Friday, September 03, 2010

My Three Lovely Stripes

It's been a long tradition on this blog to write whenever I'm promoted in a martial art. Well, Paul Tom put three lovely white stripes on my black strip which is on my white belt. I finally put a black strip on my belt when I went to Bellingham to visit my family a week ago. I got back last Saturday. It ended up that the girl who let me sleep on her bed when I was staying at Rhea's house had black theater tape. Before Rhea was married, she lived in a house with three other girls. I slept in the only bedroom which was down stairs. The house is about 100 years old and has really nice wood floors. I really liked the house. I would have felt comfortable living inside that house. My bed room had a half bathroom which was pretty cool. Man, I wish I had that much living space. However, I get to share a tiny apartment with three other girls. Rhea was pretty lucky.

Anyways, I noticed that the guys at Paul Tom's are pretty supportive of my accomplishments in BJJ. Jerry knew that I took first and third at my last tournament. That was pretty cool because I never told him that. I haven't been around that much during the summer because of O-chem lab. Then, I was gone for two weeks visiting my family in Washington. Now, I'm the same rank as Sid. I still feel he's much better than me. He always beats me all the time. It's intresting that I'm a one more stripe higher than Heather. So, I have one more stripe to earn, then I'll get my blue belt. That's really exciting!!!! A blue belt tells people that you are legit. Plus, my blue belt would even be more legit because Paul Tom aquired his black belt from a grandmaster. He said not many people get their belts from grandmasters.

Brent finally got his blue belt yesterday!!! I knew that he was going to get it because Paul Tom said during class a few months ago. I'm very happy because that tells other people in the club that we actually have someone other than a white belt teaching which is pretty cool. It's kind of funny that I don't really care about other black belts in other martial arts any more. When watching that Northwest Profile video of Sensei Chinen, I thought he had way too many black belts. Paul Tom is the only legit black belt I've seen so far. I might have seen other legit black belts at the last tournament though. It takes forever to get a black belt in BJJ. That's OK though. I really want to train in this martial art my whole life. I just love it!!! It makes me very happy. I love rolling.

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