Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stupid O-chem Test

It seems like that life gets more complicated and harder when one gets older. I just read the first few months of this blog. I read a few entries that I wrote four years ago. Many things that happened since then. I'm happy that I started this blog because it allows me to write about things so I won't forget them. I have forgotten many things that happened to me and what I learned in my first dojo. I was very surprised that I learned how to arm bar. I wonder if it was correct. I loved that dojo because I'd always get highs from working out so hard. Sometimes, I would get lost when reading my past entries. I'm sorry whoever reads my blog if they get lost of what I'm talking about.

Everything was so simple when I was that young. I've matured and changed a lot especially in the past year. I've learned that I need to be more responsible and plan things better. Yesterday, I spent the whole day on the internet mostly watching Muppet videos. I should have gotten off to do my O-chem homework. I should have gotten to bed early so I can do O-chem all day today. However, I worked on it for four hours. I finally finished that chapter I've been trying to finish all week. Now, I'm really behind because I still have to work on a whole chapter that I was just tested on. I did pretty well I guess on the test for not going through a whole chapter of problems. I'm still disappointed in the 60 percent on the multiple choice part. It's still really disappointing because I got an 88 percent on the that part for the first test. I have to put everything on hold because I need to catch up. I shouldn't have read my old entries. I still need to clean the bathroom because cleaning checks are tomorrow.

I did really poorly on the written portion on the test because I didn't give myself enough time. I only gave myself two hours. Probably, I needed at least two and a half hours. I'm guessing that my grade will be a fifty percent. I just want to keep on doing BJJ though and put everything else on hold, except for church. This is so depressing. This is why everything is so hard. BYU is really hard.


Matt said...

Things get tough, but then you figure it out over time.

Keep at em Liz!

Lizzie said...

Thanks Matt.

slideyfoot said...

"Yesterday, I spent the whole day on the internet mostly watching Muppet videos. I should have gotten off to do my O-chem homework."

Heh - that sounds familiar. During my Masters in English Lit, I spent most of my time watching 80s cartoons and reading comics. I got through every single X-Men issue (including the spin-offs), from the '60s right up to the then-current issue. ;p

Of course, you can get away with slacking off in English, because it is so subjective. As long as you can construct an argument and have a vague idea of what you're supposed to be discussing, no problem. I'm assuming that most definitely isn't the case with chemistry, which is one of the many reasons I didn't plump for a science at uni! :)