Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lost almost everything!!!!!

I've been on my laptop all day. It's because I was looking for jobs on and I'm looking for a job because the company that I work for called Securitas has only used me a couple times this quarter. Last quarter, I worked every Saturday at Crescent Court for 11 and a half hours. I made sure no one was destroying the building. In the morning, between 5:30 and 9:00am the building was locked up. The only people that came in were those who worked for Travelers Insurance on the upper floors of the building. I'd sit there on a stone bench that had a good view of the entrance. I would sit and read, mainly Botany. It was really nice because it made to do my homework. When the people came in, they would always pass me and I would say hello. I heard that the reason I was there was to make sure nobody was trying to break in any cars outside. However, the bench was too far away to have a good look outside. I wasn't going to sit on the floor because that's unprofessional. I found no point of getting up to check because no one was out and about early in the morning any way.

I liked it really early in the morning because I can just sit there.

I give up. I'll tell you later. I lost posting because of my stupid laptop. I have been typing for nearly 3 hours. I just lost a lot of information and time. It takes forever just to write about experiences. Then, it's very maddening that you lose it all. I thought it was safe to leave my cursor at the bottom, so if I highlight and delete anything it wouldn't be a big deal, because I can retype it over. I accidentally highlight because my thumb hits the pad that controls the courser quite a bit. Probably, I accidentally hit that little ball that controls it too. It looks like I have to type in word again and then transfer it to here. It's very maddening to write something for so long and lose it in one second. I didn't want to lose that because I was writing almost everything about my work experiences at Crescent Court, Walmart at Christmas Eve, and Altek. It's so much easier to write about things when they just happened. I still haven't fully written about my SCA event. I need to do that. Goodnight.

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supergroup7 said...

oh.. I really dislike it when I do that to myself! Now I try to arrange things so that I only have to retype a few words if something bad happens.