Sunday, December 12, 2010

Student Rating for Fall 2010

This is for my Physics 107 lab: Hello Michael J. Besselman,

Please make the TA explain what we are doing when we first start class. That would have helped this semester. Steve was wonderful. However, he could have known what was going on a little more than he did. Sometimes, he didn't explain things very well. He was a great help to me though. Please have the TA's return ours labs in a timely manner, because we don't know what we are doing that's docking us points. Plus, can you have them take off half-points instead of full points if we miss a unit on one of the labs? I think that missing a full point is pretty steep. The lab manual is written pretty poorly so I have no idea to do the experiments. Our group always had to get help from Steve. Please make sure that our equipment works. A couple times, we had to work with faulty equipment. I am thankful that this lab isn't harder. I'm thankful that we don't have any tests or a final. I'm thankful that this lab followed the lecture. It actually reinforced what I was learning in lecture and made me understand the concepts more fully. I'm so thankful that this lab wasn't as nearly as hard as the O-chem lab.

This is for my Physics 105 class: Hi Professor Harold T. Stokes,

I think that you are an alright teacher. I've never seen so many demonstrations in my life!! It's a good thing that you concentrate more on concepts than you do trying to solve problems. Your tests reflect the way that you teach. That's a really good thing. Can there be more multiple choice questions though?? Your tests are so short!! I mean one has to know everything. If one misses something, one is screwed because your tests are so short. Can you make a study guide?? That would really help. You don't show how to do the homework problems. So, I had no idea how to do the homework. That's why I had to get a personal tutor to help me get through the homework. I haven't taken math for four years. I was really rusty and had to get some help since you don't cover any math in your class. The physics tutor lab had way too many people for me to get adequate help. It took way too long for me to get through the homework in that lab. That's one of the reasons I fell behind. The book is confusing too. I only read it a couple times. It was so much faster for my tutor to explain the concepts to me than for me to read the book. You just don't teach to my learning style. I'm so thankful that I have a good tutor that can help me get through physics. You've been helpful and nice the two times I've gone to see you. Your class is pretty well organized. I really appreciated that you cut down the homework problems sometimes. Thanks for giving me credit for my student rating.

This is for my Health Promotion class: Hi Marin Morgan Poole Meyer,

I really liked this class. I really liked going through the newspapers trying to find a health article. I really, really appreciate that you gave reviews for the tests. Not many professors do that. Thank you for telling what was going to be on the tests. Thanks for teaching me the importance of prevention. Thanks for making this class really manageable and interesting. Thanks for letting us have discussions. They were enjoyable. For the reading, can you pull all of them in a format where one can highlight the text?? Since I couldn't highlight a little more than half of the readings, I had to look for the articles on the web so I can have my natural reader read it to me.

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