Friday, November 06, 2009

The Haunted Lab

I had a busy day today. I finally finished writing a paper I had to do for MMBio and turned it in today. I know this is going to post this as Friday; however, I'm still considering this as Thursday. Last night, I stayed up all night working on my paper and looking at all kinds of Halloween masks, costumes, and animatronics. Of course, we're done with Halloween this year. However, I though it was really interesting to watch all kinds of videos and surf the professional sites. At the end of September, I really searched the web for videos that talked about haunted houses. I really wanted to go this year to a good one, but I didn't find anyone who wanted to go with me. So, I went to a free one that was right on campus. It was hosted my an engineering club and was in the Clide building. That's pretty much the first building that I walk by everyday to get to my classes. So, it wasn't that much of a walk.

I went inside the Clide building trying to figure out where the haunted lab was. So, I walked past a door that was propped open. I saw a sign for the haunted lab that was pointing outside. However, I thought that door was the entrance because I thought it looked creepy. The only light that was on in the room was an open laptop that was on a lab table. When I went in, I saw a big section of a dark room. Beyond that section, I heard Halloween music and lights. So, I plugged my ears because I was creeped. I always do that when I'm scared or when I'm walking past a fence that has a dog barking at me. I didn't want any thing to jump, scream at me, and make me jump. When I arrived in the next room, I heard someone say "Get ready, they are coming." I yelled back that it's only one person. The guy yelled that because I came when it just started. In that room, I saw lots of blue tarp draped over. I saw another laptop providing more light on the floor. I tried to find a way through any of the tarp. However, I just found dead ends. So, retraced my steps, though the door, and went outside. Then, I found a line waiting for the haunted lab.

They were playing Halloween music and had fake gravestones to get everyone in the mood while we waited. It was suppose to look like a cemetery because the gravestones was surrounded by a fence. I waited ten to fifteen minutes. In my group, there was a very young couple and a dad and his two young boys. The boys were really nervous about being the leaders. I knew it wasn't going to be scary because it was a free haunted house put on by a club. I just wanted to get in the spirit in Halloween and be entertained. I had low expectations. When the gal who collected donations had said that they were still looking for five volunteers, they lowered even further.

Finally, it was our turn. For some reason the club members had the guests exit the main entrance same way that they entered. It makes more sense to have them exit another part of the building, to add to the atmosphere for the guests who are waiting. When we came in, we were greeted by our guide. As we were waiting, I saw a freaky clown staring at me through slit between two tarps. I pointed the clown out the to the couple. Then, the clown stuck his head out and said something. Then, I realized he was wearing a mask. He looked cooler in his room because of the black light.

Our greeter said to have low expectations and expect the unexpected. So, I lead the way as we went downstairs. I waited at the bottom because that's what our guide told us to do. I really liked the decorations and lighting in the stairwell. I though we were going to go through a door at the bottom. However, our guide said that was a dead end. I thought that was clever and cheap. We came back up and put some 3-D glasses on. The boys and his dad were leading the way now. This is where the clown was. The 3-D part was really short. Then, we came to a evil scientist where he wanted to raise Frankenstein. The scientist talked with a fake accent. So, he had the guy from the couple put a vice on Frankenstein's head. I was really expecting to sit up, yell at us, and make me jump. However, he got up and attacked the scientist. That just made me laugh.

The next room was a house with a TV and a mirror. The TV was flickering and noticed that it was on a DVD menu screen. Our guide told us a story about a girl. Then, we saw her peering though the window. Afterwards, I think I lead the way. We came in a room where there was a strobe light. A person came out of nowhere and startled me. I thought the strobe light effect was cool. Then, I ran into a net because I couldn't see it. By this time, I was alone. Then, I past this guy sitting in a chair very still. He didn't do anything when he saw me. I went into the next room. It took awhile for them to have a guy pretend that he cut another guy's head off with a guillotine. I waited between the rooms because I wanted to be with the group. When I finally saw them, I noticed that they were taking forever because the two boys were leading the way. So, I just went ahead. There was a guy lying there and tried to scare me by moving. Then, that was the end of it. When I walked out, a girl asked me if it was scary. I said no and walked home.

Probably, I'm forgetting some details of the haunted labs, but that's alright. So, this haunted lab exceeded my expectations. It was a much better haunted house than my very first one I went to with Andrey two years ago. I thought that haunted house was a rip off because I think we payed ten dollars for each of us. However, Andrey payed for the both of us because we were dating at the time. I think the haunted house was for a charity for some kind. I wanted to go to that one because it was right next to the old institute building in Spokane.

So, I wanted to watched some good videos on the web that has really good haunted house scares. There's only a few videos that I've found that are from haunted houses. Most of the hidden cameras is when kids trick or treat, which means that most are not entertaining. From haunted house videos, I've noticed that groups huddle pretty close together. I think that's kind of funny because everything is fake in a haunted house. Why be scared?? I picked the best haunted house videos on the net. This guy is so good!! It's pretty funny.

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