Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kickboxing and The Conversation

Hi. I realized that kickboxing is going to be really basic with the kicking and punching. Why am I taking this class? I thought it was going to be interesting and fun. It may get better but I don’t know. Why do we have wraps because I know some of the students weren’t properly taught how to wrap their hands? We’re not going to punch with them either. It’s an OK workout but, I’m afraid it will get repetitive.

I finally saw Sensei walking out of the gym on the outside. I don’t think he saw me. He was wearing his gi and his light grey vest. I was going to a route that would pass him; however, I avoided it and took another route instead. Then, I talked to an acquaintance about karate in the locker room because she was taking it. I told her that I already took that class for two quarters and that Sensei went bad on me. I told her that she was learning Goju-Ryu and the kata she’s going to learn. She said that she didn’t know that she was going to come back to the first week because Sensei is very gruff and roar. That’s very typical. Now, he was nicer today. I told her that Sensei always nicer at SCC than in the dojo. Then, she asked me what a dojo was. I told her that it’s a place were one learns and practices karate. Then, she asked me that the card that he gave her was to his dojo. I said yes. She thought it was to his restaurant. This is a typical conversation I have with starting students; but, this was more in depth.

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Silverstar said...

Kickboxing was never really my thing either, but at least you get a chance to build up your stamina and its good to try new things sometimes. :)