Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canola Oil

I think that I am slightly allergic to canola oil because I am pretty sure that I slightly reacted to Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  The only ingredients in the chips are potatoes, canola oil, and salt.  I ate the whole bag too today.  The bag of chips had 1120 calories.  That is why I don't buy potato chips and breads that much because I have been known to eat the whole bag.  Canola oil is mainly made from rapeseed.  This would make sense why I reacted to some Earth Balance Organic Buttery Spread a couple times.  I haven't reacted every time I ate it though.  The only things that I suspicious of in the spread is palm fruit, canola, and annatto.  I have been slightly been reacting to cheese too.  It might the the annatto or just the mold that likes to grow on cheese.  However, now I don't think that I am allergic to annatto because I ate Tillamook cheese on my break all the time and didn't react to it.  I am very sure that the cheese had annatto in it.  Ya, I am pretty sure that I am allergic to canola oil because my mouth still feels a little sore.  Ya, this sucks being allergic to everything.  At least, I can have my smoothies.  I know I won't react to those and are really healthy for me.  Plus, I have my white rice that I can rely on.  I just need to get a butter container since butter is safe for me too.  I need to go.  I have a neuroscience test to take tomorrow.  I need to make my smoothie and get ready for bed.  I should be in bed by 11:30 PM so I can have six hours of sleep.  It's 11:05 PM right now.  Night.  

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