Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My first blog....

Hi. My name is Elizabeth. I decided to create a blog because I wanted to talk about karate in a much productive way. Lately I have been writing in a journal. Now, I realize that's too slow because it takes me around one hour to write two pages. With me writing in a blog, I can type much faster than writing, edit, and everyone can read what I write. However, probably no one is going to read this anyway because I'm going to treat this blog as my journal. I was looking at and Yuk. My brother and sister use it all the time. My sister said if I started writing in myspace, more people would read it. However, I don't like the format for myspace, is so much better. In addition, when I was looking through myspace, some of the pages you couldn't even read very well because of the stuff in the background and the colors clashing with each other. Plus, I think myspace is a giant community where people can create profiles and talk to each other. I don't want that. I just want to write mostly about karate.

I've been doing karate for almost five months and I love it!!! However, I concluded that it's painful because of all the little injuries I get. I've been getting all kinds of bruises. They are on my arms, legs, knees, and feet. Three weeks ago, I got four bloody knuckles. I think four weeks ago, Captain David hurt my foot when we were sparring. It swelled up and turned all black and blue a week later. My feet have been bothering me lately. First, I get blisters from training on the floor with bare feet. Second, I've had a split between my toe next to my pinky toe and the pad of my foot. Every weekend, it heals only to get ripped back open by karate. Gerr, its making me mad. I'm going to leave it alone for now on to see if that helps. Probably, it will help. I think I pulled or strained a muscle in my left foot because it hurts whenever I'm on the ball of my foot.


Idblur said...

well its good to know that you're no pansy. I hear that when you hurt yourself often you build up a resilency to pain...

lizzie said...

I guess. I realized that karate is a painfull sport.

supergroup7 said...

"probably no one is going to read this anyway because I'm going to treat this blog as my journal."

Careful.. always be careful on the internet, Lizzie. You never know who is going to read what you write. Not that you should be paranoid, but just think about what you are saying, and what the consequences might be. Like putting your essays online.. what if? What if someone who doesn't want to put in any energy in their schoolwork comes here by luck, or fluke, and starts handing in your words as their own?

I like too. I love karate too! Ha ha.. We have so much in common.

How did you get the four bloody knuckles in karate?
Oh dear.. I'm sorry to hear about your foot. It sounds like something serious. Did you get a doctor to look at it?

Blisters and a split? Oh oh.. It sounds like your feet are dry. Have you tried lotion with Vitamin E in it to moisturize them? Have you tried Aloe Vera to help them heal? Have you tried using medical tape and taping your pinky toe to the other toe so that the split doesn't open up again?

I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain like that. I hope that this stops soon.