Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's my fault for injuring Sempai Ross

It's weird that I would get into trouble for saying one little word but not causing injury to a person.

During Gasshuku, I was doing Bunkai Oyo with Sempai Mark and Sempai Tony. Sempai Tony mostly taught me how because he was higher than Sempai Mark. Most of the time, I would attack Sempai Mark with Sempai Tony guiding me through the Bunkai. In the dojo, one has to pay attention and watch out where other people are being thrown because it's crowded during Gasshuku. On Wednesday night, we were working on Bunkai number seven which includes a tricky throw/role. I distinctly remember Sempai Tony telling me not to let go of Sempai Mark when I threw him. Of course, that night I let go of him and he slid right into Sempai Ross. When I got up, I saw Sempai Ross laying on the ground in anguish and clutching his ankle with Sempai Mark hovering over him. At first, I was horrified at what had happened and what I had done. It took a few min. for people to realize that someone was injured. Then, Sensei made all of us line up and sit down. While sitting there, I started crying a little because I felt so bad. I saw that Sensei was mad because we could have prevented the injury. Because of the accident, we went home early without going to his house. I wanted to say that I was sorry to Sempai Ross before I went up stairs to change but never had the chance.

I felt bad because I was the one who threw Sempai Mark and hurt Sempai Ross. It ended up that he tore some ligaments which is worse that a break because it takes longer to heal. I talked to Sempai Eric about me feeling bad. He said that accidents happen and that I shouldn't worry about it. I realized that the black belts around me should have been paying more attention. I was a white belt and didn't know any better. Therefore, I didn't get into trouble at all when it was my fault for injuring Sempai Ross.


supergroup7 said...

The black belts are expected to be aware of distance, and to compensate for such things as the fact that you were inexperienced.

You were just doing your best. The fact that you forgot to hold Sempai Mark is just a byproduct of your lack of training.

I ask you: Did you see Sempai Ross standing over there, and then think "Oh GOOD! I can throw Sempai Mark into him and damage his legs!"?

Of course not.. it was an accident. You didn't want to hurt anyone, you were just trying to execute the technique as best as you could. Everyone knows that you didn't mean to hurt Sempai Mark.

There is a responsibility attached to being a higher belt level wherein you have to think of the safety of yourself, and others as you train.

Becky said...

It wasn't your fault. You are a white belt and as such, higher ranks know you are inexperienced and lack control. Please don't feel too badly about it.

lizzie said...

I don't feel bad now. It was when that happened I felt really bad because I never injured someone before.

lizzie said...

Supergroup, Sempai Ross was behind me so I couldn't see him. Sempai Mark should have looked first and told me it was safe to throw him.

lizzie said...

Sensei Michael said…

“I made a post about a similar circumstance recently: my theory is, if I get hurt while teaching, it's usually my own fault.

After reading some of your past posts, I'd like to add to my last one. I'm rather appalled by the behavior of your Sensei and his Sempais.

Karate is about three basic precepts: Honor, Integrity, and Respect. Follow your heart, and you'll find them.”

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, I just came across your blog and I must say it's an interesting read. Senpai Ross of which you speak is the Sempai at my Dojo and I have had the great fortune of training with him for nearly 14 years. I read your post and then talked to Senpai about it. I told him in your post that you sounded very appologetic (since you had wanted to appologize to him as you said in your post). He said you need not be. You trust was in your partners as it should be and you could not see him. Senpai Ross has fully recovered the injury and would never hold blame or hard feelings. I don't know if that's any consolation since from what I've read you're no longer training there, but I thought I'd send you a little note. Please note, Senpai at no point placed the blame on anybody at all, direct or implied.

lizzie said...

Wow, I never would have thought that anybody from my old organization would contact me. Thanks for relaying that to him. I did feel really bad because I was the direct cause of his injury.