Friday, June 16, 2006


Yay! I’m done with finals and school. I’m taking the summer off because I really need a break. I did really well with my finals. I think I got a high 90 percent on my Islam and West final. I was able to take a quiz that I missed three weeks ago in my Islam class. Then, I think got around a 90 percent on my pre-calc final. I know that these grades will raise my grade for both classes. Hopefully, I got 3.6 in both classes instead of a 3.5. I don’t really have any regrets with my grades. I took two hard classes which took much of my time.


supergroup7 said...

Hi there! I just noticed that you have a blog.. so I thought that I'd pop over and greet you!

I've got a blog too.. you are welcome to come visit. Warning.. it's a long read! I've been typing on that thing for 2 years now.

Now that I know where your blog is, I'll come by to visit often.

HUGS, supergroup7 ( from Karatekorner forum)

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Congrats on your finals!

I googled Sensei Chinen, and found this site. I was a student of his from 1976 - 1983ish. You might want to check out my post:

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

psonica said...
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