Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I had the opportunity to clean Sensei’s garden for Gasshuku. One of the Sempai told the dojo that we had to sign up to clean his garden. I couldn’t go the first time because I was working with my dad. That was all right because the second week I helped stack wood and build a rock wall in his garden. Just recently, all the green belts had to come and clean his garden for Youth Gasshuku. I enjoyed that because I thought of it like a big service project even though I had to miss going to Silverwood with some family friends, my brother and sister. I chose to help clean because I would have got bored at the theme park.

My job was to pick up piles of grass and leaves which my Sempai raked up. When my big tub got full, I would go to a spot in the dojo it dump it. One time I was on my way to dump it,I was near Sensei and thought there wasn’t enough room to pass through. So, I tried to put it on my shoulders like I do with the recycle bin which is smaller. However, that backfired and lost it's balance on my shoulders. Therefore, I spilt some of the grass his stone pathway where it was just swept my Sempai Mesha. So, I started picking up the grass that dropped from the bin. As I was doing that, Sensei came to me and said that if I was a brown belt, my head would be chopped off and slid his hand across the back of my neck. Because of me, Sempai Mesha had to resweep the stone path.

All of us has to clean the dojo after class. We have to sweep the floor and take out the garbage on the second floor. Sometimes we have to clean the toilet and sink in both bath rooms. After we do that, we line up on the dojo floor to clean it with rags. Some black belts don't have to do that because they supervise us instead. I cannot go ahead of my Sempai when going across the dojo floor with my rag. I did that before and Sempai John yelled at me.

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