Saturday, June 12, 2010

What if I Get Attacked???

I really feel like venting right now. So, there was a brutal rape in Provo right next where Colin lives. It was in a secluded area, in the middle of broad day light. I just feel bad that's she's 19 years old and is in intensive care. Her face was really bashed in because she couldn't even talk to the cops. She had to use sign language. Colin said that area was dangerous at night. However, I wouldn't think about it during the day!!! However, it's pretty easy to hide in the bushes next to the river.

Anyways, women and girls NEED to KNOW how to defend themselves. However, it doesn't help that most people teach crap. I like how those little self defense programs teach girls and women to say "NO" and teach them to really fight out the situation. However, will that help a girl if the guy really wants to rape her??? I'm assuming that most self defense programs doesn't teach any ground techniques. Every rapist will put a woman on the ground to rape her. Why not teach her how to defend herself on her back with her legs wide open?? In Brazilian Jiu Jistu that's a common position call the guard.

I've put a lot of thought about if I get attacked by a man. What would I do and how will I protect myself. I know that self defense isn't fool proof even for me; however, I know that my martial arts training has greatly improved my chances. When training in Goju-Ryu, I felt confident that I was able to defend myself when standing up. I think that I can handle my own against an untrained guy when standing up. However, I am much more comfortable on the ground now.

I walk on secluded path at night by myself on campus sometimes. I'm pretty confident that I can protect myself. I just need to keep aware. There's a section that's really dark and secluded. I normally keep really aware at that part because I know that's a perfect area for a rapist. If someone does try to attack me, I will try to stun them and run away as fast as possible. I'll be kicking and screaming if anyone tries to do that with me. If I end up on my back, I think I'll will be really able to defend myself. I have to have my legs wide open and on my back to rape me. So, I'll will probably have tons of chances to defend myself with either an armbar or a triangle. The guy has unzip his pants anyways. That's a perfect time for a triangle. I'd choke the guy out and then, get out of there.

What if bashed my face in and couldn't see?? Well, hopefully that I'll be still conscious enough to feel what's going on and still pull off a triangle or an armbar. I'd be safer with a triangle though. I think I would hold on for a four minutes or a little more to make sure he wasn't waking up for awhile. I know that one will get brain damage if the brain doesn't get oxygen in four to five minutes. I'd probably call 911 because I always have my cell phone on me when I have the guy in my triangle. What if the guys has a gun or a knife?? Well, I'd be more screwed. However, I learned from Sensei Villa that a gun in close quarter combat doesn't always work. It's easier to disarm a person with a gun when they are really close to you than being farther away.

What if a guy tries to rape me when hiking by myself?? Well, I'd defend myself with my hiking stick. I probably need to buy bear pepper spray to for the animals and any creepers. I would probably need to buy rope so I can tie the guy up if I choked him out. I don't know any good knots or how to tie a person though. There's always those slip ties. What if the guy weights my size or even 100 pounds more than me?? I'd be even more screwed because I can hardly control them. I know I'm mostly talking about guys that has some experience in wrestling or grappling. However, I just worked with a guy who's 330 pounds in Paul Tom's dojo last week. He didn't know much. He didn't know how to submit me when he got on top of me. I couldn't even lock my ankles together while he was in my guard because he's so big. I've never had that happen before. I just need to bank on that big guys are slower, so they will give me a chance to defend myself. I can control smaller guys much better. However, they are faster and more agile. One would hope that the rapist is looking for easy pray. If I put a big enough fight, hopefully he would lose interest and run away on his own accord.


ZenHG said...

That is very unfortunate. Is she recovering okay?
The problem with self-defense courses is that there are a lot of assumptions made on both sides.
I would make sure they focused on ground, yes, in that type of situation she may be on her back or face down, not good.
The key is to fight with everything, and not just grapple, but fight; just like there is a difference between sparring and fighting.
You scratch, you kick, flail, slap, thrust; don't worry about technical stuff, self defense is not about athleticism, it is about survival.
Don't use it as a way to promote one style over another, because when people think Self Defense they don't care about styles or belts, they only care about defending themselves right away, survival.

Lizzie said...

I think she is recovering OK. I know that that guy really messed up her face though. I didn't think about being face down. That's the last position one would want to be in a self defense situation. I'd be totally screwed.

I like how you say just fight with everything one has. That's pretty smart too. However, I'm thinking about the guy who will fight everything of what he has too. That's why I love BJJ. It has taught me how guys can do things to me where I can't do to them. Guys are naturally stronger than me. So, I have to have way better technique for things to work on them. I'm bigger than most girls too. This is why I'm concerned that most girls don't know self defense.

It's my opinion that if a girl really fights back and the guy meet that with the same intensity, the girl will lose every single time. However, if she knows effective self defense techniques, the odds will be in her favor. Hopefully, most rapists aren't looking for a girl that will really fight him back. Thus, he will think the girl isn't worth that much trouble.