Thursday, April 30, 2009

Journal writing and grades

I'm so glad that my roommate reads her scriptures, writes in her journal, and prays everyday. It makes me want to do the same. If I see someone else writing in their journal, I want to do it too. That's why I wrote for a long time when I saw Tony's journal. He wrote in it every day. They were short entries. When I write, they tend to be long because I want to write about everything. Probably, these entries are going to be boring for people because my life isn't that exciting. Oh, well such is life.

Well, I do have some exciting news. I got a B+ in my Book of Mormon Class, and two B- in my neurobiology and O-chem classes. I was expecting a C in O-chem so I'm happy. I'm all right about my neurobiology because it was really boring and the final went horrible. I studied eleven hours for that thing and when I took it, it seemed like I didn't even study. I guessed on a lot of them. I was really freaking out during that final. Actually, I was freaking out about grades when I started getting a little below average on O-chem and neurobiology tests. Then, I stepped it up and still seemed like I was going nowhere. So, probably I'm going to get lower grades this term because I'm full time instead of part time. We'll see though because in the middle of last semester, I got a little lazy. Plus, I felt that I could have had one more class anyway. So, I'm just praying that this term will go well especially O-chem.

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