Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Crunch! "Oh Crap!! Dang it!!!!!!!"

Ahhk!!!! I need to go to bed. However, I'm not that tired yet. Probably, it's because I took a 2 hour nap today. However, I'm still probably going to be tired in the morning.

Today, I ran into into my dad's Suburban with my car. For some reason, I thought it wasn't there. Probably, it's because it wasn't there today when I left and came home. So when I back out the drive way, I have to worry about not hitting the tree then, I can start turning the wheel to get turned around. I usually look back. However, this time I didn't. My mind was preoccupied about getting another job. Then, I heard a crunch. I looked back and saw the gray Suburban. I became very upset with myself because I made a huge dent in the passenger door on the driver's side. Thankfully, I didn't hurt my car. However, I would rather have it hurt my car than his car because it's already scratched up and dented on the driver's side from rolling my car on it's side during the winter. When I was freaking out, my neighbor looked what I was doing and saw the door. He said something to me; however, I don't remember what it was. Then, I went inside the house to tell Dad. He didn't yell at me; however, he was upset. Now, I owe him a door which will cost around two to three hundred dollars.

Right now I don't have that kind of money because my work isn't using me. I haven't worked in the last two weeks. I'm afraid that my health insurance will go away because I can't miss the payment two times in a row. So, probably I have to get another job. I like working for Securitas because it's very easy and no one really supervises me. However, they need to give me more hours! I'm not liking this anymore. I want more money. I want to always have at least 500 dollars in my bank account. I don't want all of my money to go away.

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