Thursday, March 03, 2011

Emailing Dr. Clark Part 4

Hi Dr. Clark,

I contacted you two years ago. I told you that I have Asperger's Syndrome and was going to BYU. You sent me that DVD and packet. I lost that DVD and threw away part of the packet. I never got back to you because I knew that my parents would never fly me to Dallas to get treated. I knew they would say no because it would be way too expensive. I've never stopped following your blog. I've seen every video which you have put on your blog.

I tried going gluten free for a few months because you said that could help people with Asperger's Syndrome. I didn't notice a difference with me. Most of the gluten free stuff doesn't taste very good. I like rice bread though. Buying gluten free things can be expensive.

Now, I'm moving to Dallas at the end of April to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. I noticed that your office is 25 minutes away from the college. I would still love to get treated because I have some issue other than the Asperger's Syndrome that I would love to get looked at. I have this toenail fungus that I've had for years. It just recently got worse because it spread to all the nails on one foot.

I'm having issues with asthma. I think it's asthma anyways because I get weezy for no reason these last two months. I've always had sports induced asthma, but I never got weezy out of the blue. This started after I had a fevers which lasted for a week and went up to 102.6 degrees. It was very interesting that getting adjusted didn't get rid of my fevers because that that time I went to the Paker Seminar in Vegas. They finally went away when I took some antibiotics. When I was sick, I had these coughing fits which progressively worse. I was coughing and getting stuff out of my lungs. Since I went to the doctor, the cough has gotten less and less. However, it's still a little there because I'd never cough or get weezy out of the blue before I got sick.

I know that you are all about function and don't care what I have. It's so interesting that you are going against what many people are telling their patients. I'm very interested in specializing in your field because it makes the most sense. Do I have to wait to do that until I'm done with chiropractic school?? I want to help people like me. My mom has Bi-Polar. I would love to help her.

Like I said that I'm going to Parker. So, I'm still going to be a poor college student. Six hundred dollars is a whole bunch of money which I certainlly don't have. I think you would be pretty worth it. I'm just wondering if I can have my student loans pay for treatment. I have no idea. I'm not going to work when I'm in chiropractic college. I know that it's important to be under chiropractic care as a student and when I become a doctor myself. I just want to help my body run at a 100 percent because that would really help with chiropractic school.

Do you have any Parker students shadow you to see what you do?? There are so many syles of chiropractic out there.



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