Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ron Schlerf and Ocular Melanoma

I just looked at my blog.  Over these years, I have had over 18,000 views on my blog.  That is quite a lot.  It's mainly from the United States and Russia.  That makes sense because of Sensei Chinen's dealings with the Russian people.  

Today, I went to the funeral of Ron Schlerf.  It was a really good funeral.  The speakers kept me entertained while I was cross stitching.  They had the opening hymn, middle song, and closing hymn done the family.  The singers were really good.  It was better than usual what I hear during church.  It was quite weird though when I kept on hearing sniffling from multiple people.  It makes sense because it was a funeral.  There was real emotion from his kids too who spoke.  They were pretty raw.  His daughter said that Ron didn't regret trying to get rid of the cancer, even though it made him sick.  His children said that he really love cars.  I remember seeing a corvette on stilts in their garage when I went to their house for FHE.  Jan his wife didn't speak at all.  I hugged her afterwards.  She seemed to be doing well.  Afterwards, we saw family friends from the old 10th ward including the Spears.

So, I learned during the funeral that he died of Ocular Melanoma which metastasized to his liver.  I looked the cancer up on the internet.  It is pretty rare where 2,000 people get diagnosed with it each year in the US.  It occurs in men more than women.  About half of the cases metastasize.  When the cancer does that, the patient are given palliative chemotherapy.  So, I guess he had the cancer two years ago.  Probably, he fixed it with surgery and radiation.  However, it spread.  My sources said that taking the eye out won't really help with the mortality rate.  So, it makes sense that he died.  I just hope that I never get cancer.  If I do, I want cancer which is easy to treat and has a very good prognosis.

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