Thursday, April 26, 2012


I went to the allergist on Tuesday. I am allergic to cat pelt and hair. I am really allergic to dog dander. This really sucks because I was planning on having dogs and cats when I get older. I might to have outside dogs and cats. If I do that, I need a good open space like the farm house out in Three Forks. I am not allergic to horses, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, or feathers. I might get some little pets for inside the house. I don't know. It's a good thing that I switched from becoming a vet to a chiropractor because I don't want to me around things which my body doesn't like. It really sucks though.

I am allergic to a mold called hormodendrum. This means that I really need to clean the bathroom because I have some mold growing in there. It's because I don't clean that often and there isn't a fan where the shower sits. I am also allergic to a grass and tree mix. So, this makes sense why I have a sports induced asthma. It also might be why I have to breathe more heavily when exercising. People has always said to run where you can still talk. However, I've always couldn't do that. In my second trimester, I learned that I have a large lung capacity someone my age and height. That could be from playing the clarinet and singing when I was younger.

Now, I found out that I am allergic to codfish, crab, pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts, chicken, green peas, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, cherry, peach, celery, and sunflower seeds/oil. I am very sure that I am allergic to ginger too. Probably I am allergic to other things too. At least I got the basics out of the way. Now, I can work out the others by slowly reintroducing me to things. Tomatoes, peaches, chicken, and celery will be hard to avoid because they are in a whole bunch of processed foods. I now have a really good reason to cook for myself. I want a rice cooker so I can make myself some good sticky rice. I miss my Dad's good Japanese rice. Minute rice isn't really cutting it for me. I am also going to find out if I have a gluten intolerance through a blood test.

They tested me with all of these different substances by putting them on a white plastic applicator with eight spots where the substances can be applied. Then, the nurse rocked the applicator laterally and medially on both deltoids. She rocked four applicators on each deltoid. Some reactions had only wheals, others had wheals with pseudopods. The four that had pseudopods were bigger than the other ones except for the histamine. The reactions looked like mosquito bites and itched. These foods might be the reasons for my migraines and foods getting stuck in my throat. The allergist said if food still gets stuck after a month of avoiding these foods, he will refer me to another doctor because I might have esophillic esophagitis.

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