Friday, December 03, 2010

New LDS Website

Here is a little letter that I sent to the people in charge of the Latter Day Saint website. This is the first time that they changed the format of the website when I started useing the website back in high school!!


I love the new format of the new lds website. However, the text margins are pretty narrow compared to the old site. I really loved seeing a whole bunch of text on the screen. Now, I have to scroll down a lot when I read anything. You guys got rid of the scriptures in this format too. :( I just want to see a whole bunch of text at once. It makes it seem that the talks and the scriptures I read are shorter. Plus, you guys need to fix the highlight function. I want to unhightlight things. However, the website isn't letting me do that. I like the look of things. Plus, navigating through the website is pretty easy compared to the old site. Thanks for having the function for to listen right on the page. I didn't know that the LDS church had people read their magazines. I love people reading to me. However, they are much slower than my natural reader.



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