Thursday, April 05, 2007

Punching with wraps

This morning was my first kick boxing class. It’s going to be a watered down class because it’s more for fitness and it’s only for 45 min.

First, why do we have to wear wraps? The internet says that it’s to protect your tendons and bones in your hands. However, why did we wear them today because we didn’t hit anything with them? The girls who came back say that it feels weird to not punch without the wraps because they becomes like gloves to them. With me, I think that they are alright, but they are unnecessary. I wouldn’t want to hit anything with them because I can’t properly make a fist and I can’t see where my first two knuckles are.

After class, I wanted to practice on the stand up punching bags; however, my instructor stopped me because of liability reasons. First, she said that I cannot punch the bag without wraps or even punching mitts. I don’t agree with that. Even though I have limited experience with punching bags, I know that I can punch it with my bear hand. I have can’t go all out because I don’t want to hurt them. The point is that I have control. Maybe, many people get injured on the bags because they don’t have any control and don’t know what their limits are. Second, she said that I couldn’t even kick it because she hasn’t taught me yet. On Tuesday, I told her that I’m in karate and I’ve been in it for over a year. Maybe she forgot. I don’t think that will help because of the stupid liability issues.

All I want is for kickboxing to overlap with karate. I want this to help me with sparing because I need to work on throwing punches from a fighting stance and a guard. I need help with combos too. In class today, we learned to wrap our hands which I got lost with her instruction. I learned better when I was on the internet. Then, we learned to do the jab and cross with music. Then, we worked on pivoting and slipping a little. After that, we did some stretching. Then, we tested our selves on how many push ups and sit ups we can do. I did 50 sit ups and 25 girl push ups. I received a very good rating. I was quite well pleased because I did better than my partner and I didn’t expect that rating.

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supergroup7 said...

I don't wear wraps.. so I cannot answer your question.

There are times when I wear a form of sparring gloves, and I was told that these protect the skin on my knuckles from opening up and bleeding as I work on the punching bag. I believe that fact very much because I was wearing my gloves, and the skin on my knuckles still opened up a little after a good amount of time on the bag.