Sunday, May 27, 2012

Painful Lumps

So, I reacted to Wheat Thins Toasted Chips last night and a little bit today.  I looked at all the ingredients to see what I could be allergic to; I found only rye, tritcale (a cross between rye and wheat), and barley.  All the rest of the ingredients, I am pretty sure that they don't bother me.  I  Maybe because of one of these grains, I reacted to some bread that I ate at my parent's during the break.  I am happy that I finally got something that I reacted to with so few ingredients.  Most of the foods that I react to has a whole bunch of ingredients which I haven't singled out.  

Since Tuesday, I have had a sore on my palate.  Another one developed on gum right behind my right, furthest posterior molar a little later during the this week.  The first one might have started from sucking on too many Lifesaver Wint-O-Green Mints.  My mouth tends to get sore when I suck too much hard candy.  However, I have no idea why I developed another one behind my molar.  Usually, I am just kind of sore for a few days.  It's been more than a few days now.  I am coming close to a week.  I know that I sound like a pansy right now.  It's been really annoying though.  I can't eat anything that hard because it hurts my mouth.  The one one my palate is on my left side right next to the second molar counting from the front.  I think that I normally eat on my left side too because I have to consciously push things to my right side.  All I know that these things are getting annoying.  I want them healed so I won't have to keep feeling them when I eat.  These sores could be allergy related too.  

My armpits are hurting me too.  Since a teenager, I have developed lumps in my axillae.  I think that my GP at that time said it was only a lymph node.  I have noticed that I get them less if I shaved every two week instead of once a week.  Both axillae have developed lumps this week.  I shaved them last Sunday.  They are also annoying when I have these lumps because they can get pretty big and painful.  Pretty much for four hours, I was researching and got distracted into searching about painful lumps.  Whenever it involves YouTube, I can get distracted for hours upon hours.  I watched Embarrassing Body which involved common conditions and then got into the TV shows that featured the really rare disorders.  When I came out of that, I discovered that it's four AM in the morning.  So, I searched a little more and discovered that Staphylococcus aureus can be carried in the axilla.  I already know that it likes to live in my nose.  Ya, I think these lumps are abscesses instead of swollen lymph nodes because I noticed that they appear less when I shave less.  I would like to try an electric shaver then.  I think that they are abscess because their characteristics remind of me the abscess that I got on my behind.  I have a tendency to get ingrown hairs since my hair is curly too.  

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