Monday, June 05, 2006

Third Stripe

Hi. I'm really excited! Because Sensei said I'm ready to test for my third stripe yesterday. I'm close to being a green belt and becoming a Sempai. Hurray!!!!! Hopefully, I'll test tonight.

I'm sort of sad though because yesterday was our final in Karate at SCC. That means I won't get to practice at SCC until the fall quarter. That's alright though, because all we do is go over and over the basics. Plus, practice is so short because its 45 min long. It's not enough to learn a whole lot. At the dojo, we train for two solid hours. To me, the dojo is the main place where I learn karate, not SCC. I wonder where I would be if I didn't become a member of the dojo. Probably, still a first stripe saying the karate is getting boring. However, Sensei did invite the SCC students to the dojo many times this quarter. Therefore, I would have probably joined anyway.

When Sensei has invited the students from SCC, nobody hardly comes. Probably, it's because they have homework, class, work, or something else better to do. Emily says that she doesn't train at the dojo because it's too intimidating for her. When I first went, it was a little intimidating to me too, but I got use to it the more times that I went. There were times I could have said, "Ack, I can't train here because Sempai John and Sempai Scott are too strict". However, I realized that I can smile with certain people. For example, I trained with Sempai Jason and he didn’t care that I smiled. He told me to relax and don't think to much. In addition, I can't be busy and have to keep my elbows in when I strike with my wrist and palm. I have to squeeze hard and be strong when I grab his arm. I think he's one of my favorite teachers. I want him to teach me again.

Rugrats used to be my favorite T.V. show when I was a kid. I loved to watch it all the time. My mom loved it too because it always made her laugh. I only watched Reading Rainbow a little. I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy for science in school. It had always interesting stuff to learn about. Home Alone used to be one of my favorite movies. I still love it because the writers were creative with all the things which the main character did to hamper the bad guys. It was really funny. When I watch it now, I know most of the stuff that happened to the bad guys would seriously injure them. Therefore, it's not that fun anymore because it's unreal.

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Idblur said...

I liked bill nye too!

I never knew somebody that stuck with karate. thats great you will be getting your green belt soon! wish you luck. thanks for posting!