Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's BJJ!!!!

Today, I told Paul Tom that I climbed 3,500 feet in three hours and forty minutes. Then, I told him that I hiked 10 miles in less than 24 hours. I said, it's because of BJJ. He laughed and said to put this on my blog. He said that Sid has been trying to run a mile for awhile. Then, he ran two or three miles without any trouble. He asked why I would hike Y mountain. He said that that sounds like a lot of work. Oh Paul Tom, of course it is. I hike for the exercise, the love of being out doors, and of course to improve my cardio for BJJ. Hopefully, I can post about Stewart Falls soon. It's not going to be a long of a post as Y mountain. Paul Tom said that I should be careful when I hike alone because people get hurt doing those types of things. I know that is way more likely to get hurt doing BJJ than hiking. Paul Tom doesn't seem like that much of a hiker. When I told a person that I went hiking in the dark, he said that seems dangerous. Well, it's not that dangerous. It was more scary than dangerous. When I look upon it now, I think that was a good experience for me. One needs to be more careful when hiking alone. Dad doesn't mind me hiking alone.

Twice, I've ran into guys that don't know how to teach me to defend the things that they are doing. Angel always sweeps me because he always starts from an open guard. I don't know how to defend from it. So, I asked him how to defend from it. He said that he doesn't know. That's the problem with being a guy. They get to win a lot and tap people out all the time. I always have to defend, defend, and defend some more. Guys are so much stronger than me. They do things that I cannot do to them. That's why girls become so technical. I think that we learn faster because most guys can beat us. I'm glad that I can use my strength for tournaments though because I'm bigger and stronger than most girls. I just wonder if Vanessa is going to be in the next tournament.

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