Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stewart Falls

Last Saturday, I went with people in the ward to hike Stewart Falls. About 20 of us, carpooled up. Luckily, I was one of them who drove. I felt pretty good after my big hike the night before. I brought my backpack because I didn't have to switch everything to a smaller bag. Everyone took off right from the start because I had to put some things in my backpack. I was so happy that Amber hiked with me. I was going pretty slow because of the night before. I found a blog that has some good pictures of the trail.

I also found a little video about it too. Amber thought she saw some wild strawberry plants on the trail. When we were almost to the falls, everyone from the Ward passed us and started hiking back. I saw a few people who were drenched from head to toe. We didn't take explore around the upper falls. We took the trail down to the lower falls. When we got to the base, we were sprayed with water from the falls. I opted to walk through it and get wet. Luckily, I brought my water sandals. When I came started walking in the water to get to the falls, I remembered how cold mountain streams were. When I walked under the falls, I started hyperventilating because it was so cold!!! I waited for minute to get warm again. Then, I walked back across and hyperventilated again. Amber didn't want to get wet because she was wearing white. Plus, she was wearing tennis shoes too.

On the way back, I walked pretty slow up the hill because my left thigh hurt whenever I took a step and my right calf just under the knee started to ache. So, Amber started pushing up the hill. I went much faster and hurt less that way. However, that tired her. When going back, Neal called Amber telling us that everyone is leaving. That's why I was so glad that I drove. I wanted to enjoy the falls and walk at my own pace. I felt sorry for Amber though because I was walking so slow. However, we made really good time when we walked down hill. I was so happy that I was wearing my sandals because they weren't bugging my blisters at all. I was happy that I got wet too because I would have became hot and sweaty on the way back. I felt like a cripple on the hike. I hiked 10 miles in less than 24 hours. I was so happy. I felt crappy after the hike though. However, I felt better on Sunday.

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