Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Changing my plans

Well, I changed my mind about becoming a Vet. I wanted to be a vet for five years, so changing my plans is a big thing for me. Now, I want to become a doctor. That's a huge step and a giant leap for me because I don't like changing my plans. Usually, I try to keep to my original plans as close as possible. Through out my schooling, my plans has always been changing. Pretty much, which classes to take and when to take them. I have always tried to plan my classes until I graduate. However, they always kept on changing. At one point, I sort of gave up on trying to plan that far. I'm at a crossroad in my life and chose to be a doctor instead of a vet. I'm graduating from Spokane Community College this month. I'm still planing on hopefully going on a mission this fall. I'm not really betting any money on that because it's still very tentative. My stake president hasn't gotten back to me yet. Hopefully, he will this week. Anyway, I was planning on going to zoo school for a year at Cat Tails up in Mead so I can gain experience with animals. Then, I'd get my BA in Neuroscience at Washington State University. After that, I'd go to vet school there if they would have accepted me. Now, I don't have to worry about paying for WSU because it's 20,000 per year. That's really expensive. I know that vet school is 33,000 a year. From what I'm seeing, med school is cheaper than vet school. After my mission, I will go to Brigham Young University to major in Neuroscience. Then, maybe to the University of Utah for med school. It just all depends on which med school will accept me though. I would write more; however, I spent most of my time watching Rescue 911 again on Youtube.

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supergroup7 said...

OH my Gosh! I've been far too busy these past months!

Congratulations on your Graduation!!

Way to GO!

About changing plans, well.. Life is like that. It is good to make a goal, and to head for it, but through the experience of walking down that path you may realize that this knowledge has awakened you to new opportunities. I don't think that you have changed plans. In my eyes, being a doctor is almost the same as being a vet.. it's just that your patients will have 2 feet, not 4 of them.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best!