Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gene Villa Dojo

Wow. Sorry that I haven't updated for a long time. I was busy with school and then I started looking for a new dojo. I've been to Villa Sensei's dojo twice now. It made me miss my old dojo. I wanted more black belts and/or higher belts than me. However, Villa Sensei is very good because he tells us why we do the things we do in karate. He explains much more than Chinen Sensei. I hope that David will be there tomorrow because I would like to meet him in person. I'm excited for finally training in karate again. It showed that I haven't been training because I forgot what the moves after the three beginning sets in Seiunchin. So, a brown belt named Cory led me through part of the kata. I learned a new stance and much more details in Seiunchin. I learned how to do the part correctly that includes bensoku dachi. A black belt asked Villa Sensei what was the purpose for the real life application for bensoku dachi. He said it only for turning and foot work. I would write more; however, I have to go because I stayed to long at Andrey's house.


ZenHG said...

In answer to that question about Rensoku Dachi, it is a cross-step stance that is great for turning and positioning, usually when turning through Rensoku Dachi you move in a cork-screw fashion (upward motion) into the preferred technique.
It can also be a sweep and take-down using the leg as the fulcrum and the cross-arm position as a lever.

Seiyunchin is notorious for having throws and take-downs 'hidden' throughout the entire Kata.
One of the translations comes out to mean 'Push-Pull-Battle' which implies more of an in-close grappling approach to Oyo-Jutsu.

Seiyunchin has always been one of my fortes, I spent many years of my practice picking this Kata apart.
It is an extremely advanced Kata, though many schools teach it early on.

I'm very glad you enjoyed your experience at the FKC Dojo with Sensei.
Corey is a great guy, though I don't think he, or any of the other seniors for that matter, really like training fore-arm conditioning with me. ;)

frotoe said...

I'm glad you are seeking out a new dojo! You will be so much happier and probably learn so much more in a better environment with more mature sensei.
Happy New Year!

lizzie said...

Thanks Frotoe. I hope that you had a happy New Year too.

[Mat] said...

From what I read, it seems like a change for the better.

Hope 2007 turns out to be all you want it to be :)

Bob Bolton said...

Hi, I trained at a couple of Gasshuku with Sensei Villa. I have a dojo in Tampa, Florida, and am part of the great organization of the IOGKF-USA. Sensei Villa is one of only a few of the highest ranking Goju Ryu practitioners in the country and is very well respected. I wish you well on your studies.
Bob Bolton, Tampa

lizzie said...

Thanks for visiting Bob.