I need to go to bed now so I can get up and work on O-chem.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I actually found a little video about David Hamblin. He's really intresting and really nice. I don't know how to post on my blog though.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The 20th Annual Hunger Banquet

So, I'm getting somewhat frustrated with O-chem. I have to spend countless hours on homework. It's about 35 to 40 problems per chapter. However, most of them have two or more different problems within each problem. Thursday was really productive for me because I spent five to six hours on O-chem. I was really happy about that because I got through half the homework for the chapter and went over my last test with Austin who's one of my TA's for O-chem. Friday, I took a BOM test and then, wanted to celebrate a little. So, I watched five episodes of Stargate SG1.

Today, I went to the BYU BJJ Club. Then, we ate at the Commons on campus. I should have left them earlier because I got home at 4:00. Then, I took a shower and took 45 minute nap. When I woke up, it was close 10 minutes to seven. I didn't want to get up. However, I didn't want to waste the eight dollars which I payed to go to the hunger banquet which was in the wilk. I should have stayed and did homework it wasn't worth my time. 10 percent of the guests had a real meal that were at tables in the front. 20 percent sat in chairs and had less food. 70 percent including Rachel, Katrina, and I sat on the floor. We were served beans and rice in a bowl without any utensils. There were two torillas with the bowl because it was made to serve two people. I didn't have to share because I was by myself. Katrina and Rachel sat in front because they were there before me. They served tap water in these little baggies to each person. They sold chips and pop to people who wanted them.

I couldn't see the dancers that much because I was in the back. They were preforming ground level. They were Aztec dancers that danced only to drums and looked a little like Native Americans. Some of them had big headdresses that contained huge pheasant tail feathers. I saw dancer that had bells strapped around their ankles. Then, they had Sri Radha Krishna Temple Group that does the Festival of Colors chant for us. After that, the keynote speaker Martin Burt who was a mayor of a capital city in Paraguay. He helps people get out of poverty by creating schools that teach young people how to farm efficiently. He said that he's very happy of BYU because we are one of the few that believe that we can teach the poor how to make money for themselves. The banquet had a really good message and was a fundraiser, however; I should have done my O-chem. So, I only worked on it for 40 minutes today. I have five problems left. However, I can see they will take me an hour to finish my homework. I wanted to finish this chapter by this weekend.

I'm stressed because I'm getting overwhelmed. I have so many things to do for school. I have to some chapters of the Book of Mormon and write my thoughts about the reading. Then, I have to do my Infectious Disease homework on top of O-chem. I still love going to BJJ and think about it more and more. I check into gamespot and gametrailers almost daily to see what's new. I read my scriptures and try to write in one of my blogs daily. I like reading other people's blogs too. I might get distracted and be obsessed about one thing for a whole or part of a day like Stargate. Right now, I should go to bed because I'm going to get less than six hours of sleep. I still need to read my scriptures.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kimura to Omoplata

I can't write for very long because I need to go to bed. Gerr. Right now, I'm excited because I'm thinking about BJJ. I love BJJ. The training that I'm receiving at Paul Tom's dojo is much better than Roberto's. I'm getting more tools for how to attack and defend. The attacks I'm learning are very detailed so I can understand the mechanics of them. Asking people how to counter certain attacks really helps too. I've noticed that I'm strongest at defending kimuras, cross chokes, triangles, and somewhat with armbars too. I've been defending from those moves so many times now. BYU guys love to submit me with kimuras on side mount because they have so much more upper body strength than me.

I love Paul Tom's dojo because I get to ask a lot of questions. Today's class was tailored for me because we worked on transferring from a kimura to an omoplata. I feel really comfortable with a kimura from guard. I can set it up by isolating one arm by gutting my knee towards me and grabbing his wrist. Then, reach over their shoulder without moving perpendicular yet. Then, I cinch and then move perpendicular. To finish the move, I place my far foot on their hip and my other leg across their back so I can finish by moving my arm. If they are too loose, I slip past my knee from their arm by pushing off their hip. Then, throw my other ankle into their throat. Then, I transfer back onto my back. Then, I can wrist lock the guy. I can lean on his arm and do an arm lock depending on where his thubm is. If the guy rolls, just roll with the guy onto side mount with an arm isolated. Or, I can do the full omoplata. I have to make sure that his hand is close to his body. Then, I lean into him and finish the move by leaning and grabbing underneath his far shoulder.

I became a little of an animal again with rolling with Dave. I was trying to push him off of me by throwing my leg in his face while in side mount. I really need to put my hips away from him because it didn't work. That's when he commented that I was becoming an animal. Probably, it doesn't feel good having someone put their hands on your face and then trying to throw a leg afterwards. Dave said that my base is really improving when we started from our knees. I'm very happy with that. Jerry showed me a calf crusher when sparring today. When someone is on their knees, you pick a side and side a leg between their knees. Then, you figure four their leg, grab their ankle, and fall back. You could have them or they can roll and armbar you in defense. Jerry said that I can defend from an ankle lock by grabbing onto the guy so he can't extend.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Freaking about O-chem

I'm tired. Well, I decided to start anew with O-chem. Over the weekend, I felt like that I was destroying my life because I wasn't making the choices that I was suppose to. An O-chem chapter a lot longer than it was suppose to. That's why I didn't do so hot on my test. The average for the scantron portion was a 72. My score was 60 percent. I feel horrible now because I really expect myself to do better. I'm guessing that the written portion will bring me down to a 50 percent because I did horrible on it and didn't give myself enough time. I gave myself two hours instead of around three.

I didn't do any homework on Saturday because I got distracted downloading song legally from and then illegally. Afterwards, I watched to four to five episodes of Stargate. I went to bed seven A.M in the morning. I was going to get up at 8:15 to go to church; however, I think I got up, turned it off, and then went to bed because I don't remember hearing it. So, I accidentally skipped church.

Today, I was 20 minutes late to my O-chem class because I wasn't paying attention to the time when I was at BJJ. Dr. Bronson said to prepare for a quiz on Wednesday. I haven't gone through the last chapter!!!! I want to go through that chapter before this chapter so my spiral-notebook will be in order. I didn't have anytime to work on it today. I went to BJJ, took a two hour nap because I was depressed about O-chem, went to FHE where I had prime rib, put gas in my car, and did a little laundry to wash my stinky gi. I was busy today. I'm just freaking out about O-chem. However, I find that my emotions are the worst at night and when I'm tired. In the morning or after naps, I feel better.

I haven't told my Dad about this yet. I'm suppose to call him tonight. However, I think I'm just going to bed because I don't want to get even more upset. I'm just hoping that my involvement with BJJ is the right thing to do. Heavenly Father told us to take care of our bodies. I do that by going to BJJ. Plus, it's a lot of fun. However, it's taking my part or my whole morning. I need to see how am I doing whole week to see if I'm catching up. I don't think I will work on O-chem tomorrow because I need to do my infectious disease homework.