Sunday, October 01, 2006

Boxing and skipping class

I wrote this in my journal on Friday, February 24, 2006.

Last Friday, I went to Cory Kerrs house to hang out with my friends. First, we played a game called Murder in the Dark. When done playing, we all went to the living room and watched two people box, mainly guys. The fights were quick and intense. Cory video taped the matches and then we would watch them again on tape.

I actually boxed and it was fun!!! I boxed a smaller girl named Becca. We boxed for a few min. She hit me three times in the face and it didn’t hurt all. Cory didn’t even get the first half of my fight. Afterwards, I noticed that people were rooting for Becca because they were telling her repeatedly of take headshots. I wanted to fight Amanda, but she didn’t want to. In addition, Cory didn’t want me to box anyone for some reason. I personally thought I was the worst fighter. However on, Wado said that I had the best fight.

Karate class was good on Wednesday. Ryan was practicing as usual in the foyer when I arrived. When Sensei arrived and sat down looking at a newspaper, he asked Emily, Ryan, and I what our horoscopes were. We all had five stars except him. We had class in the gym as usual. However, we had the smallest class ever! There were only five people, including me. Ryan, Emily, John, Tiffany, and I were there. I can’t see how others could skip class. Naomi told me today that she skips out of laziness. I would never skip Karate because it’s too much fun and Sensei doesn’t like it. In addition, my grade is based on my attendance.

We started class running saying Dojo Kun and he picked me to say it. It was much easier than last time because I just started running. I think he picks me because I know it. When I was done leading, he made us stop and change direction. He had done this throughout the quarter. It’s weird to me because I have never had a coach or a PE teacher do this. We always would run one way. Then, we practiced Moving Attack and perform Fukukata Dai Ichi really fast. I was bad at it because I haven’t practiced going fast with it. Once, I messed up in the beginning and it was hard to get into sequence again. Then, we practiced cat stance. He had us to be in that position while we counted. Oh, that burned and he knew it too. I would have never pushed myself that hard if I was alone.

Then, he had Emily do Saifa and Gekisai Dai Ni. He had Captain David do another kata which I have never seen before. It was really cool because his gi was swishing and snapping as he moved. Then, we almost learned Gekisai Dai Ni from beginning to end. It has a lot more breathing than the other katas that I’ve learned. I’m definitely doing to take Karate next quarter.


supergroup7 said...

Lizzie, what was the incentive to post this past experience on your weblog?

lizzie said...

I don't know. It was something to do when listening to General Conference. I was hoping that I could just type and listen instead of reading and not listening. It worked alright. I still had to stop and listen quite a few times.

Miss Chris said...

Hi Lizzie,

We just refer to them as military style push-ups. Not sure there is a real name to them but the push-ups must be perfect, in that the chest must touch the floor and the shoulder's-back area must be flat and strait across. In other words, no sagging bellies or butts in the air. And no knees on the ground.

ZenHG said...

Personally I think experience in light boxing is good for Karate training.
My first exposure to Martial Arts was through my Uncle, a Police Officer here in Washington State, who taught me how to box and had also trained in Judo.

However, boxing in this manner may not be a good thing, one always needs someone else of higher experience and maturity to officiate to make sure all safety measures are taken care of.