Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Music Library

So, I meant to be productive today. I wanted to do laundry, do some grocery shopping, and dump the extra door and fender to the recycling place today. I need to by some black shorts by Friday too. For Halloween, Sarah, Katrina, Mary Lou, and I are going to be The Incredibles. I need to buy the shorts the the costume. We're going to have a member from the ward take pictures of us. Then on Friday night, we are going to the ward Halloween Dance.

Like I said, I wanted to get things done today, so I can do homework the rest of the week. Like always, I got distracted. This time, I was distracted by looking for and downloading songs from and Yesterday, I reached the end of my library for the second time. That told me that I needed go get some new songs because I wasn't going to find anything new in my library. The first time I went through my library, I was shuffling through every song. I did this because I wanted to be kinder the songs that I was listening to. That means I would get bored less often. However, I didn't care about that anymore the second time through and listened the album by artist option.

I deleted some songs, but not as many as the first time. At first, I wanted to be kinder because I'm more tolerable to music that annoys or bores me on some days. However, I just realized that it's easier just to go through the album and delete any songs that bug me. I was down to 3,300 songs. I've realized that I have enough songs to keep me entertained for the most part. Now, I want songs that entertain me. I especially want to find those songs that I repeat over and over again. I love those types of songs. However, after repeating a song for so much, I need a long break before I hear most of them again because they start to bore or annoy me.

Pretty much all music that people listens to really annoy me. Andrey, my former boyfriend, was the only person I knew that had tastes similar to mine. Actually, he introduced me to trance and techno, mainly ATB and Aura. Now, I have tons of that type of music because of him. I just don't like listening to pretty much all the music one hears on the radio. It annoys the crap out of me.

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slideyfoot said...

So, is it mainly trance and techno you enjoy, or other genres too?

I always find it interesting to compare musical taste. In my case, that's easy, because it's all listed on my page. :)