Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Japan Karate Association

I went to a dojo affiliated with the Japan Karate Association. It was very interesting. They were very nice and small. When I went there, there was only two black belts and Sensei Thomas. Supergroup, I finally saw your style. They worked mostly on kata. When I was watching, I saw there moves that I have seen or done in my style. They hardly kiaied though. It wasn't an EHHHH!!! It was more like eeeept. I heard them use osu. I haven't heard that before in real life, just on the internet. When they spar, they have no contact. That's a little sad because I like having contact. Of course, they didn't have any breathing like Goju-Ryu. When going through the kata, he counted in short high counts. He didn't go all the way through to 10. Have to go. Getting kicked out of the computer lab.


supergroup7 said...

Yes Lizzie.. what you described is very much Shotokan karate: Based on kata, the "Osu", no contact sparring, no real emphasis on breathing taught to the lower kyu belts.

Shotokan Kiai? That depends on the dojo, and the person training.. I have quite a robust kiai.

Count? That depends on the Instructor. Some count differently than others.. usually the count has a sharp, loud sound to motivate the students to move.

Each art has it's own beauty, and expression. One thing that you learned from this visit is that you would miss the contact aspect of your training. Good! You learned that Shotokan is not for you. Now, when you visit other dojo, you can look to find the "contact" part. There are alot of karate dojo that include contact as part of their training.

ZenHG said...

So, was this at the Whitworth Karate Club?
I have been meaning to stop by there and check it out.
There is a new Shotokan school in the valley as well.

Shotokan is like Shorin-Ryu in that respect, breathing is natural, I do not believe they include Sanchin because their roots are not in Naha-Te so therefor they do not include Sanchin breathing and some of the concepts of Naha-Te/Goju Ryu.

From what I know of Shotokan, they do not do a lot of Makiwara work either (depending on the school) and I do not believe they practice Hojo Undo.
If I were you I would research Shotokan itself and attend a few more classes at this Dojo before making your decision, you want to make sure the teacher and the system are right for you.
I would also not stop training your Goju Ryu practice either, experience in another system can give you some huge insights in regards to your core system, if you so chose to continue your Goju Ryu training as your core system.

I am going to stick with Goju Ryu, training at various other Dojos only on occasion as I try to get my school off the ground.
I already have the support of various other practitioners from across the country, a few of which were once members of my Teacher's old organization, but have since left.

lizzie said...

I did reconize a kata. When I was watching them practice it, I couldn't remember where I saw it. Afterwards, I finally realized that I saw one of the kata that was performed for the mens championship on youtube.com.

lizzie said...

I think that Goju-Ryu will stay my core system. Never know though, because I might love another system better than Goju-Ryu.

ZenHG said...

I had been thinking about joining the Shotokan Dojo at Whitworth College.
Any idea what their fees and such are? I think it would be an interesting system to study in the interrim and bring some insight as I continue to teach and practice Goju Ryu.

Tester25 said...

I am glad that you are persuing your goal of finding another dojo Liz. I am sure you will make a good choice. I tried to find you in the Lab yesterday about 5:30 but you weren't there...

lizzie said...

The Shotokan dojo wasn't as the Whitworth college. It was in the Salvation Army building on the North Side. When I was talking to the Sensei there, he did mention the karate program at Whitworth college.

blackbeltmama said...

Keep shopping until you find one you really like. You'll fine one.