Monday, April 02, 2012

My Body Likes to Make Life Hard

So, I'm tired and have swollen cheeks. I think that one of the antibiotics is making drowsy because I napped for five hours today. I am still tired and somewhat lightheaded and tingly. My body doesn't like me. My doctor diagnosed me with cellulitis that turned into an abscess near my anus this morning. So, I skipped school to get that taken care of. At least the doctor didn't have to lance and pack it. Now, I am a little nervous because I haven't studied yet for my public health test which is tomorrow. Ugg. School is hard and likes to stress me out. Plus, it really sucks when one's body likes to play games and screw around.

So, I made Asian Turkey Burgers last night. When I ate a little of it last night, everything was OK. When I ate two of the patties tonight, my cheeks swelled up pretty good. I might be allergic to garlic or gluten free bread crumbs. I really doubt that I am allergic to the turkey, the ginger, or the soy sauce. I just want to get to the bottom of this because reacting to food that I cook really sucks. At least, I am losing weight. I lost 10 pounds since I have been cooking for myself. Probably, it's because I am eating much less because I don't have that much to eat. Last week, I slightly reacted to the meatloaf and the Sweet and Sour Chicken. I didn't like the Teriyaki Beef, so I didn't have that much to eat. So, I have been going hungry much more often.

The other things that I cooked last night were Amish Breakfast Casserole and Parmesan Chicken. I haven't ate the chicken yet. I think that I am safe with that one. I am pretty sure that I am safe with the Casserole because I ate some last night with no reactions. At least, McDonald's shakes are really good. I know that I don't react to any of those. :) Ya, screw the gluten free diet. I am still going to eat healthy though and avoid things because I like losing weight. I haven't lost weight in a few years. This is the first without counting calories too.

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