Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Opposite Life

Hi. Sorry that I haven't been writing as much. I've been so busy with school. I need to get more busy because I didn't do too well on my O-chem test. That means I can't doddle for four and a half to five hours on the internet. I mostly checked my email and watched videos about video games. I really need to complete a paper that was due on Tuesday, which was today. I didn't get it done because I waited too long. I'm thankful that Dr. Lin was willing to give me two extra days. I was completely surprised because last time I turned in something late, my professor docked me points. I miss SCC. Everything was easier. My life was simpler because I was so isolated. I just went to school, did homework, watch TV on the computer, went to church, and did karate. However, I really did wish that I had some close friends like I did in high school. Now, I have a completely opposite life. I don't like doing my homework, school is so much harder, and I have a social life. I love my roommates because they've become good friends. Sarah has become my best friend in a sense because she's lived with me the longest. However, we don't have anything in common except we like to go to the movies. I think that's the story of my life because I don't have that much in common with anyone except Andrey.

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