Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feeling Fuzzy :(

I have no idea what the heck is going on with me right now. I skipped school and pretty much slept all day. Right now, my whole body is tingling all over. It's a very annoying feeling. It's at it's strongest because I feel it in my head, right side of my neck, my groin, and my thighs. The medical term is paresthesia. However, this tingling is different from when my fingers or my foot fall asleep. That's localized and more sharp. This tingling is more widespread and somewhat dull. Am I experiencing a migraine postdrome because I had one that sent to me to bed last night?? I have no idea. That migraine came on quickly. All of the pain didn't go away after I took an Excedrin. I might be experiencing a prodrome too. I feel worse when I get up and walk around too. I felt fuzzy like this last week too for a morning.

Yesterday, my right cheek reacted with some cheese pizza. I might be allergic to tomatoes. I haven't been reacting to Hunt's Ketchup though. Yesterday, I drank 500 ML of bicarb. Good thing that my classmates helped me down it by egging me on because it tasted pretty nasty. Right afterward, my stomach hurt and felt like I was going to throw up. Luckily, that feeling didn't last long. During lab, I learned that it just neutralized my stomach acid and made my urine more basic.

I just hope that I don't feel like this tomorrow. I have a diversified lecture test in the morning and an ESAT final practical after lunch. I don't want to feel fuzzy like this because it's really annoying. I need to go to bed because I need to cram for my lecture test and practical tomorrow. If this won't go away, I'll see a doctor here instead of waiting until I get home in less than an month.

Note: I am still referring it to be Wednesday night because I haven't gone to bed yet.

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